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Hi Vanessa- I hope you are well.

I got the demo back a few days ago. It sounds really great.

I can't thank you enough for all your help and coaching. I couldn't have done it without you.



I'm Steve Sherwood, and I just completed two demos with Edge Studios. The reason for this email is to let you guys at Edge know how great my voices coaches were. I have had the pleasure of working with Jay Snyder, Carol Monda, and Mike Ingram, three of the most genuine, honest, and finest people I have ever met. Jay showed me how to develop my characters and give them unique personalities. Carol taught me how to give life and depth to the characters, and Mike was the toughest. He taught me how to dig down deep and put emotion and excitement into the written word.

So this is a thank you to my coaches and to Edge Studios. I look forward to my new career and future success.


Hello Joey

Thank you very much for you email! Over the course of my training with Edge, I really fell in love with you, guys. Edge has helped me not only with aspects of voice-over but also with ways to conduct my own business. Please accept my gratitude for your great work and pass it along to Cathy, Kendra, Sara, Noelle, Kristin Price, Linda Jones and Jay Snyder. You will hear from me very soon!


Thank you: Karen, Linda, Cathy, the technician, and everyone at Edge who helped make my Demo complete. It was really fun to listen to, and my family was very impressed. I really enjoyed the background sound effects, etc.

I appreciate everyone's time and incredible patience in my learning process.

Jill Mehler

Edge Studio has been such a tremendous resource during my "Phase 2" experience. I'm going to record my narration demo on July 31 and launch my Artist Upgrade site in early September. In the meantime, I've been drafting cover letters, reading Voiceover Legal, and getting other marketing/business pieces in place. Thanks and keep up the great work. It's no wonder you're growing!

Bill Anciaux

Thank you very much! Please tell all who helped revise that I love the new edits and I thank them. I kept the original Six Flags clip (engineers were right the first time around, but I thank them for humoring my idea) and simply swapped it into the new edits. I've attached it in case you're curious.

I'll be submitting it to the Fresh Voices Library later today. Thank you again for all the extra work. I can't wait to hear how my animation demo turns out.


Dear Coach Jay,

I just received my demo and it was awesome! The background music was perfect and my voices were great. Thank you so much for your time in training me and helping me develop my voices. I had so much fun learning under you and I really learned how to get into character for each voice I made. I can't wait to start sending out my demo everywhere! I look forward to growing and adding more voices to my name. I hope to keep in touch as my possible future in voice acting grows and maybe some day even work with you!

Thank you so much again,


Hello David,

At long last I recorded my commercial demo yesterday afternoon. Working with David Guzzone has been a very positive initial voice over experience for me, as his direction coupled with his enthusiasm at what he perceives as my ultimate potential has been so inspiring!
I know you have the last word on every demo that Edge produces...the buck literally stops with you!....So, I really look forward to hearing the final product in the not too distant future.


Hi Edge Studio Team,
Thanks again for the amazing journey! I had a blast these past few months and recording at your studio was an experience! I absolutely love the demo and will start marketing locally. (in Hawaii) I will look into phase 3 some more and get back to you soon! Thank you all for your support.
Much mahalos


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