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Thanks a lot for coming back with the evaluation notes so quickly!

I look forward to continuing with my training.

Thanks for all the great insight delivered today.


What a great job Noel did in her webinar. The whole process which was completely new to me went as smoothly as could be. Not only was the practice and immediate feedback personal and useful, it was additionally useful to be able to hear what everyone was doing and their feedback at the same time.
I thought that 3 hours would drag, but it moved along quickly because of the content and instructor. Very well planned and executed! My additional thanks to all the others at Edge studios whom I have spoken to who patiently answered every question in minute detail and were also intuitive and experienced enough to know what my underlying questions were as well.
There are simply not enough superlative words in the thesaurus to compliment everyone of you on your outstanding and detailed work! Thank you very much!


I thoroughly enjoyed the class yesterday and am planning to continue training with Edge – I thought Noelle was excellent.

Thank you so much for offering the Investigate class. As I explained to Noelle, people have said that I have a great speaking voice but I never believed they were being truthful. But having a professional from both sides of the microphone take the time to walk us thru some basic exercises and give their opinion was just wonderful. I had the absolute best time listening to the different attendees give their reads and hear Noelle offer wonderful coaching techniques. Noelle answered so many questions I had about the industry and training. All night long I kept hoping and praying that my voice was good enough to train with Edge Studio and one day work as a real VO talent.

I would recommend Edge to anyone!


Dear Edge,

I just wanted to provide some feedback from my recent "Investigate Voiceover Webinar on Aug. 23rd with Noelle Romano.

I was a little hesitant to participate remotely, as I had never done a webinar before. I'm glad to say it was a great experience. I appreciated the reminders to check the system requirements and connections and suggestion to use headphones. I felt very well prepared.

Noelle was a great instruction and a pleasure to work with! Her feedback was very thoughtful and professional, but also very honest. She had an amazing ear/intuition as to hear the subtle inflection and colors of each voice, and had a very quick, interesting ways of changing intention. I enjoyed listening to her work with other students just as much as my own interaction. I was so impressed at her ability to handle nearly a dozen people in one session, just by listening.

The class was well organized, and went according to schedule. I appreciated that we were given a timeline of how the class was to be run at the beginning of the session. I think I would have liked to be given the schedule beforehand just to ease some of the "jitters" in preparing for my first webinar.

I appreciated the Q&A session at the end, as Noelle was very honest and gave very thoughtful and candid responses. She was even willing to stay past the blocked time to discuss everybody's questions.

Thanks again to Noelle and Edge Studio for your thoughtfulness, professionalism, and honesty. I had a lot of fun and hope to be able to continue taking classes with Edge!

Clare C

Here's my feedback.

- The class-size was perfect.
- All the interaction was driven through the instructor. Although would be nice to chat with my classmates that would've taken time away from the task at hand.
-Verbal feedback from classmates was muted. It would've been nice to tell a classmate "hey good job" or something along those lines but the only feedback that mattered came from the instructor, so it was just right.
- Instructor did a fantastic job of assigning scripts based on voice type.
- the resulting evaluation was spot on.


I attended the 4 hour introductory workshop at Edge Studio last week and was very impressed with the facility as well as with the young woman who ran the workshop. She was extremely knowledgeable of the voice over business and made the 8 of us feel very welcomed and comfortable. I especially like the fact that we were given time in the recording booth and given critical analysis of our voice over potential. As a result, I signed up for the full training and look forward to the classes.

Albert B

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the webinar on April 10th. Noel did a amazing job of making the class fun and informative.
We dealt with a few technical glitches from time to time but nothing that took away from the class overall. A few nerves were evident which is I'm sure is common among those of us new to this, and again Noel did a wonderful job of keeping us confident and making it a relaxing environment as she coached us on our reads.

There was plenty of time at the end of the class for questions, and each one of us was given ample opportunity to ask away on any thing we had on our minds.

I honestly can't think of anything that needs to be changed or tweaked, and I would suggest to anyone who exploring getting into the voice over profession that this class is the one of the most important first steps they could take.


I big thank you for the class yesterday with Noelle Romano. That woman knows her stuff! I was really impressed with how she led the class and with the wealth of information presented. I don't know if Edge sends out a survey to participants following the classes, but just in case they don't, I wanted to share that feedback with you.


The class was terrific. Noelle was not only professional and informative, but also very warm and funny. She eased us into the process of reading scripts aloud in a stepwise fashion that helped settle my nerves (mostly!).


I thought the v/o info class was very informative, fun, and ran smoothly. Noelle was very patient with all . Keep things the way they are!!


I enjoyed participating in the webinar and I find the guidebook very informative. I found the instructor very professional in her direction and very supportive and encouraging.

Thanks for the opportunity


The session was fun and the time spent with Noelle brought out talents and weaknesses that I was and wasn't aware of. Now comes the time of making the decision of whether or not this 77 year old has enough "fire in the belly" to pursue this. Thanks.

In case I missed sending it, this is to let you know I really enjoyed the Investigate Voice Over Webinar with Noelle. She did a fantastic job! Great coaching skills and super easy voice to listen to...which if you are listening for 3 hours that is super important to me.
Best of all - she gave honest feedback, which is really refreshing.

I'm looking forward to being part of the Edge Training Program and participating in other speciality webinars. Susanne Pinedo is also doing a great job as my education advisor. So far, so good.

Theresa D.

Hi Joey,

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I so enjoyed taking your workshop and getting coached by you on Saturday. It was a privilege studying with you. You really encouraged each and everyone of us and helped to bring out the best in us. Now that's a sign of a great coach/teacher!!!!

I have read through your notes for me and they were so encouraging! I am very excited to move forward and make this into at least a part-time career. I hope I can follow in your foot steps and turn this into full-time eventually.

I had a nice talk with Kendra this morning, and now I am just trying to sort out which plan will work best for me at this time.

Once again, thank you,


The class gave me the simple tools I needed to know how to present a script based on what type of script it was and the audience that it is aimed toward. The tips and corrections given to others in the class, allowed me to practice and correct my own technique while my mic was muted. My evaluation also gave me exactly the kind of information I needed in order to make my next few moves regarding my Voice Over Career. The class was certainly worth both my time and my money Noelle Romano was our class instructor and she did a fantastic job at giving both harsh advise and sincere compliments when we were given our lines. It took me two weeks to put together enough money to purchase the class and about a month the find a schedule that would work. With that said, I still retain my previous statement that this class was worth both my money and my time. I would recommend this class and specifically this instructor to any of my friends.

Joshua Soles

Hi Randye! Thank you so much for the coaching and eval you gave me! I learned so much about technique as well as my own voice in such a short amount of time with you. It was invaluable! I am signed up for the into class at edge studio for tomorrow evening and am really looking forward to it!

Hi Kendra,
I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the class today. David was a great educator, fun and easy to work with. Please know that regardless of whatever the outcome is for me, I gained a ton of knowledge about the voice over industry.
I will highly recommend Edge Studio for anyone with an interest in voice over.
I am hopeful for a green light from David and ready to sign on with Edge if accepted.


Hi there,
I found the webinar excellent, fun, and informative. It was a great mix of professional input, and yet easy to participate in. The instructor did a great job. I look forward to finding out 'what color my light is'


Hi Kendra, I just wanted to say that I really had a blast during the Investigate Voice Over class! The four hours passed by so quickly and I couldn't get the smile off my face. Noelle is a wonderful coach with great energy, guidance, and encouragement. Although I am half way across the world she made me feel like I was sitting right next to her. Please let her know that I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Have a great day! George


The Edge Studio evaluation class was very informative, fun, and very useful.
It was very professional ,very helpful , and very fair I would recommend this for other actors seeking advice for their approach to the voice-over world thank you

Steve C.

Hi Randye,

I am writing you to Thank You for yesterday's class. It was very informative, interesting & fun! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot, too!

Gail M.

Hi all,
The class was pretty basic and to the point; overall I think it was very well executed,

Lee E.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Investigate Voiceover class
with Scott Harlan on March 16 in DC. Anyone who can make four hours pass
so quickly is doing things right. Scott was engaging, kept us laughing,
and made me feel comfortable right away. He gave us lots of information
and great feedback. Frankly I never expected it to be so much fun. I had
zero experience going in--just curiosity--but now I know I can do this
if I choose to. Thank you Scott!

Susan N.

the class was wonderful, the instruction was fun, positive critiques of reads, and most important, she was realistic with everyone in what to expect, where we might need to improve, what steps to take to improve.

very positive class, will be beginning the ABC classes.


Great Class. Smooth Flow through the information and the instructor (Noel) made me comfortable. Her delivery of constructive criticism was very good she did not leave you hanging, she explained how to get around what ever hurtle and gave examples painting an audible picture.

I look forward to my new road ahead.


I thought the whole experience was excellent.

Noelle combined just the right ratio of praise to critique.

I appreciated the thorough review of my performance, and look forward to pursuing a career in voice-over.



I tried filling in the form online, but our DC class wasn’t listed, and then the form wouldn’t let me submit anyway.
I did want to praise Bill Lord for our class, I thought he did a great job at explaining the industry and skills required.

Many thanks, Anna

Anna D

I participated in a Webinar class on July 17 with Noelle Romano. I thought It was an excellent class for total beginners to voice over, or those, like me, who have some experience in one limited area of voice over and want to see how we would fare in the industry.

I think there were 7 of us in the webinar, and it seems that 7 or 8 is about the maximum number for this type of class. It would have been unwieldy with more students participating. I enjoyed it very much, and the feedback will help me as I work toward setting up my home voice over business.

Thanks again to Noelle and everyone at Edge for offering a great resource for us "newbies."

Andrea G

Hey guys,

I took your Online "Investigate Voiceover Class" with Noel Romano and I have to say it was fantastic! I'm looking forward to continuing the program, but even if I had discovered this was not for me I would still have enjoyed the class. It was fun both in the instruction, the practice, and working with others at varying levels of experience.


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