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Patrick Conn here -- I was in the Home Studio 201 Webinar this past Sunday evening with Dan Friedman.

As always, Dan is the best. His knowledge of the business is unsurpassed and together with his personality, the attendee realizes the time spent will be very productive.

Thanks Dan,

Patrick Conn

Dan Friedman was great last night! Even though he barley had a voice, he still held his class and answered a lot if questions.

I had an "Ah Ha" moment last night when he answered my question!

I am continually impressed with all of your instructors!

Carol Knizek

Thanks so much, George!
Another great class!

Eva L

Hi Sara!

This was the best webinar ever. It was chock full of exactly what I wanted to learn. He did an amazing job. Engaging and informative. Thank you so much!!!



HI Dan!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information you gave us during last night's webinar! You have a great way of explaining everything in plain language and giving us simple, straightforward solutions to our problems. From how to find that sweet spot, to how to find the culprits affecting the noise floor and all the great tips in between, you gave us a treasure trove of gems to help us improve our VO recordings!!

Thank you again for dashing back from your Boy Scout hikes to do this webinar for us!


I am sending you this e-mail to tell you what an Awesome job Dan
Friedman did tonight on the Home Studio 201 class!! It was nice
because there were only 4 or 5 of us on the line and Dan was so kind
to take time with each of us with the questions that we had. He
answered all of them with grace, kindness, and was very thorough. He
was also very patient with everyone, I learned a lot in that hour. He
also made me feel at ease, and I really enjoyed the class.


Hi Sara,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say how great the Home Studio 201 on removing clicks and breaths was.

In many ways I would love even more detail on this in another workshop and perhaps yet another on selecting and using plugins.

Please convey my appreciation to Greg - it a wonderfully useful hour.

Andy Jennings

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