Testimonials & Success Stories

Hi Karen,

I DID absolutely enjoy Danielle's class! It was informative and fun, and I am thrilled that she is so generously sharing all of her notes from the class with us.

Though a bit slow at getting around to this, I also want to say how much I enjoyed the last class taught by Noelle (and the other classes she taught, too!), as well as the one Randye taught the other week. Randye covered two topics that I had concerns about ~ deciphering and marking copy ~ brilliantly! And it came in very helpful when I had my private coaching session with David Guzzone last week!

Which brings me to David Guzzone's coaching ~ Fantastic! I truly appreciate how inventive and focused he is. He got me to realize all the different ways I can use my voice, even for the same copy. I'm amazed at all he made me aware of in just one hour! I'm looking forward to receiving a tape of the session.

And, I must mention just how much I enjoyed and learned from David Goldberg's class this past Friday. I will never look at copy, or listen to anyone speak, ever the same. It was incredible to listen to and learn about all the different little nuances. I do hope that David will consider doing more classes like that again in the future! It was a great group of people and, needless to say, David is an incredible teacher.

I think that's it for now! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I know I'll be in touch again soon!


Just wanted to comment that the topic of working on articulation, breathing and all the exercises for warming up and staying limber was exactly what I've been looking for! Naz did a great job getting us to properly practice and put those exercises in our back pocket for when we need them. This being my 28th Webinar, and 8th Technique Spotlight was something I had been looking for since day 1 of my investigative class, and now I got it! Keep'em coming!

In addition, all the coaches I've had have been amazing and super helpful. Anne Ganguzza, Randye Kaye, Dan Friendman, Kristen Price, and Marjourie Kouns are all very awesome and I'm glad to have taken their classes up to this point in my training.

Thanks as always everyone!


My Dearest Siobhan,

I've just written to John, thanking him for everything, but I know that none of this wouldn't have happened without your help and advice.

Thank you for being so understanding and for putting into action a plan that worked brilliantly. I hope that you approve of the demo that we 'laid down' today - if that's the correct parlance? And I'm looking forward to hearing your comments!

It is slightly depressing that I won't be coming to see you again at Edge, but the whole experience will live long with me.

With fondest regards


Just wanted you to know I’ve now had two coaching sessions after delaying for so many months and I wish that I had done this sooner! Both sessions have been valuable and very interesting and enjoyable. The first was with Danielle Quisenberry. She is such a good coach with many ideas and tips for improving my performances. Of course, I was not surprised, really, because I took the technique 101 class from her a few months ago and knew she was good. The second was with Michael Ingram and he is so encouraging and has so much experience that his session was also enjoyable and filled once again with great tips. I feel that I’m gaining great ideas on how to improve my performance.

I’m looking forward to the next session and am excited to get a demo produced so I can get going with this!

Thank you for your help!

Dennis Gatlin

Greetings Kendra! Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at Edge Studio for all the guidance, teaching and support I was shown as I continue forward in the world of Voice Over. I love the Demo and wanted to let you know that as I have started to forge some relationships with local studios in my area, I always go into length on the training and insight I have gotten thru the courses and people I have had a chance to learn from the last year at Edge.

In learning and reading about the Voice Over world and what it takes to make a difference, One thing I read stood out to me, Performance before Product. That's an area Edge excels in with the ability to audition on a weekly basis with the script contests along with the feedback forum, are amazing tools to have at your side.

As I gain experience ( and hopefully clients) :) the one thing I will always let them know is I wont be satisfied until they are and I have Edge to thank for instilling the confidence in myself and providing the continued training to make that happen.

Thanks again!!



I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you! It was such a pleasure meeting you and to know that you are just as nice and helpful in person as you are over email!!!

We got his demo last week and cannot be more excited and happy with the end product. I will be working on getting the demo up on the Edge site and now getting a website created for John. We could not have done all of this without your help, I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and support.


Hey Kristen!

YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, not phrases I usually use, but Soooo appropriate!!! : ) I love the music, the pacing, the difference in qualities. I am still laughing and smiling about some of the music choice! They are great!!! : D And, WOW! You guys make me sound good! Why, even professional, if I dare say! ; )

Well, once again, I cannot thank you enough! You, and everyone at Edge, are incredible! And I am really looking forward to using all the skills you've all taught me. I will be uploading the demo to your library, and this is the kick in the arse I needed to really get moving on my website!

Many, many, many thanks, Kristen!


David, Noelle and Staff,

I just wanted to say thanks for my Commercial VO Demo. I'm not sure if I'll get use to hearing my own voice on a recording, but it's pretty damn cool to hear it on an actually VO Demo. Special thanks to my coach Noelle who was awesome during this whole process thanks for the guidance. To all the ladies in education that I spoke with: Kendra, Susanne, and Hayley you ladies are so very sweet and helpful. Your customer service is outstanding. I also would like to thank the engineers for their work on my demo...Great Job Guys. David you have a great staff and a really cool program...thanks again. By all means feel free to keep me in mind for future projects :)

Jason S.

Edge Studio is the real deal. There are lots of groups out there who claim to help aspiring voice talent get the training they need, but a lot of them either don't care about their students, or only tell them what they want to hear so that they'll pay more. Edge Studio isn't like that at all. Every single class I've taken with Edge has been informative and useful toward building my career. The teachers are not only competent voice actors themselves, but smart and kind people. They are not afraid to tell you what you're doing wrong, but they take the time to individually work with each student to help them improve. Everyone at Edge Studio is fantastic to work with, and to say that training with them is anything short of a joy would be an insult.


Thank you,David, for your excellent teaching, guidance,
coaching, patience, precise direction and dedication
working with me.

Recording the demo was a thrilling experience and that is
because your wise and brilliant methods guided me to
that day so beautifully. I couldn't have done it without


Hey there! I just finished my demo after working with Danielle Quisenberry as a coach. I’d love to leave her a review, if possible. It’s included, below. Thank you!

My experience at Edge was wonderful. I really took my time working through the classes, because I was new to the VO world. They didn’t rush me and my training felt personal. My coach, Danielle Quisenberry was a perfect match for me. Because I approached VO from an acting background, Danielle was a natural fit. I felt that we spoke the same language and I could really understand what she was trying to get out of me. Her guidance was key to getting the results I did, and I’m very pleased with how my demo came out! I feel very prepared and excited to enter this industry and I have Edge and Danielle to thank!


The demo sounds great! Please let the team know that I appreciate all of the work involved.


Thank you to all in the education department! I am loving the chance to follow my dream with direction and fabulous information! I have taken the orientation and a technique 101 class and feel like I have learned so much already! I know I still have a lot to learn, but wanted to give you some feedback and let you know how happy I am with the program thus far.


I am soooo pleased with how it turned out. I can't say enough great things about Johnny Heller. He was so easy to work with, and really encouraging. With the excellent direction from Johnny and engineering from Kevin, I feel extremely confident in submitting this demo to any prospective client.

Thank you all, and I look forward to recording my next demo soon.


Dear Mr. Goldberg,

My name is Shawn, and I recorded my commercial demo with Edge and Brian Bremer in Atlanta a couple weeks ago. I am writing this email to say "thank you."

I was told to expect up to 4 weeks - internally, I was expecting even longer due to the holiday season - but you and your team got it to me in fewer than 2! Thank you so much for getting it out to me so quickly.

Most importantly, thank you for the superb work. You made me sound real and professional - I absolutely love it (as does my wife and the few close friends to whom I've showed it!). It gives me the confidence that I can be successful in this industry if I put in the work - and believe me, I will work hard.

Your team is full of great people, but I want to single out Susanne Pinedo and my coach, Brian Bremer. Susanne's expertise, kindness, patience, and guidance have been utterly invaluable to me. She is a stellar embodiment of Edge Studio's values. As for Brian - he was an absolute delight to work with, his talent is through the roof, and he is a true inspiration. I am blessed to have worked with both of them.

I apologize for writing you an essay, but I had to show my gratitude for introducing me to the world of voiceover. Demo in hand, I know the journey starts here, and I hope to become a worthy Edge alumnus and find success with what you have taught me.

Shawn V


I got my finished demo last week and I love it! I wanted to thank you so much for everything you taught me. I started off with a stiff newscaster voice and after my sessions with you, I now have a much more laid-back, marketable voiceover range.


Caroline S

I very much want to express to you my since and heartfelt thanks for the time you spent and the great patience and care which you showed in coaching me for the demo recording last autumn and winter. Your lessons brought me to a much clearer understanding of professional voiceover technique that I have since striven hard to retain.

The process of recording the demo itself on January 18th was exactly as I hoped it would be – the experience was dead on, and I am very, very pleased with the final product. The folks at Edge Studio were just “the Tops” to work with. The best! Your personal guidance was the key element that made the process fall into place.


Thank you so much for all of your tireless support... and per our conversation earlier, thank you for please forwarding this email to David and Danielle. I want them to know how grateful I am for their invaluable guidance in the creation of my commercial demo and promo spot as I attempt to piece my life back together for the US marketplace after being abroad for so long.

I know that I have paid for these services, but it still feels like a gift to have the ear and respect of an accomplished peer group. Following on from the humbling experience of perpetual displacement as an American expat, I KNOW how valuable this support is (never mind that sense of community). But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and you all (and the work you have helped me to produce) have made me stronger. Danielle, I have booked a mentoring session with you for December to review my content and my personal marketing strategy going forward, and I am already so grateful for this and really looking forward to catching up.


I have loved every class I have taken so far. I can’t even imagine trying to start working in voice over without all that I have learned. The coaches have all been so encouraging and insightful; while at the same time giving us realistic expectations. You have put together a fabulous team of experts! Thank you for giving us the tools we will need to be successful, professional voice over artists.


This is so awesome! You guys did a great job! Thank you!! Can't wait to start using it!


Edge cared about giving me a demo I could be proud of, and book work with, because they work in this industry every day. They know exactly how much work it takes to create great voice over, and the fact that they do that work for each and every student speaks very highly of them. If you are looking to record a voice over demo and learn about the industry, Edge will do right by you every step of the way


Oh, Kendra, I LOVE it! And, what might be even better, my husband loved it! (He’s my best critic and advisor). I downloaded it on the Production end as soon as I got it! Thank you so much for getting this to me. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Danielle, Kevin and the Edge team. I truly appreciate their expertise and professionalism in helping me in my journey. And tell Carol I’ll be back for that Audiobook demo!
And, lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to YOU. From my first phone call with you until now you have been informative, helpful and supportive. You were a big part of the process and I thank you.
Very sincerely,


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am very happy with the way my Demo came out. Now I know why Edge Studio is the best! I enjoyed working with Kristen to prepare for my demo and her knowledge and expertise definitely paid off. I will be sure to upload my demo in the Fresh Voices and Casting library.

Thank you to all the great folks at Edge Studios and especially to David for helping me "find my voice" that led to the production of my new demo.

Mark Smith

This is to thank you and your Edge Team so much for creating my Commercial Demo ! What a quality and sonorous product.

Have listened and studied the work for a couple of days now and I am still hearing additional depth and more wonderful subtlety. It was especially gratifying to hear that I have absorbed some of the masterful coaching that James Andrews has given me. James' skill, guidance and encouragement have enabled me I think to take my craft to the next level.


To whom it may concern:

I just took Technique 101 and Don't Embarrass Yourself this week, and I have to say, I'm blown away by Danielle and David as teachers. Their specificity, humor, and grace in teaching through teleclass is admirable. David's numerous, topical stories add excellent context to the class, and Danielle's commitment to coach every student until they understand the exercise shows her passion for the craft.

Thanks for keeping such lovely company, Edge Studio.


I just wanted to thank you for coaching me, and for the fantastic direction on my voice over demo. It sounds great! I could never have done it without you.

The process was enjoyable & calming with you as my guide. I really learned a ton from you, in class and during the demo process. I look forward to working with you in the near future both in class and on future demos.

Thank you again, your talents, and amazing personality, are so greatly appreciated. Have a great day!


Hey Kendra,
Thank you so much. You were so helpful all through this journey Kendra. Just heard it and it sounds great!! Love it.. thank you again for redoing it.
I wanted to thank David for really helping me right from my first session up until tweaking the demo. He is so kind and humble. And this demo wouldn't have sounded like it does without my awesome coach Anne. She is the best!! I sincerely wanted to thank both of them and the edge team for this demo. It would be nice if you could really convey this to both of them pls. Can't wait to begin now

I'd like to express my gratitude for the three coaching sessions I participated in last week.

Anne, as usual, was terrific. She opened my eyes (and ears) to better interpretation of copy and finding the best way(s) to deliver it.

James Andrews walked me backwards to move forward. Read the script flatly, then build a conversational delivery from there. Got me out of my stodgy, announcer persona. Among other things, he suggested that I use a tagline for branding purposes. I just added it to my email signature.

Tom Dheere filled up the hour with a ton of great direction, including refinement of goals, develop a mission statement, etc.

All were enthusiastic, personable, and professional. All reflect well on Edge Studio.


I can't tell you how awesome and professional these classes and instructors are! Very excited about the direction I seem to be heading in, thanks so much for this program!

Dave M

Dear Kendra,

Thank you so much for this! The results are outstanding and I can't wait to get it out there. Please thank Carol M., Kevin, and all the rest at Edge for their help and instruction. I look forward to posting my comments of my progress to the website once I get rolling.


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