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Kristen, Thanks immensely for the coaching session today!
The tools and instruction you provided give me a lot more confidence to move forward and practice more effectively.


Hi Edge Team,

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I had a grrrrreat first session with Kristen. She is AMAZING! I learned so much and she gave me so much in that session. I left with some key tools customized for me that I know I will be using for the rest of my career in voice over. Thank you Kristen. YOU ROCK!


Dear Johnny:

It was a pleasure working with you the other day. Thank you for your time, expertise and "helpful hints".

Good luck with your new audiobook project.


Hi, Randye ~

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our session this morning. I really enjoyed working with you and so appreciate your invaluable guidance and advice. I am so excited to revamp my VO business and get working in all of the areas that we discussed. I really think that I have found my niches. Thank you, again. I hope to talk with you again soon.

Annie S.

Hello to Jenna and the team in the educational department,

Would like to add some comments to Michael's notes after our second session together on October 3.
His "matter of fact" style and the manner in which he encourages to lean on your natural self, to use "your" voice and within your voice adapt to the copy and various ways to read the copy, is an approach which has been very helpful to me. As a newcomer to this profession, but not at all a newcomer to the professional world, I very much appreciate having it just spelled out and not over- glorified or over complimented . . . very, very helpful session and a big thank you to Michael.

Kim B.

Hey David,

I just wanted to let you know I had my first session with Carol yesterday and she was fantastic! She gave me a new zest for attempting the audiobook world. Thanks for steering me in her direction!


Dear David,
I just wanted to let you know that I had the MOST wonderful session with Johnny Heller. I swear I learned more in that hour than I had in such a long time! Thank you very very much for the opportunity to work with him and letting me know about his teachings. I plan to use him again!

Dara R

Hi Randye,

I hope you had a great weekend!

Just wanted to say thank you for our session on Friday evening. I have had time to listen to the recording and your notes. You really shared a lot with me and gave me a lot to work with... I am very grateful and, well, I am practicing, practicing, and practicing. It is an honor to have you as one of my coaches at Edge, and I am thrilled to be working with you!

Thanks... until our next session.


I just wanted to say thanks to Danielle if you can pass this on to her for today's session. I really appreciate all of the help editing my scripts and for the suggestions on how to find more. I felt it was a really productive hour for me.


I had to pass this along. I am so impressed with the Edge Instructors I have worked with so far during the webinars and Talk Time. Marjorie Koun deserves a shout out for her professionalism last night during the webinar. Even when faced with a combative personality, at the end of the night, she handled it beautifully.

Marjorie has a wonderful balance when coaching. She's honest, gentle and you leave her webinars with a clear understanding of what needs to worked on.

Theresa D.

Hi David,

Thank you for another really helpful coaching session.
You've given me some great tools, plus it was fun!


Hi Danielle,

Thank you very much for your guidance and encouragement today. You helped me grow by showing me that I just need to relax, trust my instincts, and release all of the characters in my heart and head. You're the best and I think we should do this again soon. :-)


Hi Edge!

I want to thank Kristin Price for such a great, helpful coaching session yesterday! She is wonderful to work with, and I love the new techniques and views she opened me up to. Also, I really appreciated the time we took before I stepped into the booth to review the copies I brought along, and the pointers she gave on how the same copy could be changed in little ways to fit into different genres. Perfect!

So, thanks, Kristin! And, as always, thanks, Edge! Looking forward to my next private coaching session!!!


Hope this finds you doing well today. Looking forward to David's class later in the day.

Just wanted to pass my appreciation along for the coaching session with Naomi Jacobson.

It was like a full-course meal. When I am able to digest it and put it into practice it will make my "reads" into non-reads.

She is one of the very best coaches I have ever had. Her instruction was very practical. She quickly discovered my areas of weakness and had practical ways to overcome them!

Loved the session and am looking forward to the next one, and the next, and the next after that!


A quick email to provide some feedback on my session with Lara because it was so good. She’s so knowledgeable and helpful and I’ve immediately implemented one of her suggestions and feel like it has already helped! Money well spent!


Hi Danielle,

Thank you for the great session,Wednesday,May 25th.
Your attention to all the details and dedication to keeping me on track
is much appreciated.
I am working on everything and getting the new copy ready.
I didn't mean to let a week go by before sending a thank you!
I have definitely been working on and thinking about the work
we did that day.

Thank you!



Thank you for the precisely directed, challenging, wise
coaching session on October 16. You have taught me
so much about the art,craft and subtleties of Voice-over.


Thank you, it's perfect! Thank you to Jay as well for helping me along the way and teaching me new things. Look forward to working with him and others in the future.

Luke W.

Good morning Joey,

Yesterday evening I had my co-coaching session with Carol and Mike. I cannot begin to tell you just how amazingly wonderful it was.

Not only that, but it was incredibly productive, inspiring and educational.

True…all of my sessions have been mind-blowing, but this being my last of the six, and with 2 coaches providing their expertise, it was beautiful.

Simply marvelous – words escape me to express just how great it was.

Can I ask a favor? Is it possible for you to either forward this email and/or give my thanks and gratitude for their time yesterday evening?

I just really want to say thank you - both to you Joey for setting this up and to Carol/Mike for their knowledge.

It was just truly amazing.


Thanks again for hiring such a gifted coach as Naomi Jacobson. During our first session she immediately noticed my areas of weakness and gave very practical techniques on how overcome them.

She worked with me on "personalizing" the script which is exactly what I needed.

Recently hit a dry spell where I had not booked a job for 2 months. Then, less than a week after working with Naomi I booked one and the client loved it!

Looking forward to working with her some more after I can put into practice the great techniques she taught in our first session.

Scott M

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing
coaching session today. Your insights, observations,
direction, and the techniques you taught me give
me so much to work with going forward. I appreciate
the precision, passion and patience you bring to
coaching. It was great to work with you!


What a fantastic Skype session I had with Danielle Quisenberry. It was my first private coaching session and it was filled with great information that will definitely help move me forward in my voiceover career. Danielle made me feel comfortable and easily expressed what she needed to help me improve. I'm looking forward to using techniques she taught me and our next session. Thank you, Edge and Danielle!

Theresa D

Michael was GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learned so much and laughed a lot



Yesterday I had a coaching session with Naomi that went really well…she's awesome! Such a sweet woman!

David and folks at Edge Training -

I appreciated our Coaching Session very much. Very informative: and David, your genuineness made the session fun and put me at ease. It is refreshing to work with someone who loves what they do.

Thank you for the clear and positive feedback. Yes, I plan to follow up with your recommendations.
Again, it was a very enjoyable session. Thank you.


Awesome session. Thank you, Kristin! These one-on-ones are an amazing part of the program, and actually my favorite part :)


Hello, Team Training!

These are a first for me--these coaching notes. Much appreciated!

Kristin was a terrific coach. She put me at ease and had lots of great advice. But then I knew she would after receiving a great "check up" with her a couple of months back. I comb the Feedback Forum for her "check-ups" with other students, too. Reading them, I always learn something.

I imagine many students find a coach they're comfortable with and stick with them, but I've had a great experience switching coaches for every session. Every coach has had their own, somewhat unique, very helpful was of coaching. I love it.

Kristin was right. I do plan on adding a demo into my program, and some coaching sessions, too. I have good news, too: with my new, Edge-inspired confidence, I put myself out there this very week and scored my first VO job. Yay!


Hi Danielle,
My Narration demo has arrived.
Thank you for your dedicated, detailed, specific, patient coaching.
Your coaching made an incredible difference for me and I believe
I grew as a Voice actor. I hear myself saying things now--naturally--in
everyday speech with such clear articulation and intention that I am

I continue to use all the practices, exercises and methods you
taught me in my daily practice. The Julia Child/Darth Vader contrast
remains mystifying to my beagle,Fiona! But she still stays for practice.

And, working with you, doing this thing I love, was not only a
great experience, it was fun.

I am very grateful for your brilliant coaching and
appreciate your presence in my life.

Hope all is well with you.
Thank you again!!

Mary C.

Hi Linda,

Thank you for the wise,wide-ranging,detailed,demanding
coaching session on November 15. I appreciate being
able to work with someone as gifted,experienced and
dedicated as you.

It was great to meet in person!


Simply a quick thank you to Carol Monda and Edge Studio for last evening's session as the most informative hour of Audio Book instruction I have ever had.

Carol is superb and she has pushed me on to the next level! I'm looking forward to many more sessions. Thanks.

Patrick C.

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