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First I would like to say I learned more about the voice over industry in three hours than I thought possible. I have taken similar classes in other industries and my experience has been less than satisfying. David on the other hand was not intimidating and made this workshop fun as well as informative. Most other workshops would have broken down the information we received in one lesson into several and charged for every one.
Thank you

Chris Gombos

I would recommend this class to anyone considering voice-over. The class moves fast and is very informative. Dave has a straight-forward teaching style and in the end, you will know whether or not to pursue voice over.



First of all, I have to rave about the evaluation workshop. You gave
so much more than I had expected. And what I most needed - to find out what
my bad habits were -- you addressed kindly and with encouragement. I can
say unabashedly that the workshop was worth more than what I paid.

The workbook is worth every penny. I'm able to go back and recapture the
critical points from the workshop clearly -- without having to decipher
cryptic notes in my own physician-style handwriting!

And finally, above all else, you were patently honest about the nature of
the business and my potential to thrive, survive, or wither in it. You
didn't pressure me to sign up for some inflated demo package that "I just
gotta have today". You made it simple to understand the essential path that
each of us walks to get ready and stay ready to work in this exciting,
expanding industry.

The rates you charge for your services are very fair. What the rates don't
reflect is the quality of coaching. So -- I'll just have to state that for
the public record. I've been to other seminars and I have managed to create
some work for myself. I will do better in the future because of the edge I
got from Edge Studio.

Thank you for making the whole experience, from enrollment to payment to
training to follow up, a profoundly enjoyable one.

I'm looking forward to years of acquaintance.

All the best --

Mark Sanders Queens NY

Hi David,
Let me just say how much I enjoyed attending the workshop on Thursday and meeting everyone. It was a pleasure to learn about the industry and how much it is expanding into many areas. The commercial spot recording was definitely the highlight of the day! I was extremely motivated when I left the studio to go forward in expanding my horizons in voiceovers.

Michael Marci

Just wanted to say thanks again for the very interesting, informative and fun workshop class. You were definitely easy to listen to for four hours. Can't wait to do my private sessions and demo, so I too, can write one of those success stories on your website!

Allison Henderson - NY

Edge Studio's Investigate Voice Over Workshop is the most informative and straightforward workshop. It offered the best advice for anyone wanting to get in to the voice over industry


Just wanted to say "thank you" to David. I had to take this opportunity to say that David was a first-class teacher. The four or four-and-a-half hours passed very quickly, and I never once approached boredom! David was incredibly informative, humorous, patient, and persistent! I came away with a much greater understanding of what's involved in voice-overs, from all perspectives--"performer", producer, client, etc. I also came away with a few additional insights into myself as well!
Again, many thanks to David!

Steve McKay


I'm finally getting back to you from about a week ago. I enjoyed the
workshop a lot. Way too much information on voice overs to digest in a
short period of time, so I'm slowly letting everything sink in. I liked the
direct and candid approach you had during the workshop. Once I get
comfortable in the booth, standing 6 inches from the mic and not having to
"project" (as actors do), I think I'll do much better. The real thing that
blew me away was the fact that you only have to speak "conversationally".

I liked the private session with Judy. She was great. For me, it took a bit to
get warmed up and think about what I should be doing, so the hour long
session was good - once I applied the comments (by Judy) to the copy, I saw
a huge difference. I didn't need to hear the playback. As a novice in the
field of voice overs, I enjoyed the workshop/evaluation and I'm pretty
certain that I'll sign up for additional training.

I've already spoken to a fellow actor about the workshop who was interested
in voice overs. I suggested she sign up for one.


David Horton

I would *HIGHLY* recommend this intense class for anyone remotely interested
in voice over. For what you get, its incredibly cheap, and David is a great
teacher. He's extremely knowledgable and open, funny, patient, and keenly
sensitive to each student's particular needs. He then turns into a
hard-faced Torquemada for your evaluation and gives it to you straight. No
matter what he tells you, its worth it just to get into the recording booth.

Carolyn Capaccio

After hearing excerpts from a friend's lesson with David Goldberg, I knew that he was someone I wanted to meet and learn from, so I signed up for the Investigate Voice Over Workshop. It was exactly what I needed, an introduction to the business; a technique overview; and an honest evaluation, enabling me to focus my pursuit. David's advice was frank and informative yet delivered with warmth and respect. I appreciate his support and encouragement which has turned my inquiry into a possibility!

I just attended Edge Studio's Intensive Technique Workshop and found it to be informative, helpful and extremely candid about the voiceover industry. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in exploring this industry. The instructor was first rate and thoroughly engaging throughout."

John B. Place

Hi David,

Regarding the workshop I attended......I was very pleased and happy that I was a part of this program. It went BEYOND my expectations and I am so glad to have been a part of it.
You have an excellent way of conducting the workshop. You give good guidance and
CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, while being fair in all areas explored.
I am so very glad that I came and I DO plan to pursue this career much further......with YOUR studio, because I believe I'll get the best training and coaching there.
I only wish I had found you sooner, but I'm just glad that I did.
Again, thanks for having such a worthwhile and informative workshop. I would recommend you highly to anyone else I would hear wanting to get into this field.

Silvia Brooks

For years, people have complemented my voice. After I decided to explore the
Voice Over field I chose to attend the Investigate Voice Over workshop offered
at Edge Studio. Before I invested a lot of time and money, I wanted to know
if this field was right for me and if I had enough talent to be successful.

The small class size fostered a friendly supportive atmosphere which put
everyone at ease, and the class was very informative, but what I found most
helpful was the honest yet diplomatic assessments of our voices that was not
driven by hidden profit motives.

I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is looking to break
into the business and wants a studio they can trust.

Janet Woodyear

Hi. I recently took the Investigate Voice Over Workshop and came away with incredible hands-on techniques to practice on my own. The instructor really listened and offered honest and productive advice. Thanks for offering such great classes and helping me get more voice over work!

Sally K. Eisenberg

I found Davids' class to be informative, encouraging and very, very helpful in my determination to pursue voice over work. I felt that I received much more by way of information, technique and help than I paid for. Thank you, David

Lee McKenna

I really enjoyed the Edge Studio voice-over evaluation session. It's funny, I asked David when he opened his studio? He responded in 1988. During that time I was taking acting and broadcasting classes in Manhattan, simply because I wanted to do voice-overs. All I ever heard was take some headshots and mail demo tapes. From there I was offered volunteer slots at various radio stations. My voice-over career never became a reality. Now I know why.
I learned more useful information in one 3.5 hour session than in any other program. David is concise and professional. By all means any person entertaining the idea of making money as a voice-over talent must take this class.

Karen Heck

Hi David,

Thanks for the very valuable information. I enjoyed class on the 11th. I really thought you were very professional and informative. I look forward to working with you again very soon.


Meronda Kelly

Hi David:
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for last evening

Nancy Nancy Morgan Andreola, RN NMA Medical Commu

I took previous classes in voice over. I found i learnt more in the four hour intensive then i did in all my other classes. I also learnt what my strengths are, and found my previous studies were totally in the wrong area of where i would fit in the voice over industry.

Andi Mancuso

Hi Dave.

Thanks for the terrific workshop on voiceover. I learned so much in those 4 hours and came away excited and feeling inspired to actively pursue this as a career. The time flew by and I feel lucky to have been in your workshop as well as with the great group of people who were there that evening. Your presentation was flawless and it flowed from one area to the next seamlessly. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational evening and I will be calling to make arrangements to continue my training. Once again, thanks so much.

Thanks again for the great workshop and for your insights.

Rich Benz

I'm so glad I found Edge Studio... I've been looking for a reputable place to learn about voiceovers for a long time. The workshop was excellent and so was our teacher. So much information about the voice-over business at such a great price!!! Thank you so much Edge Studio! I can't wait for the evaluation and beyond!!

Carol Kocher

Just a quick note about the workshop I recently attended in Washington, D.C. - I found the information shared very helpful and direct (no BS). Your comments on ways to improve are already being practiced and I hope will be soon be fruitful. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to enter this field asking for a true evaluation of their skills. I look forward to working with Edge Studio.


I would *HIGHLY* recommend this intense class for anyone remotely interested
in voice over. For what you get, its incredibly cheap, and David is a great
teacher. He's extremely knowledgable and open, funny, patient, and keenly
sensitive to each student's particular needs. He then turns into a
hard-faced Torquemada for your evaluation and gives it to you straight. No
matter what he tells you, its worth it just to get into the recording booth

The voice-over seminar was the best investment of time and money I've ever made.
Dave is funny, engaging, instructive, and candid. He harbors no illusions about the commitment and hard work ahead if one wants to succeed. I hope to begin a long and productive voice-over career, and I can't imagine getting a better introduction to the business than from Edge Studio.

Kevin Krug Producer, National Geographic Television

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the [Investigate Voice Over] class, which was held by Kristin Price.She made the whole experience not only informative but very enjoyable

John Jacobs

The class was very helpful! It was comfortable and informative. I'm really
excited to continue on!

For years, I have considered exploring voice over work since I do technical work with a local live theatre and also do sound work for local theatrical groups in my home studio. Until I found Edge Studio, the only other school in my area with voice over training wanted its students to go through an entire broadcast training regimen rather than just concentrating on voice over. That's more than I want to take on. I thoroughly enjoyed last evening's session. It's to hear candid discussion about the industry, get an idea what is involved in the business, and have an introduction to voice over methods with exercises and feedback. I'm looking forward to Part 2 in a few weeks and, hopefully, onward from there!

Alan Reichert

Hello David,
Thank you once again for providing such and informative and insightful workshop last night. I really enjoyed the statistics on the industry and your input on my strengths and weaknesses as a VO artist. I feel it was well worth the investment of both time and money.
I forgot to ask you a question last night that I hope you can answer now. I have purchased access to the practice scripts on your site, but hardly know where to begin. Would you please recommend several scripts that would be advantageous for me to practice?
Thanks again for the great workshop. I look forward to working with you again soon!

Jake Jacob Moore

Hi Rose,

I had such a great time in class today! Kristin is an amazing instructor.

I am really looking forward to the next steps with you guys!!!

-Mike Clemens

Last night I participated in the intensive technique workshop with David and I was thrilled with the results.

Going in, I knew next to nothing about the industry. Coming out, I had a clear picture of the many avenues for work in VO as well as the skills necessary to succeed. I received a constructive assessment of my skills and recommendations for "next steps." Money well spent.

Even if you decide that VO is not for you, you will have the opportunity to work with an instructor who is both knowledgeable and professional and (if you are as lucky as I was) you'll meet talented people with great attitudes.

LD Ford

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