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The webinars on pay to play have been very informative. Big thumbs up to instructors who are so willing to share tips and tricks in such a competitive business.


Dear Edge,
Thank you so very much for the webinar last night with Randye Kay. It was very helpful, and very informative on many of the pertinent issues that I have been struggling with. I hope that you will have more webinars like this in the future. Additionally, are you planning to have this webinar available for download? Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Samuel F.

never really undertood the ins and outs of getting the story to be told from a script. Still actively practicing and learning from the Home Training System, but this webinar was very, very helpful.

Should be repeated.



Wanted to say how much I enjoyed Intro to Skype for voiceovers last night.
I look forward to the next session August 2nd.

Sheela  S.  Iyer


Hi Sara:

Great job as facilitator & keeping us on track last night. This was a very worthwhile and timely webinar. I got some great ideas to work on.


Eve Clausnitzer

David, after taking the Edge-sponsored two-part class on Skype for voiceover, I can now accommodate real-time voiceover direction from my on-site studio. By using Skype, my high speed internet connection results in a much cleaner sound than some of the alternatives, such as a phone patch or Source Connect, and as you know, the client and/or director doesn’t have to spend a tidy sum to participate in the production, as is the case with ISDN. As many as 25 people can be conferenced in a session (now that’s a scary thought!). But for those for whom nothing less than ISDN will do, I am just one hour away from Edge Studio.

As always, let me know how I can help your clients get the voice they need.

Karl von Loewe

By the way this webinar couldn't have come at a better time for me.
I wanted an alternative to an expensive ISDN line and kept thinking I should be using Skype.
Your webinar was perfect and made it possible!

Margie Lenhart

The Advanced Skype workshop that Paul taught on Aug 2nd was outstanding.
His teaching delivery was easy to follow and very informative.
He had a well planned out agenda of what he wanted us to learn and it was all valuable.
He shared very useful information and gave us the added benefit of a studio technicians point of view.
The things he showed were very practical and I immediately adopted many of them into my home studio set up.
All around an A+ session.
Please let him know it was appreciated.

Cris Dovich


The 2 webinars have been great. I have already began to apply some of the lessons learned.

I look forward to more education and improvement.

Terry T

Hi, Kristin (and the rest of the Edge Studio Gang) -

Thank you so much for last night's webinar:
"Convert Your Commercial Demo into a Political Demo for THIS Voting Season"

The information Kristin disseminated was both broad and specific in scope and details, respectively. More importantly, Kristin's facilitating and coaching abilities were outstanding. She has the rare ability to not blow smoke, while being honest, forthright and instructive. She's also incredibly diplomatic in her critiques, treading lightly on possibly fragile egos while eliciting the results needed.

Kristin, I would like to communicate with you about the possibility of doing some private Skype coaching.

Thanks, again, for a great webinar. I'll be participating more fully going forward.

Jim B.

I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful workshop on Sunday. It was so nice meeting you in person and getting the opportunity to meet the others. I walked away so excited and energized (even more than I usually am) about voice overs. It surely will be a day that I will never forget. Being given the opportunity to read for Hugh was amazing!!! Being able to hear the feedback from him on all the other reads was so educational and helpful. And I'm so thankful to you and everyone at Edge Studio and Voice Over Xtra for making the day happen.


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