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I was so glad to find "Storytelling for Broadcast" taught by Tom Pinto on Edge Studio's class schedule. I'd been looking for instruction in documentaries, and wanting to work with Tom, for years. It was a treat to be able to do so through Edge Studio on a remote basis from the comfort of my own studio.

Tom was extremely well-prepared for every session. One day in advance, we received scripts by email. During the first class, he quickly assessed each student's most marketable skills. From then on, he gave each of us tailored, individual instruction to bring out our strengths.

Tom's willingness to share his documentary experience was extremely valuable to me. I now have a much better idea of what this genre requires, of how to interpret scripts, of where my voice fits, and of how to find work.

Thank you, so much, for offering this topic presented by such a helpful, experienced pro!

Elizabeth Holmes

So enjoyed your class Tuesday at Reel Pros. Your comments, both to myself and to others, were so insightful and very valuable for future work.


Dear Training Staff:

Just wanted to thank Edge Training for making available as part of the Webinar Schedule: "Tell the Client's Story." Great webinar! And look forward to hearing it again. Also, I wanted to thank Randye for accommodating some technical issues on my end during the webinar. She is a wonderful coach and teacher.

Deborah Stromberg

Hi Edge, David, Graeme, and all,

Just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying the p2p webinar. It's fascinating to hear top performers share their tactics and knowledge and I'm sure it will be beneficial financially. I've never participated on the p2p's although I've been in the business for over 15 years. Now I can't wait to get started!

Jackie B

Loved Sundays event... So informative!

Cindy W

I wanted to leave a message about the wonderful webinar I took with J. Michael, Bev Standing and Graham Spicer. I learned so much. It was really helpful, informative and eye opening. This was my first class with your studio. I will definitely sign up for more.
Thank you!


Hi David,

Thanks for pulling together such a terrific event! I learned a lot and it was definitely worth the trip to NYC.

As for my two favorite portions--that's tough. Everyone had something useful to contribute--even your "figure eight" move! I think the two most useful sessions for me were the ones with Michael Ingram and Hugh Klitzke. Ingram got me thinking about narration in a whole new/different way. And the session with Klitzke provided insight from someone who really knows his stuff (although I must say, being number 24 was nerve-racking).

I will be sure to sign up for my special offer and thanks again, for the day!


Dear Mr. Connolly,

Thank you very much for this informational, time-saving, valuable lesson. What I walked away with from this session is, no matter how much an expert may impart to you the learner, practice makes perfect. I am much more confident in using my software now. I did not realize that Pro Tools 12 was also upgraded!
Since the class I upgraded my laptop used to run Pro Tools to Windows 10, now should I download the upgraded version of Pro Tools 12, I may have to invite Mr. Whittam to do his 'magic' again or I could try to tinkle with it!!! That's the amount of confidence you gave me!!!

I thank you for your patience, your time and dedication to your gift, skill and love of what you do!!!


I had a blast at the event. My favorite sessions were you & Danielle (now I know how to warm up) and Hugh. Although, I did a demo at Edge, reading for Hugh seemed nerve wrecking because rather than being in a booth, was in front of many so now I know I have to relax more when in front of many when reading


This was a terrific webinar, Jon was really knowledgable and helpful with all of our questions! Can't wait for the next one. Will Edge be sending a link to the recording of the webinar?


I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I did, and spent a large amount of it telling family about the awesome VO Expansion Event. It was an extraordinary learning experience for me. In all sincerity, the best parts of the day were all of it! I would qualify that by dividing the two parts of the day into the 10:00 - 4:00 part and 5:00-finish, part. It was extremely informative, enjoyable and energizing.


It was very, very good!!! Big thanks to all at Edge for bringing this quality information to us.


Hi, David ---

The Sunday, November 18, 2012 VOICEOVER EXPANSION EVENT was unique for me on so many levels because I needed to jumpstart my voice-over training after a long, long break for personal reasons - and my door prize for a free year of training is just perfect!

My favorite two portions of the day were: 1) the actual date of the workshop (an all-day Saturday or all-day Sunday event); and 2) the session with Hugh Klitzke - I appreciate the opportunity to get realistic feedback from someone who may actually hire me for voiceover work, and I appreciate the chance to make mistakes and learn before actually voicing a job!


I thoroughly enjoyed both webinars in the Pay to Play series. As a result, I recently signed up for the second series. I found the two seminars very detailed and extremely helpful. Now it is up to me to put what I have learned into action. I have over 40 years of work and public speaking experience, and as a former consultant, developer and department director for a City, I have spoken many times from stage, on panels and via video, but I am new to voice-over as a career. I once again find myself anxious to learn and working hard to soak up as much as I can.

Steve L

let me tell you what a great job all the Edge presenters are doing during Voice Over Virtual (VOV). I've gotten so much good information. I'm yet a very new newbie - but I so appreciate all that Edge does for the community of VO.


I'm a big fan of Edge. Keep up the great work!

Dear George, David, Emily, Leanne, et al.,

My name is Januel and I was at the meet and greet last night and I wanted to pass on a note with my sincerest thanks; to have the chance to pick the brains of the best in the industry, meet other colleagues, and eat food--all for free! The attitudes were unpretentious, the advice was very practical, and the conversations were really lively. I even reconnected with a guy from my childhood.

It was such a pleasure and I'm glad to call Edge my "home" studio. I look forward to more events.

All the best,


Dear Graeme,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Voice Casting ll workshop you conducted with J. Michael Collins and Beau Stephenson yesterday. The three of you struck the perfect balance between imparting invaluable information and making us laugh along the way. I particularly appreciated your insight with respect to the intent of the delivery of a read. Of course, I could not have been more pleased that you saw fit to choose me as The Grand Prize winner!

I' not sure if you know that I am an Edge Studio alumnus. Kristen Thorne produced my first narration demo in NYC. I am very fond of Edge.

I hope our paths cross again soon.

Good morning Noelle,

Thank you so much for a terrific workshop last night! I must say it's very refreshing to receive such clear direction. I especially appreciate the time that you spent with me individually. Very informative. But I learned the most from your interactions with each of the other actors in the class. Well done.


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