Testimonials & Success Stories

Hi, Scott.

I wanted to thank you for the outstanding session last night.

I learned a lot in 30 minutes and you gave me several important tools to keep improving my craft.

Congrats to you and the whole Edge Studio team!

All the best from Brazil,


The best voices need the best coaching to stay on top of the game. While attending the VOICE 2012 Convention, I had the pleasure of doing a mini training with David Goldberg and Randye Kaye. Little did I know that the 20 minutes I spent with them would prove to be so valuable. Each of them gave me tools and tips that I could put to use immediately. They are true teachers, motivators and are very honest with their feedback. A+ all the way.

Rhonda Phillips

Hi Karen,

Thanks very much for following up with me after the session. Carol was an absolute delight to work with and I will certainly be requesting another session with her in the future! I have been very impressed with all of the online guidance that Edge gives to students, and am glad to see that this high level of quality extends to in-person coaching as well.


Just wanted to let you know how immensely satisfied and excited I am tonight after working with David Guzzone for just 30 minutes, my prize for a 2nd-place win in the weekly contest. He is an outstanding voiceover coach: personal, fun, challenging, affirming and pragmatic. Within minutes I felt totally comfortable working with him and, boy, did we make progress! I can't wait to start applying some of the tips and techniques he shared tonight in my regular practice sessions. Feels like I took a big step forward tonight, thanks to the help of a top-notch coach.

Bill Anciaux

Dear David, I wanted to thank you for suggesting Lesley for a coaching session. She was terrific and the thing that I appreciated most about her style was that she explained her direction, and had lots of patience when I didn’t get it the first time. I had my recording feature set up and will use this lesson to hone my ability to speak more naturally which we both agree is the talent I need to strengthen the most.

Keith R

Hi, Mara.

I wanted to thank you again for the terrific session!

I've learned so much from the Edge Studio coaches and I truly appreciate your time and generosity.


Hi Randye,
Thanks so much for all of the tips and hints you provided me with last night!


Today’s coaching session was great! I especially enjoyed the variety of scripts and emotions. In addition, your advice about slating was extremely valuable!

Having 3 sequential coaching sessions with you has been very beneficial, because I was able to incorporate your advice and layer the skills from each session. I still remember something you said during your class, “Being an Approachable Expert,” on February 25. You advised us to “Be engaged with your imagination.”

Many Thanks,


Hi Danielle

Thank you so much for your time today, a great session, and also for the very detailed feedback below. I took away many useful ideas and reflections from our session and the write-up below is extremely helpful as I continue to practice. I enjoyed our time together and hope we work together in the future.


Dear Carol:

Thank you for a wonderful coaching session. You are a great teacher-- you highlighted my strengths, guided me in changing my weaknesses into strengths, and all with positive reinforcement. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you.


Hello Danielle,

I just wanted to thank you for the guidance and direction you gave me in our private sessions. I believe that the knowledge you shared with me has greatly developed my delivery and understanding in voice over.


I do want you to know that I was inspired after that class the other day and am looking to invest in some equipment so I can do more voice over stuff from home. I think you have been BY FAR the most influential guest teacher from csb and I have learned more from you than other guest teachers. So for that I say thank you!

Dear David,
I wanted to thank you, again, for working with me yesterday. Starting out on a new career path is an absolute adventure, but it has its risks, too. After speaking with you about my potential, and about your experiences, I feel even more excited and a little less nervous about the decision to pursue this profession.
I appreciated how you painted clear images for me during out session. I’m looking forward to applying the energy, story, and three different people method to my practice scripts, and to working with you again in the very near future.

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