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Tom was excellent! Very practical, business tested advice. It's a great class and should be taken by all VO actors. He's incredibly informative. And funny. Hour went by so quickly that it seemed it was over almost as soon as it started. I could have easily listened for another hour or so!

I continue to be impressed by the Edge's coaching talent - from Tom, to Johnny Heller to Danielle. It's an amazing group!

Take care and Happy Holidays!


Hi Sara,

I didn't realize this class was included in my program. Thank you so much for the the reminder!

Kristin asked us to give you feedback since it was the first time it was offered so I also wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it and found it very helpful. The technology worked perfectly and Kristin had lots of great information to share as always.

Thank you also for reminding me about the two makeup classes I need to take.

Thanks so much for all of your help!


Hi Sara,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I'm enjoying your Phase 3 Career Builder program! I participate by telephone and computer from the West Coast.

Last Tuesday, I signed up for this program, and so far, I have taken Erik Sheppard's home studio webinar, and Kerry Miller's "Breaking Down Copy" and "Blunt Audition Preparation." These classes are so helpful to me at this stage in my training. I look forward to learning more from both of these instructors in the future.

In particular, I want to praise both Erik and Kerry for creating a safe place for me to make mistakes. I'm one of those people who tends to learn from experience, and vividly remember my blunders. For this reason, it was extremely helpful to have firm, encouraging correction from both of these teachers. In Erik's case, he was exceptionally patient (and clear) in his direction when I stumbled with online controls on an unfamiliar software program. In Kerry's case, her breezy "Lesson learned" slogan helped me move on from embarrassment to "Whoops!"

My hope is, I'll make my worst mistakes in your classes, and show up in my professional life well-prepared to meet the demands of my clients. (I just hope I don't drive your staff crazy in the process!)


Elizabeth Holmes

Hi David,

I’ve been taking courses from Edge Studio for nearly a year now. I can’t thank all of you enough for your excellent instruction and encouraging feedback. I have learned, and continue to learn, SO much from Edge. It is a genuine privilege to train with you.

As a student who has trained at several voice-acting schools, I have to say that one of the best things about Edge is your practical and relevant course content. Two recent examples of this were your expert panel forums. Thank you, so much, for hosting both the 2010 Voice Industry Forecast and the 2010 AudioBook Forum (Hear My Voice - Haiti Earthquake Relief Fundraiser). I have a background in journalism, and I know from first-hand experience – there’s no substitute for talking to an expert. You found a way to make it possible for hundreds of us to hear expert perspectives on topics that guide the course of our professional careers. Again, thank you for offering these panel discussions.

Elizabeth Holmes

EdgeStudio and Kristin Price - thanks!

I enjoyed the seminar with Kristin Price once again last Monday evening. She is precise, filled with great ideas and suggestions, and she knows how to mold the seminar to meet the needs of the participants at that particular session. She does not take a "one size fits all" approach and that's great! I appreciate the fact that Kristin addresses questions posed by her audience and she also opens up discussions with others who may have valuable input to add.

The hour flew by, as usual. Thank you!


Hi Joey, Thanks again for helping me answer the question about logos on my website. Per our short (and child-interrupted!) conversation earlier today, I just wanted to pass along in writing how impressed my Twin Cities agent has been with the training I received at Edge. In her words - "you're kinda out of the ballpark here with your number of bookings [vs. number of auditions]." She and I both think my training at Edge has a LOT to do with that. She's even asked me for information on how to send some of her other talent your way to polish up their on-mic and audition skills. Thank you again for all of the consistently high-caliber training, coaching, and feedback. Every minute I've spent with Edge has been well worth my time, and is really paying off!


Dear Sara, the classes i took from Edge Studio were great! The were informative to the need of the level and beyond. All questions were answered fully, and the interactive format is like being in a class room! Thanks for providing a good source of usable information.

Mike Jones


I just wanted to pass along my thanks at the great tips I'm already gleaning from my first week in Phase 3! I wanted to "get back in the saddle" so I listened in with Vanessa on Monday and she was great. Then I called in to hear from David last night and I'm so glad I did!

Please tell them both thank you so much for sharing their wealth of information. Even though I've been doing voiceovers through my agent for years, there is definitely a learning curve now that the internet has transformed the VO biz. I'm very excited to have Edge as a resource as I further my career!

Laura Branch Mireles

The program provides the “vegetables” necessary to make someone a success. Many places in NYC do a demo but do not provide resources, information or even a way of getting it out there. Edge tries to narrow the gap between trial and error, and actual success. Edge has the voice over industry guide book and many free, online resources.

Hi Sara,

Many thanks to all of you for being such a pleasure to work with!

You should all be so proud of what a wonderful experience you give to everyone who has the good fortune to walk through Edge's doors.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend.


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