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Sara, thank you, it worked like a charm. I also wanted to express my appreciation for how helpful and polite you were on the phone. I am located in Phoenix, Arizona but am seriously considering Edge Studio for more training and resources. You represented the studio beautifully.


Dear Kristin,

Thank you so much for the opportunity, I had a blast and didn't want the session to end! It's all I have thought about for the remainder of the weekend, and I think my husband is nearly exhausted from my enthusiasm and exploration of and other sites to listen to the many demos out inspiring!

I am looking forward to the suggested classes and recording a demo and getting to work!

Lydia C.

Thank you very much! I am thrilled to learn that my voice is marketable! I also enjoyed the class immensely! Noelle was spot on to which scripts she selected for each of us to read according to our voices. Her knowledge, professionalism, and teaching was phenomenal. I valued everything she taught us. Also, for what we learned and the time spent w/a professional of her caliber was a bargain for the price. The entire session was priceless!

Since reading chapter 4 of the guidebook, I have learned so much about VO. I will never look at commercials...the same ever again. In fact, whenever a commercial comes on TV, I close my eyes to hear the different fundamentals I read about in chapter 4. It is amazing to hear exactly what was written.

I appreciate Edge Studio for being the "Harvard" of VO. And I also look forward to starting my training.


Thanks for your comments and for a great afternoon. I loved how you were able show us how your voice is truly a tool that can be used to infuse so many varied emotions. I learned a lot from watching you direct people and how quickly students learned by your suggestions.

Thank you so much for yesterday's great introduction session to the Voice Over industry. I really enjoyed my time in your class. It was fun, informative and inspirational. I have a much better appreciation for what's involved, and the effort required, to pursue a career in this industry. I really look forward to receiving your candid feedback about potential genres, the marketability of my voice, and the actions I need to take in order to be successful. If, on the other hand, it is the "you suck" email then please embellish it so I can frame it for all to enjoy!! In all seriousness, you are a great teacher and I would love an opportunity to work with you again.

Kate Sample

Dear Vanessa,

Just a note of thanks for the IVO workshop this past Saturday. You have a lovely way of putting everyone around you at ease...and more importantly, you made each of us feel valued and appreciated for whatever we brought to the table (mic). That's no easy task when you're dealing with such a diverse group of people, all nervous, all desperately wanting to be affirmed, all unsure about that the day would bring. But you did it.

It makes me think you are probably a really great mom :-)

For me personally, having been out of the business for so long and fearing I had lost all of my chops, and surely being the oldest one in the group by at least 15 was like standing at the gates of judgement! But I left feeling like I still had something I could build on. Not a small gift, believe me. In fact, you've given me what will probably be my favorite 2011 Christmas present!

Thank you so very much for the workshop, for your candid evaluation and for your kindness.

Mary B.

Dear David,

It was a pleasure meeting you in person today at the studio and having the opportunity to talk. I have had a terrific experience at Edge Studio and wanted to say thank you to you and the team that makes learning about voice over fun and manageable! From the detailed information on your website, to the great personal attention I get just by calling the office, to the class structure and accessibility, I feel that I have found the place where I can get all the training and information I need to get started in voice over.

Looking forward to having Edge Studios as a resource as I continue in the industry!

Monica Yunus

Just a short note to thank you for the almost 50 minutes (my cell phone has the time-God, was it that long?) you spent on the phone with me today answering my questions about Edge. Much appreciated. Tell your boss to give you a raise. :D

I'll do that research we discussed, and call you tomorrow.

Tom H.

Thank you so much.
Noelle was flawless by the way. What a great and friendly teacher/coach!

Todd C

Just finished a fun private coaching session centered around animation with Noelle Romano from Edge Studio :). She rocks and you should check her out!

Hello Randye,

I was in your VO Evaluation class on April 5th. Thank you for conducting a great class.

There were so many great voices in that class. It made me want to champion each one to pursue their goals. I hope that Charlotte (luxury voice) doesn't let her fear of the business side hold her back. For myself, I was so excited to be there. Plus, I wanted to use all that I had learned from my pre-reading of the guidebook. No wonder I was totally overthinking while I was reading. 8-) (You were spot-on with that assessment!) I am looking forward to working on technique until it becomes integrated into the creative expression of a natural voice. Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. It is much appreciated.

Betty LaBaugh

Thank you so much for the class tonight! And for all your helpful comments in the evaluation! I'll definitely be signing up for the ABC!

Eli Green

Dear Kristin,

THANK YOU for your encouraging words! Your IVO Evaluation of my Voice, Delivery & Performance during our class last Thursday (06/07) surely inspired me! -- Just wanted to let you know that based on your recommendations, I have decided to (seriously) pursue this and will move forward with the training program. I just completed the 'Orientation' today (Sun 06/10) and I am already scheduled for the 'Career Guidance Session' on Wednesday, 06/13. I am so looking forward to my journey with Edge!


Hi Kristin,

I just wanted to thank you again. You were really awesome and you gave very constructive criticism...

All the Best,


I thoroughly enjoyed the Investigate Voice Over Workshop on Saturday. David Guzzone is a terrific instructor and clearly very knowledgeable of the industry. I was impressed by his sensitive approach to coaching newbies like my fellow classmates and me in the art of voice over. It was a fun group and I'm confident I can speak for everyone by saying we all got a lot out of it.


Hello once more, Kristen

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop last evening and came away with many important insights. You are an accomplished teacher as well as voice artist and deeply respect you for both. As an instructor, you also know how to communicate most effectively.

I'd also like to thank you for pushing me to step beyond my "box" and reach for more. I appreciate your very constructive critiques of my readings very much as well.


I thought the class was very helpful and useful. Kristin Price was very prepared by having her material divided into parts. She was extremely organized and professional. I would take another class from her.


Dear Edge Training -

Noelle Romano lead our webinar and did a great job. She was personable, professional, supportive, knowledgeable and provided what I thought was very insightful feedback. Not easy to pull off when working via phone with a group of people some of which had technical issues (myself included).

I was impressed with all the feedback Noelle provided particularly one bit of insight she provided specific to me about hearing a hint of sarcasm in my voice, in a good way, Dennis Miller like (I am taking that as a compliment). Thinking about it, it's true. It is the kind of humor I like, the type of commercials I connect with and the way I interact with friends and family, a good way.

For someone like myself who knows nothing about this business, the information presented provided a good introductory level overview of the business.

The feedback I received the following day was very informative, as was my call with Kendra. Although all my questions were answered I am sure I will have more!

Chris W.

Dear David,

Thanks so much for hooking me up with the introductory course.

Randi is phenomenal!

I have a new understanding & respect for the industry.

I anxiously await her email tomorrow & will be enrolling soon in the next level offered by your company.

Many thanks!!!

You have set a new aspect of my life in motion!


I took the evaluation class last Sunday. I could not have been happier with the entire experience. The instructor was well informed, motivated, patient and great to work. The follow up evaluation, both written and over the phone, was also more than I could have hoped for.

I highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in becoming involved in the voice over industry. I plan to continue studying with Edge simply based on this one class because I feel that I will get the same high caliber professionalism and knowledge throughout the courses, the making of my demo and any follow-up I may find necessary.

Thank you Edge Studio!

Debra L.

Hi Kristin,

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the evaluation class on Saturday. Although I wish the results were more positive for me, I really do appreciate your honesty.

Anne Marie

I want to express gratitude to Vanessa for a very enjoyable training session - Investigate Voice Over class. I appreciate her comments and intend to follow up on her advice. Thanks. More grease to your elbow.

Dear Randye,
I enjoyed last nights class very much and am excited to start my new voice over business. You're down to earth teaching style coupled with professionalism and obvious industry experience was a big hit with me. Thank you for the all the great tips and techniques, I will keep them with me on every job. I have a clearer direction for my voice and a deeper understanding of the business side of voice overs after working with you in class. I look forward to partnering with Edge Studios in the future.


Completed orientation class with Vanessa in March 2011. Completed several product training videos for Verizon Online later in 2011.

I just want to write to say thank you for all you do. My first evaluation with
Vanessa Richardson was amazing. She is an absolute professional and her passion for Voice work is contagious and inspiring. I honestyly can hardley sleep now that I know I have a sliver of a chance some of ability to make it, knowing that my dream can come true is life changing. I will be a professional , and when you want to hire me..Just ask :D

Ivan T

Kristen (and everyone else at Edge):

I first want to thank you and Edge studios for the opportunity to have my voice over potential evaluated. I had an awesome time and felt very much at ease since you were so friendly and personable. I enjoyed getting to know everyone at the investigate class and loved hearing all the different voices and their approaches! Voice over is a career path that has always been somewhat on my radar, but I never knew quite how to go about pursuing it. The workshop you guys put together is definitely what I've been looking for (and worth every penny).

I also want to thank you for your honest feedback. It was very humbling to read my strengths and my areas of needed improvement. I would love to work on strengthening and improving my skill set with Edge, so I will review the information you have provided and discuss it further with Kendra tomorrow.

Thanks again and I look forward to taking the next step!


I truly enjoyed the class. It was professional and everyone had a chance to read and ask questions. I especially enjoyed the detailed evaluation we received.

The evaluation was clear, concise, and offered recommendations. This is just what I needed.

We used the voiceover technique guide and this is a great guide because it has a lot of material to prepare you for voice over and scripts to use for practice.

Thanks for your great assistance by putting on such a class at a very good cost.

Glory Berry


Thank you so much for the class yesterday. You were a very engaging and welcoming instructor and really made me feel comfortable in class. I'm unfortunately rather shy and you really helped pull me out right away. I had a great time and immediately felt at home the moment I walked into the studio. This is something I've always wanted to do, and you made my morning by agreeing that I should pursue this.

I'd like to transition to making this my full-time job, but I'm realistic enough to just try building up a part-time income right now. Every career has a "mail room" to start in. ;)

I really enjoyed working with you and hopefully will get the chance again as I continue with Edge Studio.



Jonathon Dobbs here. I just wanted to write to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my webinar evaluation with Noelle Romano on Sunday, 6th January.

Even with my enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about (and subsequently break into) the voice over industry, I was initially nervous about jumping into a group session for the first time, even if it was just to find out where I stand. From the get go, however, Noelle made me feel very comfortable with what I was doing and was extremely friendly and encouraging. She outlined very clearly how the industry works, what to expect and what I needed to do to pursue a career in VO. The exercises were a lot of fun and very informative, not just about the industry but also in finding out what kind of potential skills I have and those that I can obtain with practice.

I had gone through a great deal of searching through different schools and programs to find what I felt to be the best starting place for getting into the VO industry, and I'm extremely glad that I found Edge. I had already been excited about pursuing VO prior to the evaluation, but Noelle's class really gave me the push I needed and the motivation to go the distance. I'm very excited about starting phase 2 (hopefully next month) and seeing what happens from here.

Thanks, Kendra. I've received the notes and was able to read them on the
website also.

Please let Kristin know that I so appreciate her thoughtful comments and
helpful insights. I'm going to take it all in and carefully weigh the
options she described.

No matter what, the four-hour class was enjoyably challenging and, I think,
had value even beyond VO options. Doing something so outside of one's
comfort zone is a good exercise (and I did some of those facial exercises
this morning, too!).

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