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Dear Randye,

Thank you very much for having me of a part of your class in the Investigate Voice Over Workshop on Saturday. I found the workshop to be such a wonderful and informative experience regarding the voice over industry and wanted to thank you personally. Because of your expertise and outstanding, personable teaching techniques, I feel confident in pursuing a voice over career. Thanks again.


Kathy Mandrick Voice Over Student


The workshop on Tuesday was great, very relaxed, very informative, not
to mention fun. Also the time flew by. I'm really interested in getting
into voice overs now that I've been to your workshop and was wondering
what package you might suggest.

Thank you


I really enjoyed the workshop. I was first impressed with the facilities...the studio was neat, clean, and was a professional atmosphere.

Beyond that, Kristin was a great instructor! She was very engaging, knowledgeable and most of all, she was very honest in her approach. What I mean by that is that she was able to identify areas that needed attention and pointed those out. Prior to attending, I imagined someone stroking my ego in order to legitimize what they were selling, but she was not like that at all.

Overall, in talking to some of the other participants, we agreed that the honest, straightforward approach that the organization uses was very refreshing and it left me confident that I can trust the assessment that I am being given which is very important...thanks again


I want to thank you for a great class. I've been complimented on the uniqueness of my voice and told that I should do something with it. I searched the internet and kept coming across Edge Studio, because of that , I decided to go for it . Taking voice classes has been an interest of mine for a couple of years. I really didn't know what to expect as I walked into the studio. As I met the people that were going to be involved in this experience, I was elated. You were totally professional and explained things that were both educational and fun. There was an unbelievable difference from time the class walked in, until the time that we walked out. I learned so much. It was amazing that through technique, we were able to change the quality of our voices. I was more than satisfied with the class. In fact, I was excited. I walked out of the Edge Studio practicing the announcement for HBO........NEXT ON HBO- (LOL). I definitely made the right decision by choosing EDGE STUDIO.

Kassim Newark, N.J.

Thanks a bunch for the "Investigate Voice Over Workshop." Prior to attending the workshop I had read several voice over books including "Word of Mouth" and "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is." And although these book were very informative, I honestly feel I learned more in your 4 hour workshop than all the books combined.

M. Scott Wood

That was a great session last night. The "real story" about where the
voiceover work lives was crucial. I had all the usual misperceptions about
what kind of work was most prevalent. Bravo! I'm looking forward to my
session on the 7th of March.


The "Intensive-Technique" workshop was a great learning experience! David
shared a wealth of insight into the industry. His candid approach allowed
me to evaluate my desire and potential to further my training. I'm going
for it!

Scott Flanagan

David,, Hi ! Thanks so much for the e mail. I really loved the intensive. A lot of material for 3 1/2 hours, but, for me very eye opening and informative about many aspects of the industry. Mainly, how much work there really is out there and the many different areas of specialization. Until you actually look at it you don't realize how wide spread Voice Over work really is. The technical aspects as well were such helpful tools to give a way to break down material and express it in a personal way. To affirm that its all fun and not brain surgery is very freeing, though I know it does require work, attention and skill. Anyway David, it was great. I look forward to working with you and your colleagues.


Jerry Rago

This was a great starting point for my career. I'm thankful that David was so helpful and honest with me. I know with hard work and determination I will break into this business, but another crucial thing I need is the industry know-how and connections that Edge has in voice-over. This is the best place to train.

Evelyn Ciampa


I found David's candid critiquing style very helpful. His method of exaggerating what he heard us say really helped me to pay more attention to the speed and pitch of both myself and the other callers. Plus, his willingness to stay on the line and answer any questions after the call had officially ended was definitely appreciated. I found his instruction valuable and I'm looking forward to the evaluation!


I will never be able to thank you enough for all the time you have given me.
I so appreciate all of your advice and expertice.

Thank you so much...


Hi David,

Thank you for conducting a fantastic workshop. I am in the process of
making a decision about one of Edge Studio' packages. The development of
my CD graphics is not quite ready. I will send it to you for your review
and comments as soon as it's ready. Thanks for agreeing to do this!

And also thanks so much for your honest and sincere comments during my
I'll correspond with you real soon.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Investigate Voice Over workshop. It was a excellent introduction/overview to the world of voice overs. Taken in conjunction with the Marketing and Do VO from Home seminars, it lays a good foundation for a getting into the field.


Thanks so much for a great session. The four hours flew by, and I was very impressed with the amount of individual attention within the group setting. It certainly lived up to its "intensive" billing. I highly recommend it to anyone as a way to see if the voiceover industry is a good fit for you and your voice.


Di Johnston

Dear David,

Exciting can't even begin to describe what i felt when i embarked on being a voice-over artist. After hearing my actual natural voice be recorded my conviction could not have been anymore stronger!! The intensive-technique training met all my needs as a beginner, regarding introduction to the industry of voice-over as a whole. I would more than highly recommend this workshop for any aspiring voice-over artist. A natural voice is all that's needed. Gor for it all the way.

Tosin A.

Hello David,
Thank you once again for providing such and informative and insightful workshop last night. I really enjoyed the statistics on the industry and your input on my strengths and weaknesses as a VO artist. I feel it was well worth the investment of both time and money. Thanks again for the great workshop. I look forward to working with you again soon!


Taking Edge Studio's Voice Over Intensive-Technique workshop was a truly
exceptional experience. The workshop is very well organized and presented.
And, it's a whole lot of fun. It's really amazing how much you learn in
this single session. The best part is, at the end of the day, you know
exactly what direction to take and what your next steps should be. I highly
recommend this class to anyone who's interested in pursuing a career in
voice overs

Marti Wheat

Hi -- I thought the workshop was filled with great information that moved along at an easy pace . I felt that the instructors had their finger on the pulse of the industry and were enthusiastic about sharing what they knew. It was a most inspiring 3.5 hours and definitely time well-spent!


I took the April Edge Studio voiceover workshop in Washington, D.C. and bought the Industry Guidebook. Earlier this week, I was booked on a voiceover job for a government audio course. I reviewed a number of the principles in the guidebook before going to the job. I just want to say THANK YOU. The guidebook was very helpful. It helped me take the right approach to the job and to perform consistently. One of the producers and the talent I was working with complimented my work after we finished. It was a nice confirmation that getting involved with Edge Studio to help my career and to produce my demo was the right choice for me. I look forward to working with you and to getting that demo wrapped!

Karen Morgan, Actor

Just hung up from your Teleclass.
Thanks, learned so much. Very excited to keep on going with step 2. You made this beginning very easy and kept the nerves at bay. Thanks again



Just wanted to thank you for a great class yesterday. I feel like I have a
better sense of the industry as well as my strengths/weaknesses. I
definitely plan to continue training. I appreciate your honesty in the


Dave O'Neill

I really enjoyed the 3.5 hour workshop at Edge Studio. I would solely recommend their training to anyone that has an interest in making either a PT or FT career in voiceovers. David Goldberg was intimate with the students that were in attendance and provided great insight and training tips that helped enhance my voice style.

Corey S. Grubbs

It was raining, we were stuck in traffic, I was tired and thinking, why did I sign up for his class? It was great! very informative and creative. Time flew by. I am definitely considering going further with this business. thank you for doing such a great presentation

Barbara Hageney

As an actor who's often been encouraged to pursue voice-over, but is unsure of its requirements and techniques, I found Edge Studio's Investigate Voice Over workshop perfectly suited to my needs. Foremost, was the workshop's focus on evaluation. I've heard voice-over is a specialized, competitive market, and naturally wouldn't want to invest my time, energy and money in pursuing a field I wasn't right for. The fact that the workshop ends with an in-depth evaluation segment, and that David sits down afterwards with each participant afterwards and says, "I think your ability to pursue work in this field is..." puts the workshop in the rare dual category of being both supportive and

Second, is the workshop's approach to technique, including the excellent companion handbook. In a concise, yet detailed manner the workshop and book stripped away the mystery of voice-over with a well-organized discussion of methods, terminology and etiquette, followed by examples, practice and feedback. Voice-over seems much more approachable to me than it did before the workshop, and I have a clearer vision of how I can pursue it as a part of my acting career.

Lastly, David creates an inviting and supportive atmosphere that makes the information all that much easier to assimilate, and experimentation feel undaunting.

Paul Vinger

Dear David: I wanted to tell you in writing how much I enjoyed, appreciated and learned in your workshop on June 20the in D.C. You are a terrific teacher...take that from one who trained teachers for several years at the college level. I am practicing and will call in soon to schedule a time for reading audio books.
Thank you again for your time and energy to make my experience so profitable!

John W. Williams Professor of Music

You've got to try this workshop! I learned how people hear me and specific techniques I can use to control my voice, which is an extraordinary gift in itself; and I also got a fair and detailed assessment of my potential in this industry. The instructor was incisive, perceptive, persistent and supportive.

Urcil Peters

I so enjoyed the first part of the workshop last night. David was wonderfully frank, open and very informative, covering everything from what this business is and how, given the necessary skills, people can participate in it. Entertaining and informative. I am looking forward to my evaluation

Michael Batelli

I always THOUGHT I had potential in the VoiceOver business. After
encouragement following your workshop I embarked on a program of
3 coaching sessions before cutting Commercial and Narration Demos.
We even added a fourth coaching session so I'd feel more comfortable before
Demo production.

Listening to my tape from session #1 through the finished demos on CD and
DAT, I see how unprepared I was BEFORE David's workshop, and how well
prepared and professional I now sound on both of my demo tracks.

Thanks David and Edge Studio. I certainly plan to enroll in the
'After Demo Maintenance' program and take some of the copy-reading classes.
The more training the better!

I'll keep you posted on my progress - AND I'll call when I have some new
cuts from real jobs to lay into my demo.

Again, thanks.

John Esau

Nice job on the workshop. I definitely got my money's worth. Thanks.


Mark Schafron

Thank you for a great learning experience last Tuesday. I signed-up based on a hunch that it would be informative and might lead me to a conclusion about whether or not I have enough potential to pursue voiceover as a as a career. I liked your website and list of clients, but that's all I had to go on.

I'm happy to say that the workshop exceeded my expectations. I found the exercises and workbook informative, useful and revealing, as were your measured observations, criticisms and praises. You are a natural teacher, experienced and confident in your craft. Thank you for the candid, straightforward answers that you promised.

I am enthusiastic about taking the next step (some coaching and a demo.) I'd like to think about the different options, and then I'll be in touch.

One more important thing I forgot to ask about: I am first and foremost a singer, from rock, pop, R&B to crooning to opera. It would be crazy not to set up a singing demo (for jingle work, etc...) any suggestions?

Thanks once again. Talk to you soon.

Mike Oliver

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