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Hi Kristin,
Just want to thank very much for such a helpful and informative marketing 201 webinar you gave us last evening! Finding the right connections to contact can be overwhelming, but you showed us how to target our research much more effectively, especially with your great tip to google specialized production companies. Many thanks once again for the wealth of information you shared with us!


I always enjoy Kristin's classes, she is very professional, and knows her stuff! I love all of the instructors/coaches, I feel very blessed to be able to take all of these wonderful classes!

I learned a lot of great information last night!!


I’ve just finished my webinar with Joe on Marketing 201. I have been so lost with social media but the apps, that Joe gave us tonight, will make my life soon much easier. It has saved me time so I’m not aimlessly search the internet. Thanks so much for a very informative class.


Hi Kristin,

I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you very much for such a helpful and informative webinar you gave us tonight. The marketing side of voiceover can be intimidating, and you showed me how to target my marketing research more effectively, especially with your tip to Google specialized production companies.


Congratulations! GREAT webinar! I learned much!!!!!

William S. Peck

Hello Cathy & Sara,
Kristin is always a treat, very positive and very responsive to the attendees. She had a great approach to the subject. As often happens, people's questions got us off the subject so that we talked a little more about some things, still in the marketing vein, but derailed the subject a little. I don't quite know how to better "control the crowd". But I found it valuable to attend and would do so again. Edge rocks!!


HI Sara,
I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Randye's Marketing 201 webinar. I think that the big three (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter ) could fill a series dedicated just to marketing from these sites. There's a lot to talk about and learn pertaining to these sites.
Thanks for listening,

George Zocco

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