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Dear Edge Studio Training Team,

I just wanted you to know what a great time I had in the web-based Investigate VO class with Noelle Romano on March 17th.

As a full-time trainer/educator for the past 20+ years, I've literally taught thousands of people from all around the world and I've evaluated hundreds of trainers and coaches. And, let me tell you, Noelle has a gift!

Not only is she a talented voice actor, but she is an incredibly patient and supportive coach. She encouraged us to take risks, made it safe for us to do so, and gave us just the right amount of feedback to help us progress with each read.

And, the structure of the IVO program was just perfect too! Not too long. Not too short. Just the right amount of information we needed to know to give us a healthy dose of reality, but even more inspiration to keep going. I honestly can't think of anything I'd tweak or change. It worked brilliantly for me.

This is my first experience with Edge and I am beyond impressed so far. I look forward to jumping into the ABC program ASAP and continuing my training with Edge.

My thanks to you (and Noelle) for all your support so far.

With much gratitude and best wishes,

John K

Hi Noelle,

Thank you very much for your time! I really enjoyed the class, and appreciate your evaluation.


Hi Noelle, and the EdgeStudio Education team,

Thank you for a thoroughly delightful webinar earlier this evening (November 9, 2016). It was great to both learn and play, to experience a bit of the training in store, and to have the opportunity to learn from both a professional and fellow students. Thank you for offering these introductory sessions.

For Noelle in particular, thank you for the insightful and individualized attention paid to each student, as well as for your realistic approach. It was very interesting to get to listen to one another then learn from the feedback and direction you gave. And your realism -- about timeframes, what's involved in the business, etc -- was wonderfully refreshing, and very much appreciated.



I enjoyed the class, the instructor, and the format. There was a fair mix of "what's this all about" and "let's roll up our sleeves and try this." Noelle Romano was engaging and positive, working to build a positive rapport with all of us quickly. From a format point of view, she wisely told us what we were going to do and how we were going to do it and then made it happen.

Useful feedback was received in under a day with Kendra making contact the next morning. What impresses me most about Edge is that people are not pushy. There is tons of info on the website and there is a clear plan for furthering my voice over education. I look forward to the next chapter in this journey.


Noelle was wonderfully professional.
She was patient and seemed genuinely interested in each participant.
I appreciated her input and direction.



Great class, great constructive criticism, and great time!!


Dear Bill:

We met a couple of Saturdays ago when I took your Introduction to Voice Over workshop for Edge Studios in Springfield. I wanted to reach out and thank you again for a highly informative, accessible, and even entertaining session. Your written comments were also helpful and encouraging. As I relayed to Kendra in the Education Department during our discussion about going forward with the Edge program, your professionalism and obvious talent and passion for what you do was essential in convincing me that giving Edge my money would be a wise investment for the future.

I don’t know where this all might take me in the voice over field but I do hope our paths may cross down the road.

John C.

I just want to thank you for taking time out of a very busy day for you to teach the class on Saturday. I enjoyed my time there and learned a lot.
The main thing I took away from the class is to do it right. I plan on taking the rest of the year to save money, learn about the business and learn how to run a small business. I look forward to taking the classes in 2014 and begin my pursuit as a voice talent.


Hi Vanessa,

The presentation was most helpful on Saturday. You did such a nice job making us feel welcome and comforatable in a new situation. It was great being able meet the others in the group, too.

Thank you for your comments in the evaluation. I appreciated hearing some traits which are in place to be built on and skills which need to be improved. I trust with training I will be able to learn the correct techniques and be able to work in the voice over industry.

Again, I really appreciated the session with you. Hope I get to work with you again!

Have a good day.

Dawn Ulmer

Edge's Investigate Voice Over Workshop was the most informative and straight forward workshop. It offered the best advice for anyone wanting to get in to the voice over industry.. Our teacher not only offered a supportive environment but was genuine in wanting us to do well. I have taken other voice over workshops in the past and this one was superior.

Thanks again.

Kathleen McCarthy-Udoff

Thank you for an excellent workshop experience. I learned more about voiceover technique in your 4-hr. long workshop than in all the reading, training and other classes I've taken over the years. Your candid explanation of the business and the current voice styles have me feeling more confident about my ability to make it in this field. I also appreciate that the workshop flew by, with a lot of fun, feedback and participation.
Thanks again

Mary Hilton

This is the best.

Moniifa Maht - New York, NY


Thank you for your time last night.... I found your insight into the business and technique of voiceovers to be interesting and to the gave me many ideas to focus my foray into the business.... and your points about the actual reading of scripts showed your obvious experience and talent in your field.... you had a bunch rank beginners improve each read they did.... I thank you and look forward to the one hour coaching session next week....

Best regards

Joe Morris

The workshop was an excellent thorough introduction to the world of voiceovers. I walked in not knowing anything and left feeling as though I had a good idea what to expect. David, the teacher is very knowledgeable, patient, and thorough. I trusted David with the information given and felt comfortable in the personal setting with the other students.

Cheri Keeler, New York

I took the Evaluation Program and found it to be most helpful. I've read a few books on the Voice Over industry, but the Evaluation class fleshed it out in a real way. Having a chance to work in a hands-on fashion gave me much more of an idea of what I'd be getting myself into :-) and I couldn't have asked for a better coach than Kerry Miller. Kerry is the perfect blend of encouragement and critique. When we worked in the booth she offered each of us an honest compliment of what we had done well and a gentle criticism of how we could improve.

The first half of the class is a group effort and felt a bit like an audition but Kerry made me feel safe to explore something that I'd never experienced--namely being in front of the mic-- while giving constructive instruction.

I have found the place that will become the foundation of my career as a voice artist.

Thanks to everyone at Edge.

Deborah Desmone

Thanks for the fantastic seminar. It was the best overview of the voice-over business and the most effective instruction on its basic principles that I have ever seen or heard. There is a heartfelt quote for you.


Ron Benanto

Wow! What a cool industry. David's knowledge of the industry and his ability to open our minds to a whole new world of work in a fun industry really impressed me. More importantly, it was practical with no hype or exaggerational marketing tactics. I have already used what I have learned in my recorded messages on voicemail and in my business phone dealings. The session was time and money well spent. I look forward to using my voice to have fun and make extra income.

Matthew J. Wagner

Loved the workshop!

First of all, not only did the workshop teach me that VO is all about speaking naturally and not trying to 'change' my voice - but it taught me that the simple act of 'slowing down' when speak makes all the difference.

Not only am I eager to move forward and learn how to use my natural voice, but my friends and clients are thrilled at my newfound ability to slow down when I talk! Hoorah! Amazing the attention I'm getting. So it's a two part deal: improve your voice - improve yourself.

David is talented, patient and funny. I left wanting more.

Have a great day!


Dear David and Edge Studio,
Thanks for a great session this past Wednesday. I really enjoyed the fast-paced work we did during the four hour session--fast, but not rushed to the point where I felt like I didn't comprehend anything. David offered quick feedback, and given his expertise in the field, he was able to immediately point out my strengths/weaknesses and have me work on those problematic areas. I didn't feel like anything drug out, or time was wasted.
Although I've had extensive theatre experience/training, I felt I learned a great deal more about my vocal instrument--how to use it better, and suggestions on how better to "re-call" copy. David also offered honest feedback that will help me in the future. I really recommend this workshop to anyone thinking about going into voice work; if there's a possibility that you might have what it takes to work in the field, this workshop will get you even more enthused to follow the next steps to get in to the field of voice over work! Thanks so much for this great experience.

Jill R. Hildebrandt

It was a pleasure meeting you at the workshop on Saturday afternoon/evening- I thoroughly enjoyed it - I benefited greatly from your love and knowledge of the industry. It is not often I have attended a four hour workshop and had my concentration kept for virtually the whole time by the sheer presence of a facilitator working without visual aids, etc.

Being interested in achieving a career in voice-over, I didn't know where to start and what to do. As soon as I found the Edge Studio web site, I was breathing a sigh of relief. They had so much information and getting started didn't seem overwhelming. And when I took the workshop, I knew I came to the right place. David is an excellent teacher and any nervousness I had was calmed by his encouragement and technique. Being an excellent listener, he pinpointed what I needed to work on and I was amazed with how effective his teaching was and how my technique improved with every session using his great learning techniques. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute and I know I made the right choice.

Marcia Da Silva

The workshop was very informative and the director, David Goldberg, gave us
a great sense of what the industry requires and what it was like to venture
into this sector. In short, based on the workshop experience, I would like
to proceed.

Afedziwa Hayford

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for part-1 of the evaluation workshop. I learned more in those few short hours than I have from any other study I have done to date. You are a master instructor!


Dear David -

Thank you for the Investigate Voice Over Workshop - I thought it was terrific! You provided a lot of useful, practical tips for voice-over success. The exercises were very helpful in giving me confidence toward believing I can become a successful voice-over talent, and I think with more training and hard work that dream may become a reality. The evening basically flew by - I was so engrossed I wasn't aware of the time. I intend to follow up with further training and practice, and eventually record a demo.

Thank you again.
Best regards,

Chris Carden

I just took the investigate voice over workshop, and thought it was terrific. David, the instructor, is a polished professional with a keen ear, and an attention to detail. The workshop was well organized, unhurried, and informal. The general concepts and techniques covered can benefit anyone who deals with the public. The workshop provides a solid introduction for anyone who has thought about pursuing V-O as a career.


I appreciated David's straightforward presentation of the voiceover industry and his knowledge of where the opportunities lie for most newcomers. The most helpful part of the workshop, however, came when he critiqued the readings of the participants. In a short amount of time, he identified the areas I need to work on in order to present that "natural" sound most producers are looking for. Rather than simply waiting for my evaluation, I now have some specific techniques to practice.

Don Burgard

It was wonderful after hearing such different stories from other sources to have someone be straightforward and honest about the voice over business. I'll be in touch, thanks again and hope all is well!


Good morning David-
Just wanted to thank you so much for your time and dedication in the workshop last night. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Thought you did a terrific job of moving things along while also covering a lot of ground and giving everyone ample opportunity to practice/perform. I will definitely recommend you to colleagues interested in exploring this business. I'm very motivated and determined to "go for it" and will absolutely be signing up for the individual training sessions. Thank you again for your expertise and attention!


I really had no clue what to expect going into the "Intensive-Technique"
workshop, but came away better informed and grateful for the opportunity.
David both encouraged us and slapped us around (in a kind way!). I believe
the workshop has kick-started my voice-over career, and I feel at ease and
confident in taking the next steps. Thanks, David.

Jim Wigdahl

I want to thank you for the informative and interesting workshop yesterday. I attended the Investigate Voice Over Workshop, and found it to be different from what I expected. I thought it might have included a pretentious expert who desired to put aspiring talent in its place. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The session was laid back, and we were put at ease immediately. Thank you. I feel so much more focused in the pursuit of my dream to become a working voice over artist!

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