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I just had to let you know that I had a great read for an agent tonight by applying what I learned in today's session. The agent, brought her own copy for us to read. It was for a bank and the first line read "I loved my bank". To practice reading it three different ways, I asked myself three questions:
1. How do I feel about triple scoop hot fudge sundaes
2. How do I feel about a really good friend (I picked a specific one)
3. How do I feel about someone I have a crush on (a specific person)
I then thought the first question right before the read and the agent told me I did a fantastic job and she wants me to send her a headshot as soon as I get one.

Thank you again for your fantastic teaching!


David is the guy you want if you want an honest appraisal of your abilities, practical help in improving your skills and the real deal on this business.

Reginald Metcalf

My background--which includes studio work as a singer, a graduate degree in education, and an old, not-quite-there VO demo--has prepared me to fully appreciate the work David Goldberg has been doing with me over the past few months. His mastery of his industry and craft, his understanding of performance psychology, and his gift for teaching and communicating are unmistakable...he's is the most centered, organized, and self-possessed person I've come across in a long time. His instruction and his assessment of my voice and my performance have been specific, decisive, and so balanced that my technique--and my confidence--have improved significantly in a very short time. I absolutely trust him to guide me in establishing myself in the field. Thank you, David, and I look forward to continuing our work together!

M.C. Tapera

As a teacher in my field, I have taught management classes to all levels of management, as well as presentation skills to those teaching others or giving speeches, etc....David's skills are outstanding.

His coaching skills helped immensely in improving my interpretation of a script, as well as in the ultimate delivery. What I liked most was that we never rushed through a script, and didn't move on until we got it right.

I highly recommend him if you're looking to learn the ropes of doing voiceovers, or if you're just looking to fine tune your skills

David Beaman, Florida

Thanks, David!!

You have helped me so much, and given me a lot of confidence by being so supportive of my efforts and abilities. Especially considering that I'm such a doubting Thomas--but I think I'm much less so, thanks to you. And that comes across in the reads and during work sessions.

Thanks again


I just wanted to thank you again for the V.O. session yesterday. In addition to the professional comments and perspective which were most helpful, I enjoyed the conversation.

I will try to schedule another session in the next few weeks.



Thanks, Danielle! You're an awesome teacher. Until next time...



Thanks for your insight and advice this morning. Our conversation was very helpful. I will be implementing your suggestions regarding my demo ASAP. I will contact your office later this week to schedule an appointment to discuss the construction of a home studio. Thanks again for your valuable input!


[I had my first job!] I can honest say I felt confident and understood exactly what the producer asked for. The work we did, your critical ear and preciseness made me very comfortable with the whole audition. Thanks. I'll let you know about Tuesday too

Dave Dettore

Hi Kerry,

Hope you are well!! Just wanted to say thank you so much for last night's workshop on Voice Over. It was incredible informative and extremely helpful. I have taken one other workshop at a NYC studio with a different group and yours by far exceeded it. I am really looking forward to my one on one evaluation and hopefully moving forward with Edge Studio in creating a really great demo I can be proud. I hope our paths cross again!!

Best wishes,

You and the folks at Edge Studio are lifesavers to us VO talent. I'm so glad you're there!

All the best,


Outstanding voice-over coach, the entire Edge Studio organization is quite simply first-class.

Gina K.

Hi Becky,

Glad to help. Having a nice voice certainly is a good start, but like any other craft/art you have to be willing to learn and practice the skills and techniques that make the difference between "having a nice voice" and "being able to get work as a voice over actor". As much as there are crappy voice overs on the air, the fact remains that quality work is much more about knowing how to use your voice, and your skills, and about acting than it is about talking.

Having said that, the basics are not hard - or expensive - to learn. I trained with a wonderful teacher and real working voice over producer (a BIG plus in terms of really knowing the business) based out of NY. David Goldberg, Edge Studio, 212-868-3343.. I've also taken other workshops as my career has evolved, and spent a lot more money, without getting anything more than what David was able to share for a lot less.

Hope helpful.

Hi Eric:
Let me thank you for the work you have done with me during our sessions thus far. I am getting so much out of them, and enjoying every minute of it!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening!
Thanks again,


Hi David,

Its time to switch my compliments. I've just finished my 3rd private session with Tom & wanted to let you know how terrific he was with me. He brings patience and constructive criticism, working with me on the pieces until I get a thorough understanding of delivery. He also sets the stage for the demo, advising what types of pieces he would like to see on them. Just the kind of experience I am coming to expect from your studio.

My next session is with Judy & I am looking forward to getting another perspective as well to broaden my experience.

Thanks again for your great staff,


Hi Jay,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you, once again, for helping me produce my demo!

First, you helped me edit my scripts to the correct length. Next, you encouraged me
to explore a variety of emotional tones. Your final suggestion --that I have FUN with
the material-- gave me confidence. All of these things helped me give
much better performances than I would have on my own.

I look forward to taking more classes from you, and doing more coaching with you,
in the near future. (I don't know if your other students have told you this, but your
classes are a lot of FUN!)

All the best,

Elizabeth Holmes

Wow David!

You were so professional and easy to work with! I can't wait to work with
you again! No wonder you train people! You're the best! You could squeeze
ANY read out of me!

a very very impressed

Joan F

Hi Jean,
Thank you so much! I can't tell you how grateful I am. I also wanted to thank you personally for setting me up with the trial voice over session with Eric. He is my favorite coach by far and I'm really excited about putting my reels together with him.


I want to thank you for an most enjoyable session, my coach Tom was excellent, and as nervous as I was he totally made me feel comfortable. I look forward to more sessions with him and will call to schedule an appointment soon.


JoAnn Ross

Jay is a gem among gems. I left his workshop feeling empowered.

When I first arrived at Edge Studio last year, after four Manhattan VO coaches and six years developing myself in the VO business, I learned more in forty-five minutes of coaching with David Goldberg than all experiences previous.

David's many professional talents and strengths, as well as wonderful personal qualities, are too numerous to mention in a brief testimonial.

Aside from being a phenomenal producer, David is just such a truly terrific teacher with a super 'recording booth-side manner' so to speak. I respect and admire David tremendously; one could not hope to find a finer gentleman in the industry or elsewhere.

There is no better place in NYC for VO artists and aspiring VO artists to go to for all the many services offered by David and his staff than Edge Studio.

Final verdict: Thumbs up! Highly Recommended!

Thank you, David and Edge Studio!

Michael Schmitt

With his straightforward and honest approach, David is an effective
instructor for group workshops as well as individual coaching, and can
easily pinpoint one's voiceover strengths and weaknesses. He's an amazing
sound engineer too - you can certainly trust your demo production to him!

Karen H.

Hi Joan,

I wanted to let you know my last audition was exactly what we practiced. Saying a short amount of copy 4 times in a row. And I did really well! I think you would have been proud. The coaching r-e-a-l-l-y helped. The


David and Eric,

My deepest thank you for the coaching session Wednesday afternoon. I picked up a ton of great advice. Eric was fantastic with identifying areas which I need to focus to make my performance real. I would like to arrange another coaching session for the future. I'll be in touch.


Tom Wahl

Dear David,

Just a couple lines to thank you for a great meeting this morning at your studio. I can tell your insights will be helpful and look forward to our next consultation.

Will get those outline notes to you no later than next Friday.

Again, many thanks for your interest, expertise and enthusiasm.

Best wishes


Dear Kerry:

Just a quick note to say thank you for the engaging and informative voice class today.
We all learned a lot and thought you did a great job!

Best wishes,

Jim Jim Keeley Howard Hughes Medical Institute

David, thanks so much for the excellent coaching sessions; I learned so much
and had a fun time in the process!

When I get my design act together I would love to run the titling of the
tracks by you for feedback if you don't mind.

Thanks again for everything,

Karla H.


Thanks for all of your help and support so far, it means a lot to me. Judy, by the way, was fantastic. I couldn't have gotten a better teacher.


Thanks for a fabulous audition session yesterday. You were so helpful. I will let you know what comes of it. I made a copy of the CD before I sent it out yesterday.
I look forward to talking to you soon.

James Early

Thanks again for the impromptu training session this morning. I really appreciate your advice and direction. I even implemented the techniques we discussed on the recording I did after we met. It helped!

John Foran

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