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Great David, thank you! You always have a "pleasing" answer for me as well. It's why I truly enjoy working with you.

Who knows, maybe you complain about me up and down when I'm not there, but to me, you take things like a professional and always try to find the best solution. We are incredibly lucky to have found you not only for your skills but your professionalism as well.

Wow. I'm having a "people appreciation day." We don't say these things enough.

Thanks David.

Brian Giblin Sound Prints

Hi Guys,

just watched/listened to it.
thank you, thank you, thank you...episode 2 is awesome.
the sound is both sharp and subtle. it really brings the episode to life.

kudos on an excellent job!


Ruwan Jayatilleke
Senior Vice President
Development & Planning, Print, Animation and Digital Media
Marvel Entertainment

Morgan, Thanks for all your help in planning and executing a successful recording session in Fairfield yesterday. It went well and we've received the link to the files.

As I mentioned, you can send the invoice to my attention, either by snail mail or e-mail.

And, meanwhile, we may need to do a similar recording the week of May 4-8 in Manhattan. Are the rates fairly similar? Is it a particularly busy time of year or do you think they could squeeze in a session?

Lisa H. Brownell Director of College Publications Connecticut College

Dear Charlie/Dan/Lara/David/Jake/and edge studio voice #1 (bless you!):
In my view, the PSA's are effective and delightful.
You should all be proud of the results inherent in producing products of this quality on limited time and budgets.
Its been a complex process involving multiple schedules and variables.
In the end, goodwill has won the day.
On behalf of the Fairfield Earth Day Committee, thank you so very much.
Your responsiveness and dedication are huge. Their spirit will live on.
Warmest regards,

Fairfield Earthday

Thank you so much for everything yesterday. Steve and the rest of your team were so easy to work with. We are recommending your company to everyone we know. We definitely hope to work with you in the future and will keep you in mind if we ever have any projects we need your help and expertise with.

Allie Schachter The A Team

Edge Studio is a fantastic resource for our company when it comes to
quick-turnaround, high-end voiceovers. While they are extremely
professional, very responsive and easy to work with, the bottom line is that
they consistently deliver a great product. We've worked with other studios
in the past, but none have delivered as well as Edge.

Also, we've got a new voiceover for you. I'll call to discuss.

Jim Confalone ProPoint Graphics, LLC


Thank you so much for everything. Evette did a great job today and everybody was very happy with her performance. Ha she was only here like 20 minutes. Hope all is well and I'm sure we'll use Edge again for voice talent.

Thanks again,

Brian Josephs FaceTime Strategy


Thanks for the commercials, they sound great! I can't wait to get them on
the air. You, Lori and Allan did fantastic!

Once again, thanks for a job well done.

Paul Bay Coffee

It's an excellent, my friends. Very moving. The sound, visuals, and the environment of story that you've absolutely amazing!


Ruwan Jayatilleke Senior Vice President Development & Planning, Print, Animation and Digital Media Marvel Entertainment


The spot sounds great. Very fresh and youthful, exactly what we want
our Acura brand to represent. Thank you so much for everything.


Rocco J. DelGreco
The New York Group, Inc

Hi David,

Thank you so much for posting the files this evening and for offering multiple takes, as well as your suggestion about the last 2 takes.

I appreciate the way that everyone at Edge has worked so hard to fit this project into the schedule and finish it in time for our client’s deadline.

Have a great evening,

~ Jennifer
International Services, CO.


Thanks for the commercials, they sound great! I can't wait to get them on the air. You, Lori and Allan did fantastic!

Once again, thanks for a job well done.


While I’m writing, let me say that we found the whole recording process to be incredibly smooth. We’ve done handful of these demo and I think the recording piece has always taken at least a couple hours. We couldn’t believe it when we were done in less than an hour. When we’re ready to create our next demo, we’ll be calling you for sure!


Maryland Hospital Association


You guys nailed it. Thanks!

Jimmy Holmes
V.P. Marketing and Entertainment
Adventure Parks Group, LLC

Hello David,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you my deep appreciation for the outstanding service I got through working with Sara Guttman on our recent recording project, GM91318J (Lao).

First, let me say that I have always received great service from everyone at Edge, most recently from Kendra Baker and now Sara. Everyone is always friendly, upbeat, helpful and in every way professional.

I had originally contacted Kendra for assistance in coordinating our project and she forwarded the assignment to Sara, along with all of our client’s recording and technical specifications so that when Sara contacted me, she was already well-informed and ready to go.

Sara helped me find a timeslot to record our script within our talent’s availability, only to learn shortly thereafter that our client’s deadline became firm and required a bit of shuffling between our talent’s schedule and a full schedule at Edge. Sara immediately devised an alternate plan and arranged a session at another (Edge) studio. She remained available, on-task and positive while handling the challenges of our project.

Unfortunately, our talent got mixed up and accidentally went to the wrong studio but Sara was once again readily available to coordinate a very last-minute backup plan to assure we could record that day and still get final audio in time to meet our client’s deadline.

I joked with Sara that she was a superhero but she really did save the day, as did everyone else at Edge who worked on this project. Thank you all so much for everything you did to make our project a success!

Kind regards,

~ Jennifer International Services, CO.

I just wanted to forward one of the one thousand emails we received expressing enthusiasm and appreciation of the web cast. While I do not yet have Friday's ratings, the Thursday numbers alone were 3 times that of last year's entire 2-day web cast. Approximately 245,000 people saw a total of 121,000 hours of live golf. I rotated your logo and tag line throughout the web cast on Thursday and Friday.

In case you missed the web cast, we've archived it and made it available as a replay.

Thank you again for your help on the webcast. ESPN thought enough of the Introduction that they requested a copy of the tape. Hopefully, some additional projects will result from this!

Best regards,

Bill United States Golf Association


Thank you for all your help. My boss loved the CD, and we are loading into
our system and should have reaction shortly.

I will get back to you if we need to make changes.


Lovely of you to follow up, Kendra. I'm embarrassed that I didn't
contact the studio immediately after our session to thank everyone.
From my standpoint, things could not have gone more smoothly.

With my role being only a supportive one, I'd like to speak to Jake's
responses while Kitty, Andrew and I worked with him. From the
beginning, he seemed to have a sense of what was desired and the
technical expertise to make it happen, supporting or improving on
every suggestion that came from any of us. He's extraordinarily
cooperative, has a great sense of humor, and is speedy, besides. I
believe the product is exactly what Kitty and Andrew wanted.

Take good care,

Marcia Bernstein
Reiki Master

Hi Sara,

I received the link and downloaded the telephony pieces. I am extremely pleased.
Randye and Steve were tremendously helpful and I'm sure my client will be too.
Not to mention, you responded to my every need in the process. Thank you.
Let Goldberg know his current team is doing a great job.
New subject. I've referred two potential students to Edge for training in V.O.
I hope they come on board.
I'll stop by and say HI when I'm in the city. And....
If there's anything I can ever do for you, casting wise, just holler.

Michael John Valenti

Always a pleasure working with you and your team.

Allison Schachter | Assistant Account Executive | the a team

Hi David,
I just want to tell you how happy I’ve been with my recording at Edge Studio. Your staff is experienced, professional, and fun to work with.
The stable of voice actors yielded some terrific talent, whom Jay directed with a remarkable understanding of what the text required and how to convey it. Steve has been able to magically massage the performances, and Sara been great in pulling it all together.
I enjoyed working with everyone, and once the music copyright licenses are secured, am looking forward to an audio book that will be one toe-tapping tale!
All best wishes,

Cory Clendenen Jackson Treehouse LLC

It sounds great! Thank you for getting this to us so quickly. You have been fantastic to work with!

What else do you need from us? Payment?

Danielle Atchison Marketing Director for Steve Brant and Team Instaclose Real Estate Enterprises, Inc.

Absolutely—you and your team were great to work with, and super responsive. Rest assured it did not go unnoticed

Casey Girard Producer • VIVA Creative

G'day Sara,

Just letting you know that all was fine with the Level 6 recordings and you can feel free to send the invoice through to Warren when it suits you.

Thanks so much for your pleasant, fast, and easy-going communication. We really appreciate you guys! You make it easy for us.

- Jono InyerPocket


The DVD came out great! Thank you.


Dear Sara and David,

It is my pleasure to inform you that Polish Army Veterans Association
(Siberian archive) youtube channel (pavany09english) with voice over recorded in your studio will be connected to official site of new Peter Weir "The Way Back", movie based on true story about an escape from Siberia with Collin Ferral and Ed Harris. The producers really like our work. So thank you and congratulations. The
site will be up in couple of weeks and there is already talk about
All the best

Margaret Pospiech Polish Army Veterans Association

Thanks Kristen- I couldn't imagine it coming out any-better!!!
I'm very pleased with this.
All the best

Fred Lernell. Co LLC


Kristin you have made my day! I really can't thank you enough for all your amazing work. We will make our opening date by the skin of our teeth thanks to you!

Adrianna Production Coordinator Antenna International™

Good morning. Everything went smoothly earlier today with our two voiceover sessions to no surprise.
We wanted to say thanks for all the work you've done for us and our clients over the past year. Have a great holiday and we look forward to working with Edge in 2011!

-Justin- Hart•Boillot

Wow! So quick! Downloading these now, they sound great! Although it doesn't really matter what I think as Candlewick was on the phone, so they should be happy with what was recorded. Thanks so much for helping out with this! I have to say, I e-mailed maybe 3-5 studios in NYC and you were the only that actually responded to me (aside from one saying they no longer work in NYC). I also contacted a studio in Providence that a friend used to work at and they quoted me at $1200 +.

So I can't thank you enough for all your help, getting this done in such a timely, professional manner. I definitely will keep Edge Studio in mind for any future projects! Thanks so much, happy new year!

Cody Candlewick Press

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