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Oh, Kendra, I LOVE it! And, what might be even better, my husband loved it! (He’s my best critic and advisor). I downloaded it on the Production end as soon as I got it! Thank you so much for getting this to me. Please extend my thanks and gratitude to Danielle, Kevin and the Edge team. I truly appreciate their expertise and professionalism in helping me in my journey. And tell Carol I’ll be back for that Audiobook demo!
And, lastly, but certainly not least, thank you to YOU. From my first phone call with you until now you have been informative, helpful and supportive. You were a big part of the process and I thank you.
Very sincerely,


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am very happy with the way my Demo came out. Now I know why Edge Studio is the best! I enjoyed working with Kristen to prepare for my demo and her knowledge and expertise definitely paid off. I will be sure to upload my demo in the Fresh Voices and Casting library.

Thank you to all the great folks at Edge Studios and especially to David for helping me "find my voice" that led to the production of my new demo.

Mark Smith

To whom it may concern:

I just took Technique 101 and Don't Embarrass Yourself this week, and I have to say, I'm blown away by Danielle and David as teachers. Their specificity, humor, and grace in teaching through teleclass is admirable. David's numerous, topical stories add excellent context to the class, and Danielle's commitment to coach every student until they understand the exercise shows her passion for the craft.

Thanks for keeping such lovely company, Edge Studio.


This is to thank you and your Edge Team so much for creating my Commercial Demo ! What a quality and sonorous product.

Have listened and studied the work for a couple of days now and I am still hearing additional depth and more wonderful subtlety. It was especially gratifying to hear that I have absorbed some of the masterful coaching that James Andrews has given me. James' skill, guidance and encouragement have enabled me I think to take my craft to the next level.


Lately several people have asked me about getting into voice-over and I always refer them to you guys.

Work has been good lately and all that relationship building and networking is paying off with more work. Last month was my best month ever. And Edge has had a large part to play in my success.

So I've said it many times before but I'll say it again. THANKS for all your doing!

All the best,


How are you? its been ages since I've chatted with you! Just to refresh your memory I took a voice over class with you in DC and made a demo through your studio! That demo has served me very well! Almost a decade later, I have been involved in over 40+ audiobooks, commercials for radio and tv, narration, educational, corp imaging, messaging on hold for businesses, website navigation, you NAME it! I want to thank you once again for the amazing experience in working with edge studio. Whenever I find someone interested in getting into voice acting I provide them with Edge Studio's information. Hopefully you have worked with some of them!

I am so happy Edge Studio is doing so well! If I don't speak to you before, have a WONDERFUL holiday and Happy New Year!

All the best,

Lauren Synger

David is about the best I've ever seen at picking out what details - sometimes seemingly inconsequential nuances - can make big impressions on your prospects, your clients, the target of your marketing programs and more.

I did a voiceover demo at Edge Studio with David Goldberg. My demo turned out great, David was honest about his evaluation of my abilities and his direction to improve my delivery was great. If you can deal with constructive criticism, it's the right place to learn. If you expect to hear what you'd like to hear, ie. how wonderful you are, even if you aren't, then go somewhere else. I took a couple of other classes at David's CT. studio and benefited greatly. They offer phone conference training sessions as well. Best Wishes,

Ted Morgan

I would also like to recommend David Goldberg of Edge Studio. I found him through another WIFV member's referral, and have been very happy with his work and company. He teaches a great class that's also very affordable and is extremely helpful in getting you to demo level (and getting it done - very important!). His phone number is 888.321.EDGE and although he's based out of CT and NY, he runs classes down here a number of times a year.
I have read over & printed out almost everything from your Web site....What a terrific and informative site you have!!!...and I am requesting a little direction from you as to where do I pick up from here now that my mind set is ripe to get serious, work hard and have some fun with Voice Over....and you guys are the best in the business, so I am going right to the top
Do you have a presence in Wash DC (coaching, recording studio, etc)? And which package do you think would be the most beneficial for me to sign up for next. I am smack in the middle of high tech.....selling video conferencing and solutions...and I am convinced that using the Technology for V/O is the way to go! Thanks for all your help in the past and I very much look forward to working with you in the near future.

Kathleen A. Dunlap Application Account Manager Net

If you are looking for a pretend expert who calls himself an expert because
he says he is. Don't choose Edge.

If you are looking for a charlatanto do your demo who will charge you double
the going rate to produce it then pick copy that is either dated or
in-appropriate for your age and style, don't go to Edge.

Choose Edge if you want to work, that's right, remember that four letter
word?It pays your rent, your phone bill, your cable bill, and medical.
I chose Edge. I did all the things I'm telling you not to do. I found me an
industry expert, paid double the price and didn't get half the involvement,
was given copy that suggested perhaps the guy never heard my vercitility or
listened to me tell him about my background in v-o.Then I went to buddies in
the industry, all big name coaches on both coasts and all of them agreed,
"it's not you" get that demo redone!

An then, I found David at Edge. He heard me when I said that although I knew
I'd have to spend money to earn money, I'd gotten a bad deal. David
suggested that since the demo was mine, I had a voice in how it would be put
together. (imagine that, my input was important even though the demo was
mine?) We updated the copy, compressing it, applying new sound effects,
cutting and patching - and now I have a demo I am proud to use as my

If we were friends in this economy and in this business, I'd say to you,
only go to edge for your demo production. Look for integrity, first!!

Thanks, David.

Edge Studio has been a great launch pad for my voiceover career, from the
very first introductory session right through to the marketing class. Look
forward to staying in touch.

Alan The Other Side Voiceovers by Alan Bowser 914

David -

I appreciate the amount of time you took to meet with me earlier today. Look forward to meeting Joan this upcoming Thursday and learning more about this interesting craft.

All the best...R

Best Regards,


I am happy to write this note David, to let you know what a positive experience working with you and your company has been.
I was concerned before that first seminar started at the Governors House Hotel that I would be sold a package which might not have anything to do with whether I had what it takes to make it as a voice over artist. Boy, was I dissuaded of that notion quickly - it was clear that your skilled observations and assessment were honest. I would know by the end of that session whether I "had it" and work from there, or whether I should "bag it."
You made it clear from the start that I had to work hard to correct my chronic, if not terminal, overacting. Your patience and calm corrections while I repeated phrases endlessly is amazing. Over and over and over and then.... sometimes.....always if I work for it.......I got it! I can actually hear myself do it differently! Clearly, you understand what it takes to make a word sing.
The coaching sessions, which I listen to often, have helped me in other areas as well. I fancy myself an actor. During an audition last month I could hear you admonish my hammy side to cool it. It worked! I got the part I wanted and now I know how to bring a new subtlety to my roles.

I could go on. I think I will. I think the Industry GuideBook is of great value to the field. I hope you have gotten a lot of recognition for its contribution. I have used many acting texts find them unwieldy. The Guide is full of great tips, that are right there.

The practical information about what it is like "out there" has lessened the fear and smoothed the way. While studying it, and I do STUDY it. It's easy to think "Boy, this guy really knows what he's talking about." All of a sudden its not such a mysterious, unreachable realm. I sincerely think you have created an invaluable, well researched and RIGHT TO THE POINT service. Thanks David!

Mitch Hanks

Hi David, and everyone at EDGE :
I wanted to express my gratitude for all the help I have received from all of you. From day one, you reassured me and instructed me what to do, and how to get there. My coaching sessions were just what I needed. I learned a great deal from them. NOW MY DEMO IS COMPLETE!! David, the way you applied your skills and experience throughout the production of my demo, especially the improv on the fly, was inspiration to me . You are a leader and an example in the production and voice-over field and I hope to work with you again soon. I would like to tell you that "words can not express" my gratitude. But in our line of work "words can not express" probably isn't a good phrase.
Thank you;

Tim Burnette

Don't need to be "out there" to be familiar with Edge Studio.? I live in Las Vegas, and have done several phone consults with the top guy: David Goldberg.? Worth every penny.

Hi Dave, (Hi Gina)
So far my demo has been very well received by my friends and colleagues.
I do have to say that my "demo day" was by far the best day ever as I start my journey into a voiceover career. The skill and patience with which my demo was produced was amazing. I really appreciated the time taken to involve me from a technical production standpoint. Not only that but it was just plain fun. The whole process from the workshop and evaluation, to speaking with Gina from time to time on the phone, to my voice coaching sessions with Judy, who, by the way, is a consummate pro and just a sweet person, to my demo production session with David, has been an incredible experience. I am looking forward to continuing a working relationship with Edge Studio hopefully far into the future.
As David said: "The demo is done... now, go out and make the world a better sounding place"
I plan to !!!
Thanks so much for everything,

Steve Smith

Let me repeat what a pleasure and fine learning experience it's been to have been tutored even so briefly by the sterling professionals at EDGE and if the opportunity arises, I will unreservedly recommend the "Voice Design Group" to others.
Thanks again and may the competition always succumb to the glistening "edge" of your most admirable enterprise.
Very cordially,


Thank you for everything David!!! Edge has been a great experience for me and continues to do so. Not sure how I ended up there...but its where I should have been in the first place.

I have never written a testimonial before, but I am compelled to do so, now,
because of my great experience with Edge Studio. I am a new voice over artist
based in New Orleans, so rather than fly to New York of D.C., I decided to do
telephone coaching sessions with Judy (whom I've never met in person). She was
spectacular. I improved rapidly. I highly recommend telephone coaching with
Edge to anyone. It works. I was so impressed with the professionalism I
encountered, that I decided to make the trip to New York to cut a demo with David. He
was amazing to work with. I am so proud of the demo we made. More
importantly, he taught me how to be a professional. I have already been hired for three
jobs (commercials). I am deeply grateful to all the folks at Edge.Studio

--Susan Levitas, New Orleans

Hi David,

Thanks to you and the Edge Studio team (especially Eric, who is a great coach) for all the training, producing, and engineering work that went into my demo. I now have it loaded up on my website,, and I'm very happy with the way it sounds.

With my website and marketing materials complete (thanks to your excellent marketing foundation seminar and marketing forum), I'm now ready to get down to business!

I also enjoyed your VO from home seminar on Tuesday night. As always, you were very informative and to the point, and you answered all the questions that I came into the seminar with.

I plan to continue my training through Edge Studio. The team's professionalism is excellent, and I always learn something new.

I just wanted to express my gratitude for my session with you this afternoon - I've learned a lot and will start practicing tomorrow morning.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your feedback about both my voice and how I read (when I read correctly) - this has been really helpful in confirming to me that I am choosing a new career that is a good fit for me.

I'll call the studio this week to look into a session with Kristin and I'll carefully read the description for the Industry Know How class.

Thanks also for taking a few extra minutes to respond to the list of questions I sent you.

Have a terrific rest of your week!

You can take Edge Studio to the bank. Top notch. Great people, good practices, excellent results. You can practically get a college education in VO just by visiting their website, and reading all the "free" stuff they have.

Thank you so much. I can't tell you how pleased I am with my demo & with Edge Studio in general. As a complete novice in the business of voiceovers I had no idea what to expect and I was skeptical & fearful to say the least. After working with you through the intensive workshop, private training, and finally producing my demo I now have an amazing demo that I'm psyched to market and it's all thanks to you. Your honesty and professionalism throughout has given me the confidence and experience that I need in order to begin a successful career in voice over work.
I look forward to working with you in the future.


I have to tell you the experience I've had thus far with Edge (on every level) has been worth every penny. I really appreciate the opportunities I've been given as a student and a talent.

Thanks for letting me use the projects. I am just about ready to add a "projects" section to my website. Hope to see you soon.

Best regards,


I just wanted to take this time to thank you for the help I received at your studio in New York City. Roy, John, and Kristen where very helpful over the last 6 months in creating my commercial/narration demo CD. Everyone made me feel comfortable and confident. I'm very excited to send it out and start my voice-over career. I look forward to working with your studio throughout my career.
Thank you again,

Brian R. Winans

Hi David
It's been a crazy couple of weeks.. but I have been meaning to drop you a quick note letting you know just how much I enjoyed working with you. You are a fabulous teacher and an all around great person. It is such a bonus to love the finished product, my demo, and to enjoy the process that got me there. Anyway thanks again!

Debra Joy aka Debra Katz


I think you and Paul (the only two I've taken classes with) are fantastic - always specific, honest feedback with experience behind it that really helped me grow. I have no reason to doubt your entire staff is just as great. Kristin and Lara in the office are terrific as well - a wonderfully run and professional operation.

My expectations are always surpassed in anything I've ever done there. I am very happy with my demo and thought the demo session was great - you put me right at ease - very important - and I felt free to do my best. Great stuff!

Thanks for everything!


Hi David,
Bruce was just super on Wednesday when I taped my audition for the Christian Science Monitor.
Every class I've had through Edge has really help me develop the expertise I need to have the confidence in my skills to get out there and market myself. And it's going really well.

Thanks, David, for all your individual help and the help of everyone at Edge. You guys are the best.



My name is John Blackburn. I came to NYC over the weekend from Washington, DC (Maryland). I had the most amazing experiences on this trip, and Edge was a HUGE part of that. I feel I am well on my way to finding "my voice"... Thank you so much for creating Edge Studio! Every one I have worked with (Sara, Lara, Rose) have all been so professional and helpful. I felt as the owner you should know what an amazing staff I think you have.

Thank you again for everything you and your staff have done. I hope we can meet the next time I am in New York.


John Blackburn

A few years back, I signed up for your voice-over classes at Edge Studio. Your teachings and advice enabled me to land several jobs, and, being the voice for our businesses

Margaret Gloria, CT

To the Edge Studio staff:

I am a new student of the voice over industry. Recently, I found your site and signed up for your emagazine along with downloading your voiceover guidebook. I just want to thank you for taking the time to put together a clear and concise source for helping the new VO talent. This industry can be very daunting to the newcomer. I really value the information you are providing me.

Many thanks,

Stacey Medve

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