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Dear Kristen -

Simply wanted to say thank you for sharing your time and insight yesterday.

Your words and support will serve as fuel...and be utilized as best I can.

With appreciation ;) -


Hello Kristen,
I appreciate the all the great feedback you provided in my Mid Program Assessment and coaching notes this afternoon. Your insight and guidance helped me and I look forward to working with you in future. Thank you!


Hi Kristen,

I truly enjoyed the evaluation session earlier this afternoon! Thanks so much! Your pointers are incredibly helpful, and I love the way you describe things.

I'm getting excited about the demo, and am looking forward to more of your webinars!

Thanks so much again! Stay safe and warm!


Hi Kristen,
Just wanted to thank you for your time, encouragement, and input in our session yesterday!
I enjoyed it ….. :) I’ll keep moving forward.


Dear Kristin,

Thank you for your help, yesterday. I didn't really that the "mid-program assessment" was going to be more like a great coaching session. I was crazy excited when we got off the phone because you really saw what it was that I needed to work on (not affecting the higher pitch as a matter of course when trying for a "conversational" tone...and adding breath support to that higher voice and keeping it as a tool in my VO toolbox). And you explained it all in a way I really GET. Now I have a solid plan in place to take my training to the next level. Your insight, coupled with your heartfelt admonition to last night's class to embrace and love our core voices, excites me to do just that.

I really appreciate it.



Thank you so much for the conversation we had during my session with you yesterday. It was extremely valuable to hear the things I'm doing right, and even more valuable to hear the things I can improve on. I really appreciated the experience and frankness that you brought to both the audition critique, and to the answers to all the questions I had for you. I plan to book that hour with the studio today.

Also, I have to admit, it was *really* fun.


Hi Kristen,

It was so helpful to have your assessment, and now the card. Thank you very much for your time--and your patience with my having mistaken the hour.

All points you made make complete sense, and press my inner "Could Do Better" button just the right amount--so that I feel encouraged and determined to practise, and will do so. It's good to know that then, likely, I am on track for making the demo as originally hoped. And that there might be a fit for some of Edge's clients in the future. Onwards!


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