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I'm a complete newbie to the technical side of studio work so the Audacity webinar was extremely useful for me. Dan did a great job of going through the ins and outs of the program and was really good at answering questions. Now at least I have a fair idea of how the program works and what I can do with it.


I really enjoyed the Audacity Webinar because Dan is wonderful at explaining everything. It was nice to hear him say that most of the bells and whistles should not be needed if you have a good mic, acoustics, etc. He did not overwhelm me with fancy jargon and methods.

Dan is a good instructor.


I learned a lot during your Audacity webinar. I have been recording with Audacity for a couple of months, for practice or for the Edge Studio script contests and feedback forum. I am so relieved to know that there are many of the Audacity elements that are unnecessary! I enjoyed your engaging and friendly tone. Thank you for being such a rich source of information! I will revisit your website often!


It was very imformative and it is easier to learn these types of programs when someone actually shows you. Great to be able to ask questions as well. Now I feel a bit more comfortable with Audacity for my auditions. I was definitely overdoing some of the "effects."


Just wrapped up the Audacity Webinar. Quite informative. Thanks


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