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Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk with you this past Tuesday afternoon. Your input and expertise was very helpful and provided much "food for thought". I would very much like to submit a demo for consideration. It would be a great honor to be part of your talent pool. I'll follow-up after the via Edge Studio's website.
I'm anxiously awaiting my next tele-class.
Thank you again

Cathy Faulkner

Hi Dave,

I had my ProTools/home stuido session yesterday. He was really knowlegable, really helpful, and really nice.

I am really pleased!

Patricia von Brook

Hey, Steve!

Thanks so much for all the great information you shared with me at my studio consult this afternoon. I learned a LOT from that time with you ,and the best part of it all is that I can actually DO everything you presented - and correctly!

It seemed like there was a waterfall of information we discussed, but I took good notes and was able to actually DO what we covered in that time together when I recorded a script and applied the fades, the compression, worked with gain and threshold, and all. You did a wonderful job of clearly presenting what I needed to learn in that quick hour of instruction.I also appreciated the way you answered the many questions I had and the patience you exhibited throughout. (good thing!)

When I am ready for round two, I know who to call.

Everything with Edge Studio has been first class so far. I really am impressed with the entire team. I love New Yorkers anyway - I used to leave Chicago every Monday and fly into Newark to be picked up for a week of training I provided to the NYC teachers in 22 of the 32 school districts - all 5 burroughs! I did that for about 3 years. I would come home to Chicago on Friday afternoon or morning each week, depending on whether I had an afternoon workshop or not! Those were the days! But one thing I learned was how much NYC was both similar to - and different from - Chicago. I loved working with all those good teachers in NYC! Some one must have done a good job with you along the way because you're a good, clear presenter. I appreciate that because a student needs to get a grasp on the material and it only happens easily when the instructor is both intelligent and organized. You are both!

Have a blast this weekend! Thanks again! We're freezing to our toes here in Chi-town.. Give me the beach any day!


I recently improved my home recording studio set-up, thanks to an hour-long session with your tech guru, Dan Friedman (fantastic and worth every penny!) and since, have had significantly increasing thumbs-up responses to my audition submittals at


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