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David was my instructor and he was really fantastic. I have done a lot of teaching and he has all of the characteristics of an excellent teacher - he listens, he includes everyone, he keeps the class moving, he gives constructive feedback in a frank yet encouraging way. Even if I never do anything in voice over, I am glad I took the class because I enjoyed the experience itself and I learned a lot about an industry that I have always been curious about.

Ruby Sheets

I had a great time at the workshop at Edge. The tips, tricks and techniques delivered were well worth the time and money. The studio was easy to find, comfortable and the staff was very welcoming. After just a few hours I went into the booth feeling confident and ready to go. I can't wait for my part-2 evaluation.
See you next week

I had the pleasure to attend your March 21st " Investigate Voice Over Workshop " in Washington, DC. It was a most enjoyable experience. I gained, what I consider to be, an insider's perspective on the voice over industry from David. I now know what to expect, as well as what is expected of me in an audition. I have a far greater idea of where the market is going with respect to voice overs. Most importantly I have more confidence in my voice by virtue of my evaluation with David. I feel as though my attempt to enter this market has now been "green lighted". I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone trying to get into this industry. In closing, at no time throughout the workshop did I feel "Hustled". This was not an attempt by Edge Studio to solicit customers. It was an educational experience for us in attendance

Bill Leon Pittsburgh, PA.

I thought the workshop was fantastic. The four hours flew by and I am really glad that I finally decided to explore voice-overs since I've wanted to for so long. I've taken other intro classes, but this was by far, the most informative and comprehensive class. I recommend it to all those who ever considered doing voice-over.

Annie Rietschel

I attended several sessions with another voice coach a few years ago, and I can say unequivocally that I gained a better understanding of market realities and possibilities from your first session and printed materials. I'm looking forward to the evaluation!



Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class on Saturday and wanted to thank you for your honest evaluation. I was looking for a second opinion and now I need to decide next steps. You have a great voice and persona so I can see why you are so successful in the industry!

Hopefully we will cross paths again in the future.


Hey David, I sent this to your email address, but wanted to thank you again for your time and expertise into the industry...You really covered a lot for an complete outsider to the VO industry!
I have scheduled a private session next week with Roy, I hope I will BE MORE relaxed this time and coming into the season with your "Investigate Voice Over" Workshop completed will come in quit handy!
Thanks again.

Last night I participated in the Edge Studio Tele - Class Investigate Voice Over Workshop. It started as scheduled at 6:00 PM. Our facilitator / instructor was Kerry Miller. At the completion of the three and a half hour session, Ms. Miller had proven to be knowledgeable, encouraging yet critical in her critiques of our individual script performances. I am convinced that Edge Studio is capable of providing an ideal situation in which to learn and grow. I am excited, encouraged, and am looking forward to my further sessions with Ms. Miller.

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in Edge Studio's Investigate Voice Over
Workshop. I was concerned that after working and then coming to a four hour
class that I would not be able to focus. However, I need not have been
concerned - time flew. Information shared and the practicing of different
techniques when reading copy made the class so interesting. I left with the
confidence to pursue a voice-over career with a new zeal. If you're considering taking the class - do it - you have a lot to learn!!! Thanks


This Investigate Voice Over program was a great learning experience. You can always pick up new ideas to help you towards getting into the business. From everyone from the receptionists, to the coaches, everyone is fabulous. They were a great help. I'm looking forward to my session on Monday. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that asks.

Without any prior experience or exposure to the world of voice over productions, I attended an introductory seminar at Edge Studio and was pleasantly surprised to experience a truly professional overview of what it takes to function successfully in the voice over arena and look forward to further training and guidance.

John A. Churilla Citigroup

I really enjoyed the statistics on the industry and your input on my strengths and weaknesses as a voice over artist. I feel it was well worth the investment of both time and money. Thanks again for the great workshop. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Jacob Moore

Thank you so much for conducting such a great class. I was so impressed and
very informed on the subject of voice over. I had a great time and I am
looking forward to working with you and your staff in the
future....(hopefully). Thanks again. It was well worth the small fee!!

Tina Auston

The "Intensive Technique Workshop" gives a good overview of the range of
opportunities in the voice-over field. As it packs alot of useful
information into one session, I recommend buying the workbook in advance and
skimming over it before the first session, if you're confident that this is
something you really want to pursue. If you're less certain, go and enjoy
the session, and buy the book later if you like. David knows this business
well, and you can count on him to give you a clear and fair assessment of
your potential

Emery Guder

My experience with edge was quite positive. Without knowing anything
about the VO business, I recorded a demo and bought it with me to the
class for feedback. Immediately following the class, I was able to
constructively criticize my own demo. I'm feeling pretty positive about
the assessment I was given in context of the rest of the workshop
attendees and have decided to move forward with further training.

Tabeier R. Shine

I think it was a great class and you were wonderful . It was great to work with such a pro as yourself as in the way you handled the class and of course your back round as well look foward to working with you again.

Dave Allocca

Hi David
I thought your class yesterday afternoon was outstanding. Sorry I had to run out early. Your knowledge of the industry, your delivery style, and the hands-on nature of the program made it superb. I'd like to continue to work with you and am open to suggestions as to what I should do next.

Kevin Carroll

I would have to say that I was more than a little apprehensive immediately before my first visit to Edge Studio NYC for the "Intensive Technique Evaluation Workshop". Although I had thoroughly scoured their website and gleaned what information and recommendations about them that I could from other websites and various forums, a nagging small voice inside me kept saying: "Is this too good to be true?", "Did I get "taken" on this one?", "Is this going to be the $159 tip of the $10,000 iceberg?".
It took about 15 minutes of listening to David Goldberg to know that not only would I be getting my money's worth with this seminar, but that I was truly fortunate to have found Edge Studio on my first venture into the realm of voice-over training. David is a man with an absolute wealth of industry knowledge and experience; he is extremely likable, intelligent, sincere, and straightforward. What impressed me the most, however, was the amount of patience and detailed attention he exhibits: Here is a veteran of voice-over production and direction that will take the time to deal with rank amateurs, newbies, and wannabes... to thoughtfully and seriously evaluate, coach, and develop their skills to the fullest potential!
Since that first visit, I have participated in numerous workshops and private coaching sessions with David. I am currently shopping three demos around the industry, all produced by Edge Studio, which have been met almost immediately with extremely positive feedback. Admittedly, I am new to the voice-over business and I hope to make it my next career, however, I have been involved in the corporate sector for over twenty years and have met and dealt with individuals at all levels of ability and authority from numerous organizations. I can count on one hand those people that have made a truly lasting impression worthy of repeating to anyone willing to listen. David is one of this group.
I personally recommend David and his excellent team to anyone looking for the most intelligent way to explore this fascinating business and achieve success.

Floyd Chappel

I would like to extend my gratitude for a very enjoyable and beneficial class today with David. At long last feedback i can take on board immediately for improvement! So thankyou!
Thankyou very much!
Kind regards

Dawn Peters

Hello David,

Just a quick note to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Investigate Voice Over Workshop I attended in Washington, DC on April 22nd. What a
wealth of information - and worth every penny! I am VERY excited about
beginning a career in voiceovers and working w/Edge Studio in the future.

Thank you! :>)

Michelle Woodson Marriott International

Dear David,
Just wanted to thank you again for the workshop, it was wonderful after
hearing such different stories from other sources to have someone be
straightforward and honest about the business. I'll be in touch, thanks again
and hope all is well!


The workshop is a first hand look into the world of voice overs.
It's packed full of very useful information to help you pursue a
career as a voice over artist. David adds a lot of personal
experience to the mix, giving the workshop a real-world, no-nonsense
approach to the industry.
I highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in doing voice-overs."

Chris Swee - New York, NY

I just completed the Evaluation Program. Last night I was with Eric R and he was just fantastic! Easy going, fun, smart, intuitive and very inspiring!! He and I discussed the type of package that might be good for me to get my Voice Over career rolling. He said to talk with you and set things up. I'll give you a call later this morning (Friday) and we can put things in motion.
Best regards,



I was absolutely delighted to have taken Kristin's Evaluation and Assessment class. I learned so much, had fun, and see things differently now. Thanks and regards,



I was prepared for this class to suck.

It didn't.

After about an hour, I was enjoying myself, and completely relieved that my instructor was not only competent, but wasn't about to sugar coat the realities of the industry, the quality of my voice, or just about anything else.

I appreciate that brand of honestly.

I'm going back for more

Dear Randye,

Thank you very much for having me of a part of your class in the Investigate Voice Over Workshop on Saturday. I found the workshop to be such a wonderful and informative experience regarding the voice over industry and wanted to thank you personally. Because of your expertise and outstanding, personable teaching techniques, I feel confident in pursuing a voice over career. Thanks again.


Kathy Mandrick Voice Over Student


The workshop on Tuesday was great, very relaxed, very informative, not
to mention fun. Also the time flew by. I'm really interested in getting
into voice overs now that I've been to your workshop and was wondering
what package you might suggest.

Thank you


I really enjoyed the workshop. I was first impressed with the facilities...the studio was neat, clean, and was a professional atmosphere.

Beyond that, Kristin was a great instructor! She was very engaging, knowledgeable and most of all, she was very honest in her approach. What I mean by that is that she was able to identify areas that needed attention and pointed those out. Prior to attending, I imagined someone stroking my ego in order to legitimize what they were selling, but she was not like that at all.

Overall, in talking to some of the other participants, we agreed that the honest, straightforward approach that the organization uses was very refreshing and it left me confident that I can trust the assessment that I am being given which is very important...thanks again


I want to thank you for a great class. I've been complimented on the uniqueness of my voice and told that I should do something with it. I searched the internet and kept coming across Edge Studio, because of that , I decided to go for it . Taking voice classes has been an interest of mine for a couple of years. I really didn't know what to expect as I walked into the studio. As I met the people that were going to be involved in this experience, I was elated. You were totally professional and explained things that were both educational and fun. There was an unbelievable difference from time the class walked in, until the time that we walked out. I learned so much. It was amazing that through technique, we were able to change the quality of our voices. I was more than satisfied with the class. In fact, I was excited. I walked out of the Edge Studio practicing the announcement for HBO........NEXT ON HBO- (LOL). I definitely made the right decision by choosing EDGE STUDIO.

Kassim Newark, N.J.

Thanks a bunch for the "Investigate Voice Over Workshop." Prior to attending the workshop I had read several voice over books including "Word of Mouth" and "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is." And although these book were very informative, I honestly feel I learned more in your 4 hour workshop than all the books combined.

M. Scott Wood

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