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Thank you, George; I LOVE it! I was on the right track with the settings I'd worked out temporarily -- I had to get my first 15 minutes on my latest ACX book up for review last week Tuesday -- but this stack took things just that bit further and made it shine. Aces!

Thanks as well for your comments on my studio and audio quality; I'd been stressing about whether there were things my ears might have been missing. Your response makes me very happy!

I feel much more confident now. Thanks again; worth every penny!


Hey George,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help, both in our session a few months ago and on the web. Since we worked together I’ve booked a number of jobs, commercial, promo, video game, and narration and most recently I became the narrator of an upcoming fox reality television series!!

Thanks George


I'm now fully stacked, locked and loaded.

I applied the stack to a file I recently recorded. What a difference! You totally raised my game.

Thank you so much,


Hello Edge team,

This was such a great webinar! I really like George's style of teaching and how he takes his time to explain things step by step, simplifying what may seem complicated to the beginner. The tips given on how to make edits, less time-consuming and more efficient, are so invaluable.

I really look forward to an advance Twisted Wave class, with other tips and tricks, focusing more on audio processing.

Thank-you so much.


Yes, I took this as well months ago. The tips George gave, saved me loads of editing time. I look forward to an Advanced TW webinar!

Angie S

Hello Edge Team!

I would just like to share that I am SO HAPPY that you partnered with George Whittam. I had a home studio consultation with him on Friday evening and he was just awesome. George is so incredibly knowledgeable, patient, insightful, and respectful of where a new talent is in their career. George answered all my questions, guided me towards an affordable, high-quality DAW software, helped me modify my sound booth, and made helpful recommendations for my home studio set-up—all within the hour!

Thank you George and thank you Edge Team for making your VO Education program so comprehensive and valuable.


Hey, George.

Finally got all components put together and tested with the Nutmeg guys in NYC.

Everything's good.

Good working with you.

If I get in a jam, you're my guy to call.

Thanks for all your help.


Finally invested in an hour of George Whittam's time today, and happy to join the chorus of George fans. I *saw* my audio quality improve, right there on the waveform. Oh--and I now own twisted wave...look out...


George Whittam is my go to source for all things audio and technical. He is full of great advice, wish list inspiration and practical fixes. FIVE STARS!


Hi George,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. And yes, I certainly need any help you send! Thank you so much for your info, it really does give me a little confidence in what I'm doing. I'm pretty new to this world, so want to make sure I'm doing things correctly. My 'booth' isn't really a proper booth, but it'll suffice until I get the funds for one. My set up is similar to the Studio Suit, but not quite as nice.

I will start saving my audio files in mono, thank you. Thanks again for everything, take care and hope to see you on FaceBook! :)


And I've got it all working. (Didn't take long at all and your instructions were super simple to follow.) Great hack there, George! WOW did that make things easier. :)

Thanks so much for all your help - it sounds fantastic!


Congratulations on your merge with Edge Studio, George! I am still very glad that I had you come over here and get me set up. I don't hesitate to tell VO people to hire you for services.

Everything is working just fine for now and I can’t even think of anything for you to do. For the foreseeable future, I will be a loyal member because I think you’ve been instrumental in my success. The intel that I get from you about the latest gear, the effect stacks tuned by your ears, the quality of my mobile rig and the freedom it has given me, the campaigns I’ve gotten from having the best sound I can produce… Worth it, worth it, worth it!

John Patrick Armstrong

Thank you so very much, this sounds amazing! I've been recording at home in my make shift set up (until I built my booth last summer), for many years, but had never been requested to master my own work - your service is fantastic and I can't thank you enough for making me sound so fantastic I'm submitting new samples to my two authors today and I have no doubt they are going to love them. I have some other actor friends who are looking at getting into this, and your name will be the first I tell them to contact for engineering instruction Thank you again!

Kevin C

Hi George,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great webinar yesterday, "Adobe Audition 101"! Look forward to "Adobe Audition 201"! :)

Also - thanks for the studio ‘upgrade’ a few months ago. My audio sounds terrific. I appreciate it.


George is very clear with his teaching style, easy to follow, and anticipated my needs like few others. You will be very happy with this program if you need to learn more about TwistedWave.

Nathan Carlson

Hi George,

I just want thank you for the advice and comments the other day, but most importantly, for the TW Stack. I’ve been playing with iZotope to clean up a file, then applying the stack and it really sounds awesome.

You really are the best!

Bill L.

Hey George,

How's things?

I was recording an imaging session in a Boston hotel room earlier this week. Despite my best pillow fort improvisations, the audio sounded like crap. Really rough. 416 -> x2u -> TW on MacBook. Then I applied the effects stack that you made me earlier this year, and... presto! Sounded great. Massive difference. Files sent, client happy.

So... just wanted to say thank you!

My best to you and your family for the holidays!


Thanks, George. When it seems impossible, that's why I go to you.


It was a very great pleasure to work with you today, and our session honestly exceeded my expectations.

Thank you so much for writing down these steps for me. Saving/Organizing files is likely to be my biggest challenge as I make a start at self recording.

I am so happy that I finally had a session with you, and have confirmation that I am on the right track, with my set up, sound, audiobook template, and process. I also now have a road map showing me where to go as I grow and get deeper into this.

Thank you so much for everything. It's very comforting to know that there are resources available, and you are a terrific teacher.

Anne F.

Dear George,

I could never thank you enough for your help! Following your instructions -- normalizing to -3Db, applying your stacks, normalizing again and saving in "0-Best" mode -- has totally transformed my files! My editing time has been reduced from 5 to 6 hours for every finished hour of audio to not much more than a listen, stopping only to cut the most egregious lip smacks and whatnot. I don't know how your stacks clean up my breathing, but your work is nothing short of miraculous! If you ever need a testimonial, I'm your man!

I'll be recording the first chapter of my latest audiobook tonight, and I'll send you the result, as you asked. I'm totally confident that my work will be accepted at ACX from here on out with no problems. Thanks again, so very much!

Charles N.

Hello George!

I just wanted to thank you for all the personal help and attention you gave me in setting up my ACX mastering processes! I really appreciate the extra time and effort you gave me when we were stuck trying to figure out why it wasn't working quite right. Also for sending me the files again after my computer was ruined!

I would have thanked you sooner- but I have been trying to develop an email thankyou card that would just show up and be pretty AND personal.... It hasnt been working out, so I put that on the backburner and decided to just send you a regular thankyou email.

I hope you and your family are doing well, and may God bless you all. Your services are a God-send to us trying to figure this all out! :-)


John absolutely loves the new sound booth. He has used it to record a bunch of stuff, mainly practicing lines. Everything from his commencement speech he gave to Ball State, to practicing lines for the TV shoot we just completed.

Thank you again for all your work on the sound booth. The installation went without a hitch and the quality of work was outstanding. More than happy to provide you with an awesome recommendation in the event any future clients request one.


Thanks a bunch to both of you. I got a cloud lifter and it reduced the hiss by about half. The ISA One actually has way more hiss with the cloudlifter, which I find perplexing, but oh well. As George says, I don't have to use it. Please thank George for me. I've seen his show a few times and I love it.


George is awesome! I am really impressed with what he did to make my system sound better. I'm getting a new mic soon and I'll hire him again to set me up a new rack so it can compete with the best!

Kathy C.

Awesome! Thanks, George! I really appreciate all your help. My session template sounds amazing. I love it.


Hi George,

just wanted to say thank you so much for the feedback on my soundcheck file. You outlined in four short points what would have taken me months to figure out. The hollowness seems to indeed be hugely influenced by mic placement. Amazing how much difference that makes with the TLM. I also enlarged my makeshift booth a bit and added some more treatment to deaden it a bit more. Really makes a difference.

Thanks for the advice!


Hi George,

Wow! This was great to wake up to. Many thanks for the super quick turn-around!

It all sounds terrific. I've already used the imaging stack for a station in Trinidad & Tobago. Huge difference from the dry VO I was sending them for the past 3 years!

I think I could definitely benefit from a phone / skype meeting with you. I'd like to do some studio upgrades in the spring and need to talk it through. I'll use the scheduling links at the bottom of your email.

Thanks again, George. Twisted Wave has radically changed my VO business for the better. Now, adding your stacks is just the icing on the cake!



I had to report in... my "like" rating on has jumped a very consistent 40% since you made the Twisted Wave stack for me. Amazing! I'd like to think my reads are getting better... of course... but they didn't get 40% better over night. Only my processing changed. THANK YOU!!!!!!


Dear Lisa,
Below is the contact info for George Whittam... He has saved all our butts.(Beau-Jim cummings-hatfield etc).
He can sound proof and put in the right equipment to make us the best recording room in town. There is nobody better!
Okay George, now feel the pressure. :)
He really makes it easy.

Roger Rose

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