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Kendra, hi!
I just got back from a conference in Dallas, and let me tell you, people there were SO excited to be able have the Spanish translation. I totally sold out of the stock I bought and this morning shipped about three dozen to various places.
It's a hit in the making, that's for sure.

Will Schermerhorn Blueberry Shoes Productions LLC

Hi Kristen,
We have listened to the new voiceover, we have some small comments, but probably we will accept them and approve them.
I would like to ask you to thank everyone who was working on our project, all the talents, sound directors, engineers, and everyone else we don’t know.
I personally thank you in a special way! J
Wishing you a lot success!
It was a real pleasure to work with you!
I wish best of luck to you and your studio! Hope we will work on our future projects!
Thank you very much and best regards,

Liuan Kardan Homo Habilis Studio

“It’s been an incredible experience developing and producing Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers,” says Ruwan Jayatilleke, producer of Thor & Loki. “The source material by Robert and Esad is absolutely brilliant and works on so many different levels as a story for multiple mediums. To be honest it’s been an honor–and a blast — to work with the talented creatives of Magnetic Dreams, Edge Studio, Underground Music, and NYAV! What we’ve put together as a team will further define and push the boundaries of what Marvel Knights Animation can be as well as entertain comic book enthusiasts and mainstream fans with a very compelling piece of content.”

He’s the Super Hero everyone’s talking about and before Marvel Studios’ Thor feature film debuts, experience one of Thor’s most popular stories in comic history through cutting edge animation. It’s Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers—and you’ll never see the world of Thor the same way ever again!

Ruwan Jayatilleke

Hi Kristen,

I just wanted to say thanks for everything. We love the spots. Instead of being stressful, you guys made it so much fun to do.

We hope we can work with you again very soon!

Enjoy the nice weather..and have a nice weekend.

Stan Pribichevich Concentric Pharma

--that was absolutely perfect. May good things come to both you, Michael, and your team.
Here at the Transatlantic Orthopedic Foundation, we are exceptionally grateful for your talent, time, and care with this request. Thank you.
-wow--that was really good...thank you thank you!

Transatlantic Orthopedic Foundation

Wow, thanks for the quick turn around.

Ryan Maloney Shodogg Audio

We got tired of trying to do it on our own and trying to find out who's good. Now we just call Edge, select the talent we want, and tell them when we need it.

Thanks Edge! You made it super easy and the quality is extraordinary. I should know - I used to work for a Fortune 500 that paid 3 times as much for the quality you provide!

Carol Wolk, AIS, Fairfield, CT


Thank you very much for your help today.
Great people and great work!


Dear Sara and Kristen,

I just wanted you to know I took your advice last weekend and I was able to record my messages exactly as I wanted them. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I have posted 5-star ratings for Edge Studio on Google Places (for both the DC and NYC locations). If there is anything else I can do to help you, please let me know.

Thanks so much!

Sincerely yours,


Dear Anne,

Our deepest gratitude to all of you who participated. How wonderful these are and to hear a actually made my teary eyed! They are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much for helping us and please send our kindest thanks to the actors! If they wish to be named on our website we'd be happy to do that along with Edge Studio.

Thank you!

April Hynes & Dr. Mark M. Newell

Hi David,

I am still working on getting a response, and I am out of time to wait on the project, so I am going ahead and sending the Higher Education projects your way. You have always been super helpful and gone out of your way for us, so I am taking a leap of faith that you and I can make it work.


I've just returned from NY where I made my first trip back 'home' in six and 1/2 years! It was a fantastic trip with one of the highlights being a recording session at Edge Studio. As far as I was concerned,

it couldn't have gone smoother...

I sooooo enjoyed meeting ALL of you, not to mention, recording my spots for my client was truly a breeze! Thanks for making this a possibility at such late notice (considering I got word from my client as I was out the door to catch my flight from SFO ) I was so pleased that you were able to accommodate me in the schedule for the recording studio and were so welcoming to me. I'm also very grateful for the quick work in getting my client the files.

I'd say that it was definitely a win/win! (don't ya think?!) In any case, I hope to work with you again in the near future.

Toni Orans

Edge has really got what we like.

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