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Hello, I am once gain impressed by your classes. Kristin was
wonderful, what I am most impressed is all questions are answered
specifically there are no vague answers. I really really appreciate
that. Since signing up with you I have been slow with my training, my
fault not yours, but you give confidence that I can make something out
of this. Thank you very very much.

Dear Edge crew,
Please pass along my thanks to Randye Kaye for the wonderfully informative Marketing 101 webinar last night. I know she was pinch hitting for Kristen, so that makes her presentation all the more impressive. I learned a TON of useful info- and more importantly was re-motivated to get moving with my VO career. Hats off to Randye and to Edge for this solid 2-hour class.


I just took Marketing 101 with Kristin Price, and I enjoyed it SO much!

I haven't begun any one-on-one training with any coaches yet, but I feel she was very thorough, knowledgeable, and had a huge amount of tools and advice to offer.

I'm starting to step into the unknown, but I feel much more confident after taking her class! Thanks, Kristin!


Just wanted to thank Kristin for a fantastic class last week. It was incredibly helpful and full of so much useful information - and great fun as well.


Thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it very informative. Instructor was organized, kept the course moving quickly and attentive to answering all our questions. Provided a wealth of resources. Practical and inspiring.
thank you!

I just wanted to say that I think Kristin Price is fantastic! I enjoyed her Marketing 101 class enormously and the more advanced class brought a continuation of excellent information and ideas. She even fielded some specific questions I had. I have had the pleasure of a coaching session with her as well in which she got more out of me than any other coach ever has.


Hi Sara!
What can I say about this class and Kristin without sounding "over the top"? The class was amazing and the info that Kristin gave was invaluable!!! I took so many notes that my hand hurt by the end of the class... Thank you for the great classes. Thank you for Kristin! I am learning so much! Best wishes,

Jeff H.

I certainly did! The class was very informative. The instructor invited questions throughout the presentation and ensured that those which arose were answered. Additionally, the resources provided were also useful.

Thank you very much!


I want to take a moment to give a tip of the cap to Joe Loesch for his Marketing 101 webinar from May 26. It finally made it to the top of my "webinars I need to catch up on" queue this week, and I found it packed full of extremely valuable information, well presented, very helpful. I caught myself literally thinking "this is really good" multiple times throughout. (Descriptive commentary, I know, but the fact that my mind wasn't busy coming up with more complex thoughts is actually a positive sign of my engagement.) I'm sure I will revisit it more than once as I move forward, so thank you, Joe, for your excellent work. Just thought I should pass that along.


I just wanted to pass along that Kristin's class was truly inspirational! I've taken most of my required classes, but felt that out of all of them thus far, she presented the most positive outlook for this career. I really appreciated her advice!


My feedback on Marketing 101: an excellent presentation by Ms. Price, filled with just the sort of useful info I was after. She was good about answering all the questions we posed and outlined the marketing tips in a clear and concise way. This webinar typifies what have come to expect from Edge. You guys are a hit with me so far and I am happy to have hooked up.

Bob S.

So I have begun voiceover coaching with the amazing Joe Loesch. I was pleased to be matched with him, particularly after being able to participate in his Marketing 101 class through Edge Studio.
A few words about that class: Mr. Loesch taught me, within that singular, two hour class, what 8 years of college training in the arts couldn't hope to have touched on. The information I learned gave me not only the know-how, but the confidence that even I, new and awkward as I am at marketing, can start to get out there and make a name for myself, and, of course, get jobs. This is one of the classes that made me glad I decided to give voiceover a serious try.

Caroline Gordon

I loved Kristin's 4 "Ps" for success and the fact that she advised that we establish a realistic 5-year plan with specific goals for each year. It was also wonderful to learn that Edge collaborated with ArtistUpgrade to develop websites, logos, marketing resources specifically for voice over talent. Kristin was fun, friendly, and engaging and I really enjoyed this class with her.


Marketing 101 with Kristin Price was WONDERFUL! Two hours went by in a flash.

I own a travel business and have been marketing for years, but this training session pointed out the individual nuances and differences in marketing a voice-over talent....most helpful. The valuable advice given in the webinar will stand me in good stead as I embark on this venture. Something as simple as making sure that demos are updated as time goes by, so you still sound like your demo...basic but so important!

I particularly noted the mantra "Patience, Persistence, Politeness, Positivity" - I good thing to bear in mind.

Thanks again!

Another great webinar. Please let Joe know I really enjoyed it and I'm
looking forward to following Joe's VO Intel. I'm sure his Booth Camp is fantastic.

Theresa D.

Thank you for your class yesterday.
It helps me a lot because you are so concrete and positive.


Thanks for introducing us to another wonderful Edge Studio coach, Naz, Chaudry. She was a stand in Marketing 101. Wouldn't have know if she hadn't told us. Gave full attribution to Kristen, who she put the program together. She showed Mastery and Enthusiasm for the material. Naz, exhibited the perfect example of the "well-trained voice. She spoke for over 21/2 hours without a break. The whole time her voice quality, energy level, and enthusiasm never wavered! Hope I'll get to hear more of her.


Thank you, Joe, for such an information-packed webinar on Marketing. I am continuing to do practice recording and hope to be able to do a demo in the next few months. Thank you, also, for sort of laying out the order of the tasks. That was one of my questions and you answered it thoroughly.

I will be looking out for some of your upcoming VO Intel videos and checking out some older ones too. Have a great rest of your week!

Noelle H.

Loved it! A very informative and much needed class for us newbies.

Hi Team,

Just to let you know that Nazia did a great job with the Marketing 101 course. She was thorough, organized and on her game. She gave really good pointers on how to market ourselves and get out there. She also fully answered all of our questions.Thank Nazia!


Hi Susanne!

I have been so impressed with all the webinars and training Edge Studio provides, but I especially wanted to share with you
how much I enjoyed the Marketing 101 Webinar by Joe Loesch I took on September 21.

As a past university professor - who used to train student teachers - I wanted to share with you some things I picked up on.

As I’m sure you already know, Joe is the consummate professional with a friendly delivery.
The webinar provided a wonderful overview of marketing strategies for new voice over talent.
However, it also provided concrete examples on what marketing materials should look like; tips on building a Pay2Play Profile;
follow-up tips once our demos are out there; ideas for cover letters; and, how to find contacts.

In addition, Joe:
presented slides that were easy to read and understand and his pacing was perfect
didn’t overtalk, but allowed ample time for students to process the information
allowed time for questions and provided excellent answers
started on time and ended on time, which I appreciate.

Keep up the good work!


Hi Edge!

Wanted to let you know that the Marketing 101 webinar last Wednesday with Kristin was beyond informative! Kristin was brilliant (can't wait to train with her!) and a wealth of information. She mentioned adding on a social media aspect to the class in the future, and I would love to be in on that class as well.

So, as always, thank you! Everyone at Edge just continues to impress me and make me glad I found you!


Sian Comora here -- recently took the Marketing 101 class as part of the
ABC program.
It was really good. Excellent information delivered very well.


Dear Joe,

Thank you for your informative, easy to listen to marketing webinar last night. You made it comfortable and enjoyable and I learned a great deal.

One of the things I learned was that it is important to be polite and appreciative of those working with you or helping you along the way! So, thanks again for your time and talent.


Kristin was fabulous. Not only does she have a lovely voice that is easy to listen to, she was prepared, knowledgeable, and most importantly to me, really connecting with us when we asked questions. I got a huge amount of information, and again, another sobering tap on the arm about how this business really works!


Hi, just wanted to let you know that I recently took the 'Marketing 101' and 'Business and Money 101' webinars, both of which were hosted by Anne Ganguzza. I thought both sessions were extremely informative and gave me a lot to think about -- not to mention a lot to work on! Anne is a great instructor with a comfortable online presence. She has a lot of personality and makes learning the 'nuts & bolts' of the VO business a fun process. Overall, very happy with the experience!

Jim Morris


Wanted to send out a thank you to Kristen Price for the excellent class yesterday. Her energy is contagious and explanations and examples very clear. Was not as active in question participation as I would have liked to have been, this due to my time zone, for Kristen & others it was 7 to 9 p.m. and for me it was 1 to 3 a.m. the following morning . . . but the info was 100% received! Thanks again Kristen.


Hello- I took Marketing 101 with Anne Ganguzza and it was excellent. I could immediately tell she was a knowledgeable industry pro, and she was very forthright in sharing pro tips. I liked the way the course was organized, and I appreciated her willingness to stick around for questions and conversations afterward. Great class.


Kristin was fabulous. Keep it up!


Hey Friends,
The Marketing 101 seminar with Anne was fantastic! She had excellent insights and a very well prepared presentation. I took copious notes! Her "power point" presentation was fleshed out with full explanations and details. The only downside, which was absolutely not her fault, a couple participants asked "questions" that went on and on and on...Anne was so gracious! But it cut into her time and right when she was getting to the part I REALLY wanted to hear, her time was compressed. It was not her fault...two people with "questions" devoured an inordinate about of time. I just wish I could have had the depth of coverage on the last part of Anne's presentation as we enjoyed at the first. She's a gifted teacher! Too bad some people have no self-monitoring skills! :-)


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