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Another panic-inducing technical problem that I can't begin to diagnose is once again solved by George with astonishing ease – and all in less than 15 minutes! Invaluable support when you need it most. Thanks!

Tim P

ust a thank you to George for his NAMM reports and his Facebook presence. As a tech-oriented voice actor, with background in radio, TV, and film directing and editing, I am grateful for the work he does and the attitude with which he does it. (I particularly appreciated the 635a use.)Thank you, George. You'll be my first call when I'm over my head.


Hi George!
It was great "meeting" with you today and talking about how to improve my home studio! I am so excited to be on the right track now -- from my mike position to my new stack for Twisted Wave!
Thanks too for the nice compliments on my voice :) I do appreciate it! I know I can make this work and to have wonderful people to support me like you and David -- it makes me really want to succeed in this highly competitive field.
Thanks again and have a wonderful (and hopefully, restful!) Thanksgiving.
Looking forward to working together again at "the next level" and/or meeting you in person someday!


George…terrific news on your new venture with Edge Studios. It's a giant step to better share the wealth and diversity of technology resources with the VO community.

I look forward to continuing to work with you.



I am really loving my new piece of gear; it couldn’t be easier: just plug in the usb and it’s ready for instant recording. WOW!

Thank you very much for our second session of working together in my career—well worth it!
And, the stacks sound great!



Thanks again for the time you took with my audio today. I am excited to move forward with the new knowledge you gave me – I appreciate the encouragement that I’m on the right track!

Christine C.

Hi George,

Thanks so much for rendering your services in such a timely manner. And I especially appreciate the time you took with the accompanying tutorial video.

I came to you because of all the instructional videos, blog posts, and helpful comments that I had seen of yours. It's extra cool that you liked the sound of my home studio, because I read and watched so much of your advice while putting it together.
Much thanks!


Absolutely Please do! I could write an entire essay for your Website on the wonderful and invaluable services you provide that have enabled me to accomplish feats of at home audio engineering I never thought I would be capable of! I enjoy building on my knowledge each time I watch one of your tutorials or have a phone session with you.

You are a genius at what you do, but most importantly, for us novices, you present the information in such a calm and easy to understand and follow way that you make it all seem simple and unintimidating.

When I first started out I had no idea how to do any of this, was very intimidated by it all, and didn't know where I was going to get the instruction I needed to be proficient at it. So it is such a comfort to know that no matter what situation comes up help is only a phone call, or skype session away!

Thank you so much for all you do : )


My name is Januel and I was at the meet and greet last night and I wanted to pass on a note with my sincerest thanks; to have the chance to pick the brains of the best in the industry, meet other colleagues, and eat food--all for free! The attitudes were unpretentious, the advice was very practical, and the conversations were really lively. I even reconnected with a guy from my childhood.

It was such a pleasure and I'm glad to call Edge my "home" studio. I look forward to more events.


I cannot thank you enough. You set my mind at ease; I now feel confident to set it and forget it. You certainly live up to your reputation, a trusted pro! I will certainly recommend you and will rely on you in future.


Hello George,

Thanks for your email follow-up, I have to say that I was very satisfied with our session. You are a fine teacher! I really appreciate your time, I know you are a busy guy. I will most definitely be in touch for future studio needs.


Hi George,

I wanted to follow up and say thank you for the template and the video you provided. I have finished three books since using your template and have experienced zero problems through ACX.
The video made a huge difference!!


Can't say enough good about my session with George.

My issue was trouble-shooted immediately, leaving time for related issues, including valuable tips/shortcuts I hadn't known. I'd recommend working with George (remotely) to anyone.


Hi George,

Apologies for the delay, many thanks for your expert work - I've used the template all this week and have already gained positive results and great feedback from clients...quite frankly the best $100 I've invested in my career so far.



Just wanted to congratulate you on the exciting news of joining Edge. They are quite a team and they only got better and stronger with their offerings with you joining them.

I wish you all the success in the world! I think some travel is in your future! Good luck moving forward.


George Whittam did a fantastic job in tweaking my studio set-up and recording settings. I appreciate the patience and professionalism George demonstrated in answering all of my sound engineering questions. George was very thorough and additionally offered some great advice for the future growth of my VO business. As a talent it is really comforting knowing that I can count on the expertise George and Edge Studio provides. Thank you!

Brian Scott Kelly

Hi George!

Wow, that is so cool. I listened first on my laptop and it sounded SO GOOD. Hard to make those speakers sound “good” so JOB WELL DONE!


I attended your EDGE presentation in NYC recently ("ask an engineer"). I wanted to thank you in person, but we only had a moment.
Your videos have been very helpful. I started using Twisted Wave, and you sent me effects stacks. I will no doubt be contacting you again.
Thank You.


George--Wanted to let you know that I booked two jobs with auditions recorded at the new "remote" booth; the one with the AT875 and Harlan Hogan set-up.

Plus, I just recorded the master tracks for two national spots at my primary home booth. Both, of course, were tuned the "Whittam way!" Thanks.

Tom W

My name is Januel and I was at the meet and greet last night and I wanted to pass on a note with my sincerest thanks; to have the chance to pick the brains of the best in the industry, meet other colleagues, and eat food--all for free! The attitudes were unpretentious, the advice was very practical, and the conversations were really lively. I even reconnected with a guy from my childhood.

It was such a pleasure and I'm glad to call Edge my "home" studio. I look forward to more events.

Dear George,

I really appreciate your help with my settings, etc. !
It is most reassuring to have your expertise available.



A few weeks ago, I took your Twisted Wave class and afterward, you built some stacks for me. They’ve definitely been helpful!

In once case, the “trailer” stack helped me land a part in a documentary piece in they style of a Ken Burns documentary.

Brett B.

Hi George,
Wanted to let you know that I took you advice and bought the cloudlifter for my SM7B mic which is connected to a Roland Quad Capture. I'm now getting much more level whereas before I had to increase the size of my wave file using Adobe Audition. Now my levels are perfect.

Your professional input is appreciated. Thank you ~ Phil
P.S. I enjoy you show with Dan Lenard.


Hi George,

Thanks so much for your job. I love your presets and I will work with them perfectly.


Hey George,

Long time no talk. I would normally say "I hope everything is going well for you?" But wow, sounds like an awesome move for you and for Edge.



George is amazing, a natural educator, with a very calm, personable, problem solving manner. So glad I consulted with him, and am on the right recording track. Highly recommended!

I gotta tell you, George, after playing around with these stacks a bit on my recordings this week, I am super impressed.

You are a magician.

Everything is coming out with so much more presence and warmth. Really great work.

Thanks so much for your help!


Dear George,

I doubt if you yourself wrote the note below; however, I want to thank you for all your help. I felt so very much encouraged (as I was discouraged) about proceeding with the recordings in a way to improve the chances of getting VO work.

You were a great help on our phone session. Not quite as “scary” as I thought it would be, and your description of my options was extremely clear. I thank you, again for all the positive support and time on my behalf.


This is First Class tech assistance at work! There is nothing out there, not on YouTube, on, not in any text, not Anywhere that could solve my recording/editing and technical issues like George Whittam and his expertise, dedication, passion for his work, his gift, his name. I was given instructions on what to change, what was acceptable for the industry, what could be improved, and I walked through the new directions with my mentor nodding his head in approval while I put to use my 'New and Improved MONEY MAKING HOME STUDIO room' to work. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Mr. George Whittam, his passion, his insight, his brilliance…

George, just a quick note to say thanks for the tips on mic placement. I have been struggling with the pop screen blocking the script, or having to talk across the bottom (top?) of the mic. Placing it to the side also noticeably reduces plosives, and , after a dental procedure, I have picked up an occasional whistle, which is diminished as well.
Thanks again for all your work and suggestions, and keep on talkin!


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