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David's skills are outstanding!
His coaching skills helped immensely in improving my interpretation of a script, as well as in the ultimate delivery. What I liked most was that we never rushed through a script, and didn't move on until we got it right.

I highly recommend him if you're looking to learn the ropes of doing voice-overs, or if you're just looking to fine tune your skills.

David Beaman - Lauderhill, FL

Dear David,

Thank you so much for your continued encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on Wednesday. David, you are not only knowledgeable about your work, you have a knack for making someone feel completely at ease, you are professional, courteous and pleasant to work with and totally appreciated by me - as I also informed Jean yesterday.


For the past several weeks I have been working with one of your terrific coaches, Judy. She is absolutely awesome! In our most recent session she believes I require one perhaps two more sessions prior to going to the studio to produce my demo.

You all at Voice Edge have been so helpful and professional and I believe your efforts and professionalism can assist me in reaching my goals.

Should you and I speak for a few moments prior to making the appointment for the production or should I proceed as Judy wanted me to check with you on this.

I thank you for your time and most importantly your assistance in helping me pursue this business and my personal goals.

My best,


Hi Morgan,

Part one was very informative. Kerry is obviously experienced and her instruction and feedback was informative and patient. While I think some of us had some previous voice over experience and others had none, she was very good with the range of talent that were in the class, bringing out improvements in a short period of time.



Hi David,

You and I spoke one time, quite a few months back. It was when you did the "annoying radio add", I don't recall what you called it exactly but it was along those lines. I sent you the mp3 and you called me and gave me some advice.

Well I dropped the ball on that and sent you something annoying but it wasn't what you were really looking for. I redid the bit and sent it to you and you emailed me back with your comments, which was much appreciated. I also appreciated how you spoke to me. Even though I didn't send in exactly what you were looking for the first time, you didn't make me feel like a fool and that really stuck with me and was the reason I sent in the second mp3.

The other night I did a one on one voice assessment with Noelle Romano in Los Angeles. I live in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area so we are on the same time zone and it worked out really well.

I just wanted you to know that you have hired a really great person in Noelle. She was so easy to talk to you and such a great help to me. She brought out things in me in that one hour that I really didn't realize I had. I have never done VO before and she seemed impressed with some things that I did, especially commercials.

I intend to continue my VO education with Edge. Noelle has suggested 4 sessions, concentrating on my strengths in commercial work. Then possibly cutting my first demo. I really hope I get to work with her again during this process.

Your kindness towards me is what drew me back to Edge. Obviously you expect your employees to be of the same quality. Kind, but honest, I applaud that. I thank you for that and I look forward to working with Edge during my journey into VO.

I hope I find some success in VO and I am excited about it in a way I haven't been excited before in my almost 44 years of life.



Hi David,
Thank you so much for the great coaching session last night. The hour
went so fast! My confidence level went way up because of the encouragement
you gave me. I recorded the session, and I am sure I will be referring to it
in the future.

Thanks again,


Hi Cathy,

I don't know if you remember me, but approximately one month ago very early in the morning (8:30 am) you were nice enough to sign me on at Edge Studios for its demo program.

I just had my first private session with Michael Ingram. He was fabulous! Could you please pass on my thanks to him?

I will be calling you within the next week or so to set up more appointments.

Have a great week!



I want to express my gratitude for the fine coaching I have received from Michael Ingram. His avuncular teaching style makes learning new techniques very enjoyable and his patience with newcomers to the industry removes apprehension and helps to build self-esteem. I look forward to working with Michael in the future as I progress in the world of voice acting.

John Harnish

Thanks again, Kerry, for all of your patience and coaching! I really appreciate it and I am so grateful to be working with you and everyone at Edge!

Have a super weekend!


Hi Joey,

I just wanted to pass on to Kristin Price what a wonderful coaching job she does. She has always been encouraging and helpful with her expertise. A very positive coaching experience!

Thank you Edge Studio for all your good work.

Deborah Stromberg

Good afternoon.

I just completed a one-hour, telephone private coaching session with Kristin Price. Having completed the Introduction to Voiceover program (CT) and the Technique 101 Webinar, I wanted to follow-up with a focused and individual assessment of my potential in voiceover. So, I wanted a particularly skilled coach--certainly knowledgeable, but also both supportive and candid.

My experience with Kristin was absolutely outstanding. She is a superb coach and exceeded all of my expectations. She's a pleasure to work with; knows how to explain concepts; knows what exercises and drills to use and knows how to give clear feedback. (I should mention that I've been a presentation skills coach for 25 years, so I know a good coach when I see or work with one!)

As an outcome from our session, she's given me some "food for thought" as I consider whether to pursue the field of "voice acting." This is exactly what I was looking for from her.

Please thank and congratulate Kristin for me.

On a broader note, I've been tremendously impressed with the professionalism of your organization, your approach and your people. I've spoken to several of your colleagues on the phone, and have now worked with three of your coaches (Kristin, Randye Kaye and Danielle Quisenberry). All of my interactions with you have been quality interactions! And, whether or not I proceed to a voiceover demo, I'd be delighted to be a reference for The Edge Studio.


Excellent session today with Linda Jones! She"s very thorough, very helpful, and obviously a real expert at her craft. Ilearned a lot in that hour and enjoyed the whole time with Linda. Please extend my thanks to her (again), and put at least twelve "attaboys" in her file!


Hi David and Edge Team,

I had a very insightful, fun, and professional coaching session to day with Mike Ingram. He is truly a creative, talented, earnest and kind (but firm when need be) instructor.

I hope you keep Mike around for a long time!

Thanks again for all your support,

Paula Lin

Please thank Vanessa again for her coaching time.
I really enjoyed working with her and found her advice extremely helpful.

Jason Re

Thank you for a GREAT coaching session with Michael Ingram, on Monday, November 7th at ten AM. This was the best experience I've had by far!

It was very easy for me to relate to Michael while we had a lot of fun working on my delivery.

Jim Miller

Hi Vanessa!

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help today! I really feel like I learned a lot in the session! I remembered all of your suggestions on both pieces of copy and have practiced it non stop since we last spoke.Thanks so much again!!!

Stefanie Paige

Hi Karen,

I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance in setting up my coaching session and posting my copy in preparation.

I had a brilliant session! Noelle was fantastic; she was genuinely interested in me and how she could help further my career and improve my techniques. She was an inspirational director who was fun and totally put me at ease as we tried different strategies to enhance my delivery. We squeezed so much into the session, but it never seemed hurried. I am a newbie so as well as playing with different approaches to the text, Noelle also introduced me to some of the basics that I needed to know in order to feel confident in taking my next steps. I am still buzzing from the experience and I am thrilled about how much I learnt - I am definitely going to be booking another training consultation with Noelle!

I am so grateful to Edge Studio for offering these weekly contests (and the many other free educational resources!). They are ideal for practising and testing different niches and the overall feedback is really informative. With regards to the prizes, they are invaluable!

Thank you once again Karen.

Niki Kernow

Cathy -

Just a quick note to say I had my session last night with Vanessa and am fired up to be working with Edge!

We had a great recording session and she gave me fantastic feedback on ways to personalize my delivery.
I can't wait to get closer to producing a demo!

I'm really grateful for connecting with Edge Studio!


Ah Vanessa. Thank you so much for this, and for everything today! What a
pleasure you are to work with! I¹m sure everyone says that, I hope it
doesn¹t get old.

Steve Pershing

Both Michael and Randye seem to LOVE what they do, and are truly interested in helping you to improve, at any level. I'm getting such focused attention from them; it's a real pleasure.


Hey Lara,
Just want to tell you how my session went yesterday. I had about 3 1/2 hours of copy to do, they made some changes as I read.....but I did everything we talked about. I was kind of under the gun as there were different people in charge of each script and they were timed to come at different times of the day but we ended up perfectly on schedule.
Thanks again,


Just finished my first Edge Studio session. It was well worth the cost! Noelle was so friendly and nice, but not placating. She gave me constructive criticism and encouragement in equal parts.

Just wanted to send some thanks to Kristin P. for the great session I had with her when I came up to NY about 2 weeks ago. She was very informative and gave great feedback on things to work on. Thanks Kristin!


Dear Cathy,

A short note to say how impressed I was with the private coaching session I had with Mara Junot on April 25.

This was a very enlightening session, much to my surprise. I had given Mara a concise oral synopsis about my voiceover business/career to-date. This was just for information only. But in short, Mara is very insightful and perceptive. She quickly pinpointed the root cause of my situation and addressed it in a very straightforward way. I was surprised how much she uncovered about me from my brief presentation. I felt like I had been read like a book. She addressed everything I’d said and told me what my mistakes in reasoning were. She spoke to me using a vernacular, that that I understood, which was new age, cause and effect, and how the universe responds to what we present to it. I am sure that what she said has been said to me before but this time I was compelled to listen, understand, accept and make an adjustment. I knew that my perspective had changed, right then and there, I changed. I lack the words to express how compelling that coaching was. Her message was what I needed to hear and at a time when I could accept it. That is really important for me.

She gave me homework which I worked on that night. She asked me to identify three local companies, listen to their voicemail, then make a ‘scratch’ recording of their voicemail and contact her in 2-3 weeks to follow up. I have researched about five companies and have gathered information about the # of employees, # of years in business, annual income and if their voicemail message was recorded by a professional or office worker. I have focus now. I found a niche and have been given a series of steps to follow to reach a positive outcome. Once I learn how to do this I will improve.

The training, exposure and experience that I have received from Edge Studio have been wonderful. I am thankful that I was drawn to Edge in April 2011.

Thank you Cathy

Sabrina from Cincinnati


It was lovely to meet you too! I left my 2nd session in the same positive and exhilarated frame of mind as I left session 1...and really feel I'm on the right road to a very successful and rewarding new career!

Sandee O

I worked with Johnny Heller this evening and he is fabulous.

My first coaching session with Linda was awesome! she took me carefully through the process so that I emerged with a clear idea of my strengths and weaknesses and armed me with exercises to strengthen the voice. I look forward to the next coaching session in a couple of weeks. thank you EDge Studio!

I credit my conversational style to Mr. Michael Ingram. So far, I have attended two of his Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer classes and I am getting a much better handle on conversational copy reading. I have received several complements on my good conversational style in Noelle Romano’s Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer classes and Mr. Ingram is the reason why.

So thank you very much for have a teacher who can demonstrate voiceover techniques in real time. I learn best in this environment.
Thank you

Sabrina Hawkins

Thank you so much for everything Vanessa. You are wonderful to work with! Thank you for sharing your talent with me.
Isn't Steve awesome too? I love recording with him - great ears and really cares!


All I can say is AMAZING and Thanks. Paul was great he is a true gem.

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