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For Voice-Over professionals, getting our heads inside every text in order to communicate its message properly is essential. So when Edge Studio’s, Carol Monda expounded on this very issue in her blog, ‘That is the Question’ I was gripped. Carol’s an actor, voice-over talent and Audie award-winning audiobook narrator who’s worked for some of the best in the biz. So I was ready to hang on every word of this prolific talent’s post and highlight every thing I wanted to remember. There is such substance in what she shares that I knew immediately it would a be read + re-read type of blog. I also knew it would be a Debby Barnes Voice-Over Rah-Rah!

For me personally, what she writes is compelling. She reminds us to poke and probe our scripts with the kind of questions that bring about valuable results. (And in light of the kind of results she’s had in her career, we can’t ignore her wisdom.)

Debby Barnes

Thanks for consistently helpful VO advice & tips to keep me on my game. I've been on your email list for years!


Thanks, Edge, for including articles in the newsletter from the great Johnny Heller. He is singularly talented, not just as an audiobook performer, but as an insightful and very witty instructor! Can't wait for the next one!

I just wanted to say thank you for the lead article. A lot is practical stuff I already know, but it’s very useful to have a compendium of it in one place.

Also, thank you once again for your sponsorship of Faffcon 8. You have done a great mitzvah.


Hi Sara,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed reading Edge Studio's article "...Translating Scripts is Usually NOT at a 1:1 Ratio?"

Every year, I produce a couple of Spanish language audio tours for one of my clients. I voice the English scripts, and hire native speakers for the Spanish segments. I understand Spanish well enough to edit the final tracks, (and let's face it -- plosives, gasps and repetitions are the same in any language), but I have consistently been disappointed with either the tempo or finished length of the foreign language segment. NOW (after reading your article), I know to plan for a segment that is either 25% longer, or change the script in advance.

Thank you Edge Studio (as always), for providing such relevant, practical advice!


...looks great. Clean, easy to read, your colors are there, but in an understated way.
It's inviting, not overwhelming. Excellent presentation/transformation.

WOW!! The new newsletter looks FANTASTIC! Great job, guys.

I'd already seen Graeme Spicer's article Sunday on VoiceOverXtra's feed, and liked it so much that I went to your website wrote a reader response (as PoetryDazzle).

THANK YOU for consistently providing relevant, helpful content for your students and graduates. You guys are the BEST!

Elizabeth H.

To Everyone at Edge Studio,

I have been receiving your weekly [Free Career Center Update] e-mail for over a year now. I want to say thank you for all of the concise and useful information. Everything from tips to marketing to classes have been spectacular. Reading the real life stories and examples has been equally informative. I always have a notepad handy and take notes as I read and then file them into a three-ring binder for later use and referral. [Free Career Center Update] is a super resource. I have passed the link along to others in the voice acting field as well.

I have also had a chance to take three 101 tele classes from Edge Studio earlier this year. I look forward to taking more in the very near future.

Thanks again,

Judy Fossum

Well you've gone and done it this time. Your most recent edition of [The Free Career Center Update] clearly stands miles above any publication I have yet to encounter, regarding demo creation. You've delivered concise, meaningful and realistic direction towards the proper and ultimately effective creation of a demo. I applaud you and your team for a job very well done.

Dewey DeVane

Hi Edge Studio ~

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate your outstanding newsletter, [The Free Career Center Update]. It's great!

It's very well-written and is always packed with useful information I can use right away. I especially like the 2-part series on The Look Of A Voice Over Artist. Great article!!

Thank you!


Maxine Dunn

David Goldberg,

Thank you for the article in Voice-over Xtra THE LOOK OF A VOICE-OVER ARTIST. It was VERY helpful.

Thank you.


Jack Bair

this was REALLY're like my vo coach with this information.....REALLY good ToDo list.


Sharel Ann Royal

Let me be one who says 'thank you' ... and I'm sorry it's taken so long do a great service with your free advice and features ...

So ... thank you!

Most sincerely,


Thanks for the reminder. Excellent advice!

Thanks for sending the [Free Career Center Update].
I enjoy every issue.


Gene Tognacci


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your newsletter. I am in the process of re-entering the VO business and my, how things have changed. I find it very informative.

Seriously, in my research I've scored a great mentor (Joe the voice guy)and signed up for several news letters. Most are just more in-box clutter (sorry Susan) selling their seminars. Your's however, along with your freebies, actually has information I can use! You are a great help and I just wanted to thank you!


Hi David,
I have a new wireless client for voice prompts! That makes 5 now!! Here is the newest one:
Thank you again for my wonderful Phase III program. The information is just invaluable. Hope to hear you on Speak with an Expert soon.
Regards to Jessica and Benjamin and all the great people at Edge!

Pamela J.

Hi, David,

I am a newbie who emailed you many months ago (see below).

I have been investigating VO schools and reading books and articles since that time and I have to tell you with all sincerity, your materials and articles are the best out there. I look forward to your articles and learn something every time. Maybe it is because I have a background in engineering (software and hardware, technical writing) that I really like your approach -- there is clarity and precision in your writings.

Thanks for teaching me so much already!

Best Regards,

Tammy T

Such great information as usual!!
Best regards,

Steve Singer

Hi David-

Just read your article on "mistakes" that you posted on Voiceover Xtra. What a fantastic article! It is one of the most useful things I've read on that site. I will save and refer to this often to prevent me from making the same (or even similar) mistakes, sort of like the Biennial Flight Review for private pilots.

Thanks for taking the time to pen that for the rest of us. We all appreciate it.


Was this HELPFUL, or WHAT?!

Thank you, so much, for providing this timely and useful information!

(I especially liked the 'plot twist' at the end :)


Elizabeth Holmes

Hi David,

What a great article/feature you wrote about taking advantage of opportunities. Excellent!

Marty Moran

Thank you for the valuable information to help me to market myself.

Jean B. Harris

Hi Sara,

I had to share this news with you, because you've helped me so much. I just got my first voice-over job! I followed David's advice in his column:

1) Nearly every non-profit needs voice over work recorded; fundraiser presentations, commercials, telephony,... But, something else nearly every non-profit has is no cash.

So offer your expertise gratis – you'll find yourself in a very, VERY beneficial relationship.

Sure you work for free – now – but you build your resume, expand your experience, and you'll likely be paid when spin-off work comes as a result (other departments within the non-profit organization call you, casting professionals and copy writers who consult for other organizations call you,etc...).

A local museum just hired me to be their "voice," and it's a big job. I'll be doing their audio tours, interactive kiosk exhibits, telephony, documentary narration, and web site audio. I never would have had the skills or confidence to go for this without Edge Studio's support. And yes, I'm taking your audio tours class this evening. Thank you SO much for offering it!

Also... Continuing with the "Let's see if Elizabeth can make every mistake at least once" theme... I was amused to recognize myself in David's comments this week about common errors that voice talent make on their graphics. Until I started shopping in local stores for home studio equipment --and seeing other artists' business cards-- I had no idea how common my logo was. Also, I am the one who used the Orange-on-Red (Ouch!) text that David referenced. Finally, my e-mail signature doesn't match my other graphics.

So, once again, thank you for creating a safe place for me to make mistakes. I'm reminded of the I-Love-Lucy episode where Lucy learns that she's going to be published. Later, she finds out that it's because her writing is a stunning example of What NOT To Do. One saving grace of being 3,000 miles away and working with all of you by phone and e-mail is that you can't see how deeply I'm blushing.

Best Wishes,

Elizabeth Holmes

Today's [Free Career Center Update] was just the swift kick in the patootie I needed. You reminded me to take the time to do some marketing-TODAY. THANKS!

Andi Arndt

This was a fantastic article
Thank you so much for sharing this with us

Deb Munro

Hi David!

Just wanted to pop you a note to let you know how valuable I found your VO do's and don'ts article on VO Extra. I'm sure you have hundreds more horror stories you could share, as do I. I have found THE most talented people in this business don't work due to self sabotage. I'm sure there are many who will learn and grow from your words of wisdom.


Bob Bergen

Hi all,

I just had to drop a line to say how jazzed I got reading David's article in today's newsletter. Most of those things never occurred to me. I'm new to voice over, still in training, so I've yet to find myself in those situations. However, now I'll know to look out for them, and so, now forewarned, hopefully, I'll miss very few of those opportunities.

It also encouraged me that I am doing a few things right. In my current job, as a temporary dental hygienist, I go to many different offices and meet patients from all walks of life, and frequently have the opportunity to tell them that I am moving to a new career into the field of voice over narration, and get to tell them what that is, and how excited I am, and many are connected to some kind of opportunity for work for me! I've taken names, both personal and corporate, and plan to be shipping a demo once I get it made! So hurrah!

And I was encouraged to reach out to non-profits with the understanding that my helping those people whose funds are tight, will not only give me a warm fuzzy but will also lead me to meet other people who are also helping those non-profits, but for whom funds are not tight and can provide me with future work.

I could have shared this tonight at the Talk to a Pro, but I didn't want to wait that long, I was that jazzed.

Kudos! and thanks!

Deborah Desmone

Wow! All of your emails contain super useful insight and information.

Thanks for sharing,

Britt Helms

Just wanted to shoot you all a little note to say thank you for your regular newsletters. I find them very informative and very helpful to my career as a burgeoning vo actor. Keep up the good work!

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