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First I want to sincerely thank you and Edge Studio for the learning resources you have so generously provided. I have taken advantage of many of the Talk with a Pro seminars and have learned a great deal from them.



Thank you for a very informative presentation on Tuesday's conference call with Edge Studio. It was one of the best Q&A sessions to date and you provided so much valuable information about available computer software for use in quality voice over recording.

I appreciate your willingness to provide further direction in making accurate and well informed decisions which reflects the support for success that Edge Studio offers to everyone venturing into this challenging but exciting career.
The quality of your voice really impressed me. Your ability to succinctly answer questions without overstating or trying to impress conveyed confidence in the knowledge of your profession(s) and delivery without impediment in a first time experience.
I carefully listened to you. In doing so, I learned about breathing (and not hearing it), timing, inflection, composure, rhythm, etc. and it was clearly absorbed in my brain through my ear. This experience will help me to improve. The "mass mute" was highly cool.

Many thanks again to you and to Edge Studio for supporting success in the voice over universe.

Judith Daniels

Hello Lara,

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this Tele-class. You have made it very easy to register and participate.

Would you please also convey my appreciation to Steve Brezzo for his warm and engaging presentation. It was especially encouraging to hear him say that I took direction well, since this is only my second experience at any sort of voiceover class. I look forward to exploring more possibilities in the future.

Best regards,

Joanna Lloyd

GREAT CLASS!!!! I enjoyed the clarity and the richness of the info
given by Steve -- the learning through each participant's reading was
most helpful!
Thank you Edge! and Steve!!


Steve is an excellent coach, able to work with a wide range of talent, and professional. He was prepared, kept things moving along, accommodated a large class, and truly gave personal attention to each of student. One special note: he hit that difficult balance between giving repeated direction and yet not discouraging the student.

Hi Sara,

I wanted to tell Steve that I appreciated the time he took with all of us. I was impressed with how he was able to impart so much history of the audio tour as well as what the current state of the market is today. Yet, he still had time to let us all read our individual scripts while he critiqued each of us to help our performance while still providing positive reinforcement.

With all that, he still managed to complete the workshop on time. I also appreciated his comments regarding my nervousness (something I am trying to work on) as well as my pacing & the necessity of changing pace for ending the sentences.

I have been away from training for a while & this was a good opportunity to get my feet wet again.

Thanks again,


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