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Thank YOU David! It was very informative and helpful I think. I'm definitely going to put into practice some of the marketing ideas. Thanks for the follow up and hope to talk to you soon.

Mary :) Mary L. Holmstrom

Thanks, David.
I actually did want to drop you another thank you note (again) to let you know that by following your advice from the Marketing tele-class I landed a new account. I believe that it will be a long-term relationship that will go well beyond paying for the cost of the class. I encourage all voice artists, newbies or seasoned, to take this class. I'll certainly be getting more training from Edge Studio


This is just a quick note to tell you how GREAT Kristin Price's Marketing 101 workshop was last night! (Wednesday - May 13th)

I've been self-employed for 25 years, and I know what it takes to run a successful small business. Kristin's marketing advice was succinct and highly practical. She delivered a wealth of information in a short period of time, with just the right blend of authority and flexibility to the needs of the group she was addressing. (Wow! She was impressive.) Best of all, I came away from the session with a series of action steps to move forward in my voice-over career. Marketing 101 filled in gaps I didn't even know existed. I'm SO glad I took this class!

Thank you, so much, for offering such great instruction at such affordable rates. I'm looking forward to my next 101 class.



Hey, David. Great class tonight. Thanks for all the useful info. My advise to anyone would be if you want to work, you're gonna want to take this class. That was one awesome class!!
Talk to ya soon.


Wow, David,
That was a true marathon, thank you so much! The information was great and I hope you weren't too tired! The presentational aspects don't seem too hard to accomplish, but the actual voice demo...well, we'll work on that Friday in your Fairfield office! I am bringing lots of (mini) script ideas.
Thanks again!
All best wishes


Hi Kristin,
"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how thoroughly pleased I was with the workshop. The material presented in this session was both informative and enlightening. Best of all was the presenter, Kristin. She was fantastic. She spoke from experience and was extremely warm, friendly and candid regarding the industry."

Hi David, Just a quick note to once again express my sincere appreciation for a highly informative marketing workshop. It provided the perfect complimentary piece to the voiceover technique that I’ve been learning. I'm truly grateful for the guidance and valuable knowledge I've received from Edge since that very first intensive workshop. I had questions you had answers. :-) Many Thanks,


Hi David-
OUTSTANDING seminar tonight! Thanks for hosting. Your suggestions, candor, and ability to relay real-life situations made the time fly by. I'm really looking forward to putting your ideas to work!
Best Regards,

Kelly Klemolin


You probably already know what a great employee you have in Kristin, but I thought I'd send an email to let you know that I really enjoyed the Marketing101 class I took with her tonight.
Kristin was wonderfully clear, patient and professional - yet completely approachable.
I got a lot out of the class, and imagine that (as suggested) I'll be listening in again when I'm closer to actually having something to market.
Thanks for a great first class,


Thank You!

Just a note to say thank you.
The Marketing 101 class was awesome.. Learned things I did not know were part of the VO the end of the class I was totally excited..this is true with every class I have taken so far.



Just a quick note to say what I'm sure everyone does after Kristin's session - absolutely brilliant. One of the most useful seminars I have ever taken on any course in my entire education. Focused, organized, clear - all excellent communication strategies - but also really, really helpful information. I couldn't fault it.


Once again, great Marketing 101- I am amazed as to how much information I am learning. Thanks all of you at EDGE!

Nicole Fecteau


Thank you so much for the 1-on-1 coaching several weeks ago, and the Marketing 101 class last evening! The class was a bit of a bummer: only because i have already gotten business cards, and 1) they have a microphone on them, and 2)—according to my husband—don't look like i sound!! Oh, well; it's a good thing i didn't get too many of them and they were pretty cheap!! Really, the class was very informative, and even as a graphic designer with a teensie bit of marketing skills, it was good to hear all that stuff! I still laugh about the fact that our 1-on-1 session was actually done IN a library!! I think i need to do some practicing in there to keep that whole concept in my head and ears! You're a great teacher, and i hope i get to meet you in person some day!

Carol Hammer

Hi Kristin:

Just wanted to drop you a quick note on today's Marketing 101 tele-class...

I feel like I struck the mother load with all of the great information that you just two hours! You gave us a good overview with regard to preparing and ultimately marketing ourselves, and I look forward to putting these things into practice to improve my marketability.

Thanks again for the info and your easy-going presentation style.

Mike N.

Hi Cathy,
Please extend my gratitude to Kristin for a most informative 2 hours. Her presentation cleared up a lot of questions that I had about the business.

Scott Zimmerman

Vanessa did an outstanding job the other night with this Webinar. I loved listening to all she had to say and, mostly, I loved listening to her voice. I hope my training gives me a velvet voice like Vanessa's.


I love these webinars because its so interactive and convenient! It was incredibly easy to log in and i have had no issues. Now the Marketing 101 was a little different in that it was more about information, and at first i did feel overwhelmed, but the next day i received the link to the recorded version. Combined with the notes i took and being able to watch the recorded version, i feel that the i got the most out of the Marketing 101 class! All i can say is keep up the good work!


I was so impressed with the class last night! There was a ton of material covered and everything was clear, concise, and very applicable. The whole marketing aspect was very daunting and frightening for me but after the class- it seems so much easier and do-able. Kristen did a phenomenal job. This is the second class I've taken with her and I'm superbly impressed and pleased. :)
Edge is amazing! Thanks to all of you!
Looking forward to working with you again- really soon!


Very much enjoyed Tom's class last night when he filled in Kristen's big shoes. I haven't taken group classes for quite awhile with Edge and I'm glad to see he will be teaching Business 201. Tom was engaging and energetic. A shot in the arm I really needed.

I, like most of us, I'm sure, got into this business to act, to tell stories, not to be in marketing. I don't have a business background. I'm very grateful that Edge is a one-stop shop for me; that Edge doesn't neglect this part of our 'training'. And I don't have to go lurching all over the Internet trying to get a complete education in this business. Thanks for providing a place for us not only to learn, but to continue to grow.

Deborah Desmone

Thank you.

I think the Marketing 101 class was amazing !!!!
Kristin introduced then expanded on some really great points and resourceful marketing techniques that may prove to be invaluable. It benefited me a lot as a "talent" that's really serious about pursuing a career in voice overs. I don't see the need to change anything about the Marketing 101 class. It was packed with information, insightful, and engaging all at the same time. An awesome recipe that makes learning easy to absorb.


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