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Hi Guys,

Some great points you made here regarding punctuation!
Reaffirmed some of my gut feeling behind the mic and made me aware of some other things.

Thanks for sharing!


I've been subscribing to your service and your monthly newsletter is the most helpful, informative, and most importantly, relaxing newsletter I've come across. It's more like having a friend help out. A very wise friend.
Thanks for your time

David K. Schlank

Thanks. I find your voice-over e-mail newsletter informative and useful to my v/o career.

I am learning a great deal from the Edge Studio newsletters and have come to rely on it as my best resource.

Thanks again for providing such great support for VO beginners and pros.

Best Regards,


Hi David

I just had to drop you a line to say ... thank you / thank you / thank you for the article you wrote for Voice Over Xtra entitled ' 6 Reasons It's Hard to Contact Voice Talent We Want to Hire '.

At first I thought none of what you said could possible apply to me ... but then, much to my horror I discovered a lot of what you were saying applied to me.

I discovered three area's on my site that needed to be corrected ASAP.

The bottom line is this ..... I would have never realized all of my mistakes if you hadn't written your article. So again ... THANK YOU !!




I just wanted to say thank you for all of your "tell-it-like-it-is" and poignant e-mails. This quick to read (out loud, for practice too) but very informative pieces of information are great. They are good reminders and motivators for those of us in the voice over industry, no matter how many years we have been at it.

I take the time to read your e-mails, take notes, have taken tele classes with you and a couple of webinars as well. Your information, instruction and expertise are outstanding.

All of the work that you do and then all of the information you provide to your students is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,


I just wanted to say thanks for the insightful article this morning from David Goldberg! I've been following all of the articles, but this one was particularly helpful, and offered some practical applications as well.


I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your newsletter and notices that you send via email. The information and leads are a great inspiration.

Tony Wolfe

Thank you so much for your emails. They are inspiring and insightful. I appreciate them.
With a smile of gratitude,


Loved this newsletter! Your info is always so helpful, but for some reason, this one was particularly right on!

Thank you!


Hello, I really enjoy reading your weekly emails and blogs - I've learned so much and I can't believe you give away this information for free!...

Wow! I absolutely loved this newsletter. The info was so practical and very useful. Thank you!

I just read Steve Weiss' article in all its gory detail about how you made your client's deadline. I enjoyed and appreciated Steve's article and sense of humor, and want to congratulate Steve, Kristen and everyone else at EDGE for making it happen.

As a former consumer packaged goods marketer and arts fundraiser, I have been on the client side many times and I can appreciate what you went through to make it happen.

I also want to say that I am very proud to be affiliated with EDGE Studio, a group of top notch professionals. You guys rock!

Judy W

To Whom It May Concern....I just wanted to take a moment and say, "Thank You" for the insightful emails that you send. Always appreciated.

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