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Great class and I was so appreciative of the specific information on mics and equipment for the studio. Very helpful. Thank you.


Excellent class full of useful information and suggestions. I really appreciated Dan's expertise and willingness to answer all of our questions. He provided an outstanding overview followed by enough details to get me started on my home studio! Many many thanks!


The class I attended on Sunday Feb 3rd 7-9pm with Dan was very informative.

I am wondering if there will ever be a class to go over Audacity to get basic functions. I would find that helpful.

Thank you for the ability to give feedback.


I thought that the information given by Dan was not only informative, but also useful & practical! His presentation was organized & interesting. I also give him credit for "hanging in there," despite his worsening allergies!


Hi Dan

Thanks so much for your great lesson last week. I've sorted out the soundproofing now as well, and everything is sounding great! I really feel like I know what I'm doing now - still lots to learn though.

I submitted my first audiobook audition for ACX - just for practice - and they came back to me half an hour later offering me the job!

Thanks again - really appreciate your help.


Dear Dan Friedman:

Thank you so much for last nights class! You solved so many of my home studio issues that I have been having in addition to some of the Audacity issues I was having with recording levels.

The detail and efforts you went through to be sure to cover all the material was awesome. Your willingness to be interactive with the class and taking any questions we had was very much appreciated. I will be getting a copy of your book for sure as it will be great to get another voice actors opinion from an audio engineer prospective.

Again, thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season. I am sure we will work together again.


Just wanted to let you know that I found the Home Studio 101 class very informative!

Dan did a great job explaining the basics, and was very clear and patient. Just what a newbie like me needs! I know I'll have more questions once I actually start acquiring equipment (as I still don't know what I don't know, if you follow that!) but this was an excellent start.


Dan was great. The class was very informative and helpful. I have a better understanding of the tools that I need to start out. I found his suggestion of B&H in the City very helpful to try out mic's. It sounds like a fun and useful field trip, well, any excuse to visit NY is a good one. I will probably listen to it again just to hear all the things I missed the first time. Looking forward to future classes.


Scott was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and responsive to questions yesterday. At the very end, we couldn’t see the last three slides for a while but when Scott realized they were hidden by a survey, he went back.

The whole engineering piece of contemporary VO was not anything I imagined going into this last January. I was left sobered but not despairing!
I appreciate Edge’s straight talk beginning with the Intro with Randye who said right at the top, “Look, this is a BUSINESS.” Much to learn.



Thanks for last night's session. Packed with information -- and you answered all my questions.



Please tell Dan I appreciated his presentation on Home Studio. In the short two hours he had he did a great job of getting to the two core issues for home studio related to gear and acoustics. He answered the questions what gear do I need and, more importantly, how much is it likely to cost me? Secondly, he spent some time discussing the two issues facing everyone in building a studio, sound isolation and sound treatment.

One of the things which might make a great add-on to this class would be a resource list of rock solid info to further extend the lesson. There's lots of info out there, but I would envision the list being a separating of the wheat from the chaff. Edge has a great resource on microphones and I have consistently referred to it as I search for the right mic for my budget. Another resource might deal specifically with the acoustical side of things dealing with the two issues mentioned above.

This class was a rock solid affirmation that tied together many of the things I have been reading about and viewing on the web. For instance, I've begun bookmarking what I think is useful on the web for VO and here is the start of my Acoustics bookmark file. I haven't picked up Dan's book yet, but had already purchased Paul Strikwerda's book Building a Vocal Booth on a Budget.


I thoroughly enjoyed Home studio 101. Dan did en excellent job detailing the do's and the don'ts.I am just now beginning to get the materials together to build a record studio in my basement.I am using the check list that Dan gave us and my notes from the class to make my decisions.The class has given me a lot of valuable info.

Jerry E.

Hi Everyone,

I hope your holiday weekend was great!

I am just typing in with some feedback on the Home Studio Class taught by Dan Friedman. EXCELLENT!!! He clearly has a handle on not only the VO business but also on how to make QUALITY recordings. He was very thorough and answered all questions very well. I left the class feeling confident that with the help of Edge I would be able to put together a good home studio.

Thank you Dan!!!

Robyn R.

Hi. Just wanted to give some feedback on the recent (Feb. 3) class. I liked the format, which allowed questions in the beginning instead of the end. Sometimes it's hard to remember questions for an hour or two! There was good information which was thoroughly explained about all aspects of home recording. In the end, we couldn't think of any more questions.
Otherwise,two thumbs up!


Excellent class! Dan was well organized, covered a wealth of information while keeping to the practical aspects of how-to for his audience. He was personable and gave room for questions and sharing between the callers. His knowledge of the subject was obvious and made a technical subject less threatening for those 'of us' challenged with studio set-up. Ended the session with a plan and details to move forward with home studio tasks.


David's workshop was great. I almost feel like I could actually set up a home system and make it work! I am somewhat tech savvy but David was a big help and made it less scary.

Nice of you to follow up. He got me all set up, and gave me the preliminaries as to how to record and transmit the file. I guess I'll need another lesson to really understand the fine points about adjusting the audio quality. In any case, he's a great teacher -- very patient, systematic-- now I just have to pick up my notes and practice a bit! I thought he did a great job. Thanks again for your interest


Hello Sara...

Please let everyone know that I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's tele-class. I learned a lot, which is always time worth while! THANK YOU!!!

With kind regards,

Carmen Honeycomb

I really enjoyed the Voice-Over from Home tele-seminar. The instructor covered a lot of ground very thoroughly and allowed lots of opportunities for questions. He even remained on the line about 15-20 minutes after the finish time to answer additional questions, which I thought was very generous of him. The tele-seminars are a great concept. I love the convenience and cost-effectiveness and would definitely be interested in future tele-classes, especially in marketing, audio book, technique. Thanks for a great class!

Charlene Sherman

Hi David,
Thank you for last night's seminar! I enjoyed it because it was very informational and now I know I must wait QUITE a while until I will be able to have a home studio. But when and if I do, at least I have knowledge of what I would need and available options. I must admit I had a difficult time sitting for the 2 hours. Perhaps I need a different head set/recording set up. I am already signed up for the tele telephony, audio book and private classes. I am hoping to have my demo made by mid August.
Thank you again

Wendy Battersby-Quaglia

Hi David,
The seminar was very helpful, as there is so much out there to sift through. Audible has given me some guidelines, and I've been in touch with a guy in N.J. who does a lot of V.O. out of his home studio, but the seminar was most helpful in fleshing out the specifics. You have a great knack for explaining the complex with simple clarity!
Best Regards,


Hi Cathy.

I just wanted to share a comment, having hung up with Greg Sextro's course below. He is terrific! I really enjoyed this class. He is quite thorough and well prepared, broke everything down into chewable doses, and was neither condescending nor over our heads in his explanation of things. Just the right person for novices like me.

Thanks so much.

Jan Daddona

David, just want you to know that I took Greg Sextro's Phase IV webinar on removing mouth clicks and breaths. He did a great job, and although I use Audacity instead of Protools, Greg made the concepts clear and easily translatable to any program. No wasted words or motions. He did a great job!


David ,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Pro Tools webinar I took with Steve Weiss this past week. Steve was great, very knowledgeable and informative. He was able to simplify the process of recording and editing for voice over yet still give me an understanding to the complexity of Pro Tools that made me wish the class was much much longer.


Hey Erik, just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Home Studio 101 Teleconf Tue night.

Naomi McMillan


I appreciated the Home Studio 101 teleseminar tonight - lots of great information. I'm in the early stages of Phase II of my training with Edge...and loving it!

Again, thanks for a great seminar. Just yesterday, I began setting up a large walk-in closet into a home studio. The only thing I've purchased is an MAudio MobilePre interface and Senheiser HD280 headphones, while using a borrowed Shure mic, Audacity, and a pop filter made from a coat hangar and my wife's panty hose. I've enjoyed entering the weekly contest at Edge recording in one of my small closets. I didn't want to buy a mic or other equipment until I took your seminar, which helped a lot.

I was a Navy broadcaster and have voiced a few spots at a local studio. I'm looking forward to recording a narration and commerical demo (at the least) with Edge while pursuing this dream I've had for years. Erik, thanks for helping me along the way.

Bill Davis

Not long ago, I had taken an in studio Pro Tools workshop with Greg and it was excellent, so I was excited to take another class with him. The Home Studio Webinar this past Sunday was extremely informative. One hour never seems to be enough, but Greg was able to present plug-in information that was easy to follow and understand, as well as answer several related questions. A really great value!!


I learned new techniques on soundproofing and the way sound travels. It was a fantastic class! Greg is a very informative teacher and I enjoy just listening and taking notes. This was my second class with Greg and I learned more about recording techniques. I look forward to the next class where I can ask se questions regarding suggestions I have used. Thanks for following up!



Thanks for the e-mail. Home Studio 101 WAS quite a catalyst, of sorts! I had also taken Technique 101 the evening before, and by Sunday night I really DID know that I could do this for real.

I'm presently researching materials for my home studio, and I plan to visit a local music store to try out some condenser mics. The next big hurdle is to work with Audacity enough to be comfortable with its capabilities-- I'm working on that, so I can enter the audition contests on Edge's website. What a great way to practice!

Edge Studios ROCKS !!!!!!

Steve V

Hi Cathy:
A note to say how well both the Technique 101 and the home studio both went. I am impressed at the organization and efficiency with which both were delivered. I learned a great deal and will, I hope, continue to learn as I go through the program.
thanks to you and Greg:


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