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Before attending the Investigate Voice Over Workshop, I had never participated in any type of workshop at all. To be honest, I half expected it to be an "old bait and switch" hustle. I went in with my defenses up. But only minutes into the class I realized that I had completely misjudged. David provides an honest and clear workshop. In three and a half hours David surveyed: the voice over industry, creative techniques, business techniques, and to close, offered a practical voice over application session. The Investigate Voice Over Workshop is everything it as advertised to be, and more.
Regardless if I find work in the voice over business, I am glad that I attended the workshop. I learned more between breakfast and lunch than weeks of reading could ever have taught me. It was a great first impression of what a workshop can and should be.

Neil F

David Goldberg and Edge Studio are the best I've experienced! I was introduced to David and the studio at Actorfest 2002 in New York. There were representatives from many Voice-over classes, production studios, etc. I went to 5 free classes and 3 that I paid for (all in New York.) I left many of them wondering why I bothered attending... Edge was the most informative and straight forward. The "Intensive-" workshop brought to light everyone's strengths and/or weaknesses privately. We all left learning more about the voice-over industry and where & if we could make it! I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in receiving an honest and professional opinion about your potential as a voice-over artist.

Cindy Nicholas

I truly enjoyed the Intensive Technique Workshop. David, your teaching style made the workshop not only informative but fun. I found it very beneficial and participating in a class-like setting via phone was as well, as my fellow participants provided their feedback to our training. I feel that I now have a better understanding of what is available to a person pursuing a career in Voice Over. I look forward to my next step in the process, which is my private evaluation.
Thanks again!!

Laura Aguilar

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Investigate Voice Over Workshop I attended on March 24th. It was an exciting experience and I can't believe I learned so much about the Voice Over business in such a short period of time. David...your skills are incredible and you made the workshop the best four hours I've spent in my life... next to being with my lovely wife of course. Thanks again and I look forward to attending a few coaching sessions and then I would love to have YOU do my first demo!

Gary Harvath – Elkton, Md.

just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much I
enjoyed your class. It opened my eyes to what it takes to really break into
this industry and piqued my already growing interest in it.

Alan Schwartz - Washington, DC

Thank you very much for accepting my application and providing me with the opportunity to learn about the voice over industry from an expert, David Goldberg. I was impressed with David's warmth and humor, as well as his professionalism and willingness of taking personal time to share his expertise with the group and me this afternoon.
I look forward to returning on Wednesday to meet with Bruce Bayley Johnson and am grateful toward you for this remarkable introduction to the business of voice over. I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to learn and to be critiqued by the best in the voice over industry. Please thank David for me, Jean. I thought his presentation was very informative and entertaining while holding my attention from start to finish. I appreciate your and David's assistance and all who are involved at Edge Studio, as I continue to learn and pursue my career in this field. David

Jeff Kain

Thanks David, I left you a message on your cell to call me back to discuss my evaluation.
I thought the workshop was fantastic. The four hours flew by and I am really glad that I finally decided to explore voice-overs since I've wanted to for so long. I've taken other intro classes, but this was by far, the most informative and comprehensive class. I recommend it to all those who ever considered doing voice-over.

Annie, New York

Thank you for making Edge Studio available to people like myself at the beginning of their decision-making process in relation to a voice over career. My wife informed me that she was aware that you would be advising me to bring down the loud aspect....and another friend advised me that I had to dispense with my Pennsy which I informed her that I had no such I guess people hear a speaker better than the speaker at times....
At this point, I will be following through on more development and training...hopefully through Edge Studio.
Again, thank you for my first adventure..

Steve B.

Thanks again.. made my day and thank Kristin for me for her honest assessment. As I mentioned the other studio I almost went through had quite a bit of different feedback and I think what Kristin said is much more realistic and I appreciate that honesty..

Thank you!

Sally Almeida

A great opportunity to learn the basics of the business and assess your potential ... and a lot of fun too. Evaluations are frank and honest, while always being constructive and supportive.

Tim Zagin

Hi there. I have not stopped thinking about yesterday's workshop. The 3.5 hours went by so quickly, it was unreal. David was a great instructor, and definitely fun to work with. He had very sincere critiques and gave lots of pointers. I enjoyed it tremendously and learned a great deal! I'm looking forward to part II and will be practicing everything I learned last night intensely in the next 2 weeks.

Olga R. Alvarado


Thank you so much your wonderful intensive voice-over class! In one day's time you've helped me "hear" my voice. My airline announcements have improved so much, that daily, passengers compliment me on my voice and my "professional sounding" announcements.

Thank You,

Ramie Miller

Thanks for all your time and input during our evaluation and training placement. I learned much and took many notes for future reference. I am glad I read the manual ahead of time. You are very thorough and I am looking forward to my evaluation.

Carolyn Efries Durham, NC

"The other day, I had the pleasure of attending a class on voice over training at Edge Studio. Having never been to a voice-over class before, and being new to this particular field, I thoroughly enjoyed the session with David. His class is a delicate balance of holding your hand until you can "stand on your own", to giving valuable criticism, allowing one to grow/learn quickly in the class. For a session of 4 hrs.. I learned more than I have through the books I've read related to the field. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills both in the industry as well as with the quality support of Edge Studio."

Kathleen Carlson Washington, DC

Hi Randye:

I wanted to thank you for a great session last Saturday afternoon. It was three hours very well spent. Even though negative, I appreciated your frankness about my performance. Also, I learned much from the feedback you provided others.

...Wish I had started with Edge Studio...

Thanks again!



Thank you so much for the class today. Dave Courvoisier had recommended you on VO-BB, so I was glad you were the assigned facilitator. You are right, the V.O. community is certainly a most generous and friendly bunch! It makes me even more excited to jump in the pool and know that there is such open support.

I truly appreciated your willingness to share and your ability to make everyone comfortable in such an intimidating situation. I really like your style. Your caring, yet straightforward approach is in perfect balance. It's quite a talent to teach adults and you do it really well! You kept the class fun! The pacing was great and there was just enough to chew on when we left without feeling overwhelmed.

Thanks again for sharing your time and energy.


Joell A. Jacob

Dear Randye,

Thank you for your time yesterday afternoon in the workshop. It was truly amazing listening to you and practicing some of the techniques we discussed. You are a terrific coach and I felt more and more comfortable as time went on.



Just wanted to share with you and the whole staff of Edge Studios my thoughts and praises of the Intro to Voice-Over class from this weekend in DC. I drove from Asheville NC to attend and it was well worth the drive. Kerry Harris was fantastic and taught me much more than expected, especially for only a 4 hour workshop. She brought a knowledge and love for the industry that far exceeded my expectations and I very much appreciated it. She definetely opened my eyes to the industry and I can guarantee you that I will be furthering my training with the Edge Studios! So please Karen, make sure this gets into the hands of all involved! It was a pleasure and I can't wait until next time!


Hi Carol,

Just a quick thank you for this past weekends workshop it went way too fast. You are an excellent teacher! I look forward to working with you again.


Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you again, SO MUCH! Your enthusiasm is contagious, even though i didn't think i needed any more of a shove into this industry! Thanks for that.
I don't remember the last time my brain has felt so full of information, and that's a great feeling. I'm looking forward to hearing from the folks at Edge Studio on Monday, and seeing what next steps I can take! I'm really excited about getting better and exploring what else I can do


This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a Seminar in Studio City, CA. taught by Noelle Romano. Having attended and taught my share of seminars I thought it necessary to compliment you for choosing Noelle
to conduct the seminar. Her personality, knowledge, and professionalism made the seminar a thoroughly informative and enjoyable experience. Kudos to Edge.



Hi Randye!

I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for all you put into our class the other day. I really enjoyed it and learned so much. I tried to soak up as much as I could of what you shared.

I plan on becoming a "student" of the business and as you said, you never stop learning.

I am excited to start my VO career and feel a real calling, now more than ever, to pursue this. I appreciated and wrote down everything Karen had to share with me regarding the notes you took on my voice. Thanks so much for that. I now have a direction to go as far as what type of work I should hone in on, at least for now. I know this will possibly change down the road.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you sharing your "all" with such enthusiasm and wisdom.

You are awesome!


Lisa Ricciardi

i just wanted to say that as a beginning VO artist, this is EXACTLY the type of website that i have been searching for!

you have all the resources i need and everything i would want.

thank you for helping jump start my career.


Your coaching skills are incredible and I would love to work with you in the near future.Again, I cannot thank you enough or say enough positive about your approach to teaching that 4 hour intro course.


Hi Noelle:

This is the "Bill Peck from Lexington, MA" who attended your tele-seminar two Saturday's ago. I can't tell you how great it was and how much I learned during this session. It was a very valuable experience!

Thanks once again for a terrific presentation! I look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Edge Studios.



Hello Sara:

Please take a moment to pass my sincere thanks to Noelle for sharing her wealth of information about the voice over business on 14 November 2010. Her sense of humor coupled with her knowledge of the trade, made the four (4) hour Introductory Course/Evaluation seminar just fly by. I walked away with a wealth of information, practical tips and the encouragement to continue learning about a possible career in voice-overs.
Additionally, I want to recognize Michael Ingram, my current, personal one-on-one voice coach. His vast experience in acting and voice-overs; his patience and sincere interest in my personal success is truly genuine and very motivating. He immediately gets your attention in a very friendly environment and stimulates your learning curve with positive feedback. Mike's a definite asset to the Edge Studio team. Keep up the good work!!

Warm regards,

Karl Zinchak

Karen was very helpful.
I appreciate her taking the time to address all my questions and her offer to handle any later follow up questions I might have.
Very professional and refreshing.


Talking to Sara was the best advice. She answered all my questions and abated all my concerns - it's because of her phone time with me that I decided to do the whole program. I'm really happy I am! It seems to be exactly the guidance and path I need.
Thank YOU!


Hey Kristin,
This is Melony. I just wanted to say Thank You for the class on Saturday. Your evaluation really amped me up on pursuing a career in V.O. You were such a great teacher, and you made me feel comfortable enough to pop out of my little shell. I will definitely take everything you said to heart and try to take those language coaching sessions. I won't be able to do them just yet, as I'm planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party. But as soon as everything's done I'll be calling Edge. I hope to see you again. :)


I'm always appreciative of professionalism and high standards of customer service, both clearly evident in the procedures and practices of Edge Studio.


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