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Hi Edge,

Thanks for the notes! They, along with the notes I wrote on my train ride home, are definitely helpful!

I had a great time training with Danielle yesterday! She's a warm person, and I was very comfortable with her right from the start. Her tips and insights were incredibly helpful ~ seemingly little changes really made a big difference that I could hear right away! I couldn't believe how quickly the hour went, and I walked away with a lot more information and things I will definitely be focusing on more during practice and future reads.

Thanks so very much again! I am so looking forward to future private coaching sessions!


Hi Linda,

I just wanted to thank you for today's session. Never having thought what an impact a one hour lesson could have, I left with an incredible boost in confidence about my future in VO. There really is something to relaxing and trusting in your coach.


recently had coaching sessions with David Goldberg and Linda Jones. I also want to add that both of these instructors are great teachers. They are encouraging, knowledgeable and insightful and, as a result, they are able to pass along their knowledge with tips that are tailored to what was needed to improve my performance. I valued the time I was able to have with both of them and I look forward to further sessions!


I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Kara! What a great session we had . She was so very helpful and a great teacher. Can I schedule another session with her?

Mary Ann K

Hi Linda,

I really enjoyed my first session: I so appreciate the opportunity to identify the weaker areas and your notes will be such a helpful resource from which to practice and, hopefully, improve!


Carol……Thanks so much for your terrific help and coaching today!
I really enjoyed our time and learned a lot from you.


Hi David,

Thank you so much for your coaching today!
I learned so many helpful things from you. You brought clarity to some of my floundering.
I enjoyed and appreciated how you teach.
I'll be practicing more productively now.

Looking forward to our next session,

Cheryl C.


I attended the Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer on Wed, May 27, 2015 coached by Kristen. This is my second class with her. She does a excellent job coaching, guiding students, and is very professional. Also she has a very pleasant sounding voice that makes the 3 hours go by quickly.

I just wanted to leave a compliment! Thank you, Edge Studio, and thank Kristen for me.


Hi David,As always, you have clearly and specifically told me where I am; what I need to do to go forward; and very specific ways to move forward. Thank You! I am honored and blessed to be working with a teacher like you.



Thank you so much for our last teaching session. I enjoyed it, but more than that I learned a ton. I will be working on practicing my before moments and after moments, and selecting the right tone for the different beats in the copy. I'll also be doing a bit more reading from the books you suggested, and listening, listening, listening to the voice overs in the world around me.

I really felt like you spoke to me at my level of knowledge and intelligence, and that you taught me several new tools that I can use when I'm stuck or uncertain how to proceed. I left our session feeling like the hour we spent was extremely valuable to me. I also left with a new fire and renewed enthusiasm. I hope to work with you again very soon.

Congratulations, again, on your Florida commercial, and I hope that Gatsby was really fun!

Jodi B.

Thank you for the notes. Danielle was fantastic to work with and her instruction was extremely helpful. I would love to work with her again as I move towards my demo.

Also, please pass along my thanks to her for being flexible in scheduling the session on a Saturday.


Hi Kendra,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I had a great coaching session with Michael. He gave me exactly what I needed. He offered a wealth of invaluable insight and motivation. His feedback was honest, constructive, professional, and completely without judgement. And to top it off, he was loads of fun too! I'll definitely be coaching with Michael again!


Thank you so much . Ariana loved her session with Ms. Romano and is very excited and looking forward to her next session with her.

Hila M

It was a pleasure participating in this coaching session. I learned a tremendous amount during this session. Thank you for this feedback.


Hello Danielle,

It was wonderful to finally meet and work with you in the studio.
Just wanted to thank you for yesterday's session, I appreciate your support and encouragement.
Looking forward to integrating your notes into my practice.

Have a lovely weekend (and a very good latte'),

Darla V.

Hi Carol,

Thanks so much for another enjoyable and beneficial coaching session!
I do appreciate your guidance and encouragement.



Thank you for the great coaching session on September 26.

The technique you taught me for transitioning from conversation
to a narrative is masterful. I'm using it to practice.

I've learned so much from you in the Saturday Technique and
Audition classes too. You are a great influence and source in my

Thank you again!


Hi David,

Just a quick note to pass along a few words of thanks about a coaching experience I just completed through Edge Studio.

I signed up for Edge Studio's Memorial Day sale special with Hayley Wolosz. I bought a coaching three-pack and six performance check-ups. Carol Monda helped me polish my narration skills through a series of six, half-hour sessions.

Thank you, SO much, for hiring such fabulous teachers David! I can't say enough good things about Carol Monda. Her wealth of professional experience inspires confidence, and she is an intuitive, encouraging, creative and skilled teacher.

I've been studying with Edge Studio since April of 2009. Thank you for consistently providing superior voice acting training.


Hi Kendra,

Once again I had the pleasure of a great coaching session. This time it was with David Guzonne and I got some great tips and ideas on how to improve my performance. After hearing the great tips from the other coaches I’ve had, this one seemed to sort of clarify and reinforce what the others were saying to me. Thank you, David, for your help!


I want to thank you for being so practical in your work with me and always very tactful. I often hear my mistakes but you never focus on the weakness, on the contrary you offer always an example or an exercise AS ANOTHER OPTION. There is no way to be discouraged at Edge Studio. You do everything to help me to believe in myself and focus on the next step with realistic tools, a supportive attitude, a very professional approach and lots of humor. Thank you.

I have a long way to go, but i love working with all of you.


I cannot express enough, the wonderful and rewarding guidance that she provided. Kristen was warm and encouraging to me during both sessions. Her wonderful demeanor gave me the determination and confidence to achieve all that she asked of me. She is simply the BEST!

I look forward to being an asset to Edge Studio for many years to come.

I appreciate the opportunity.


Noelle is an outstanding voice coach and personality!

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from our training session – provided me with a lot of valuable input and focus as I pursue opportunities in the voice over and related business.

Allan D

Hi Kristen,

Thank you very much for the great coaching session on Tuesday
November 10. Your comments and direction were very specific,insightful and helpful. Listening to the session
recordings, I can hear immediately the effect of making the message
specific. And I was aware of the starting to speak/breathing issue.
I appreciate your help about working on that.

And thank you for all the material about breathing and articulation.

I enjoyed working with you. Thanks for challenging me.
It was wonderful to be back in a professional studio.

See you soon. Take good care of yourself.

Mary C.

Kristen, Thanks immensely for the coaching session today!
The tools and instruction you provided give me a lot more confidence to move forward and practice more effectively.


Dear Johnny:

It was a pleasure working with you the other day. Thank you for your time, expertise and "helpful hints".

Good luck with your new audiobook project.


Hi Edge Team,

Just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I had a grrrrreat first session with Kristen. She is AMAZING! I learned so much and she gave me so much in that session. I left with some key tools customized for me that I know I will be using for the rest of my career in voice over. Thank you Kristen. YOU ROCK!


Hello to Jenna and the team in the educational department,

Would like to add some comments to Michael's notes after our second session together on October 3.
His "matter of fact" style and the manner in which he encourages to lean on your natural self, to use "your" voice and within your voice adapt to the copy and various ways to read the copy, is an approach which has been very helpful to me. As a newcomer to this profession, but not at all a newcomer to the professional world, I very much appreciate having it just spelled out and not over- glorified or over complimented . . . very, very helpful session and a big thank you to Michael.

Kim B.

Hi, Randye ~

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our session this morning. I really enjoyed working with you and so appreciate your invaluable guidance and advice. I am so excited to revamp my VO business and get working in all of the areas that we discussed. I really think that I have found my niches. Thank you, again. I hope to talk with you again soon.

Annie S.

Hey David,

I just wanted to let you know I had my first session with Carol yesterday and she was fantastic! She gave me a new zest for attempting the audiobook world. Thanks for steering me in her direction!


Dear David,
I just wanted to let you know that I had the MOST wonderful session with Johnny Heller. I swear I learned more in that hour than I had in such a long time! Thank you very very much for the opportunity to work with him and letting me know about his teachings. I plan to use him again!

Dara R

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