Testimonials & Success Stories

Dear David:

I joined Edge in July 2012 as a student very interested in the VO business. I learned yesterday that my first audiobook (that I narrated and produced in my home studio) through will be available for sale at the end of this week.

I want to thank you and all the fine people at Edge Studio for helping me fulfill one of my many voice over goals. Thank you for offering the webinars, talk times, and other classes that are truly cutting-edge and keep me focused on what's important and current in VO.

I feel very fortunate to be associated with your fine company.

Marie Hoffman

Hey gang, I wanted to share with you the first job I recorded in my home studio that's been published on the web. Thanks, Noelle, for helping me put together a competitive demo and Edge for all the courses available to review when it came time to actually send an invoice!


Dear David,

I am writing this letter to give thanks and kudos to you and your team at Edge Studio!
I embarked on a new career of VO last year at the end of summer when I enrolled in your VO classes. It took me a couple of months to finish the curriculum and just recently I recorded my first demo in January.

It is an exceptionally fun and challenging industry. I have now been actively working for the past 2 months mostly thru the pay-to-play sites to get my feet wet and to start gathering some experience with all the different types of clients and their needs.

All of this would have not been possible without the guidance and help from your team: Kendra Baker as my advisor, Rachel Butera who taught my Intro to VO class and provided the initial assessment, Jay Snyder with my first 1on1 webinar and finally Kristen Thorne who helped me finish my 1on1 webinars as well as preparing and producing my demo. All of these folks are fantastic individuals and I look forward to continue working with them as I prepare to start working on my second demo.

Please consider my VO talents that I continue to sharpen thru practice and continued education for any future Edge projects…would love an opportunity to collaborate with you and the team!
Finally, please check out my website below as I hope you like the Edge Banner with is proudly displayed in the lower right corner.

Don S.

So the demo recording session went great! Deb is truly fabulous to work with.

Also, fun side note is that the engineer at the studio who facilitated the recording session was so impressed with the process, how I took direction, etc. that the studio hired me the next day to come in and record a message on hold for a local dental client of theirs. Woot! It was really fun and I hope it turns in to more work in the future. Either way, it was a fantastic experience and I learned a ton in the process.

None of this would have been possible without you and Edge. I keep pinching myself about how lucky I am to have found you all. I can't say enough positive things about the Edge team and this entire process. I honestly don't know how people do VO without going through Edge! The entire process is so comprehensive and complete. I LOVE it!


My daughter Elle made a demo tape after a wonderful experience with everyone from Kendra to Kristen to Noelle to David. She has her first job and is so excited! Thanks everyone!


After coaching and redoing my Commercial demo with Kristen Thorne last December, coaching and creating an educational/film demo with David Goldberg in April- I am on my way! Less than a month after completing the demo with David, I was cast to record 5 radio spots for the same client in CT. Almost done revamping my website and put those new demos into VoiceZam. I so appreciate the training from Kristen, David and George Whittam!


I'm so grateful for the wonderful services you provide to the voicing community. As a former broadcaster who has always done voice work in addition to my radio show, I'm proud to say that for the past two years my income is mostly from voicing jobs...with a few supplemental non-voicing gigs. I've got a website, through which I've gotten exposure. I've also been cold calling agencies across the U.S.A. to introduce myself. I'll be on the lookout for Edge Studio features pertaining to the fine art of being heard by the right people.

Again, thank you for all you do. Your work is priceless!

Harriet Coffey

Hey gals,

Just wanted to let you know that I just got my first offer on ACX to voice a book!!! I'm so excited.


When I tried to strike into the voiceover industry on my own, I quickly learned that I needed a professional demo. But what I got with Edge Studio was so much more than just a demo, it was personalized coaching and step-by-step learning that helped me confidently launch into the industry knowing I was ready and I belonged here. Now that I'm regularly booking jobs, I still come back to Edge to take webinars and get more coaching so I can continue to sharpen my skills and stay competitive.

Tracy L.

THX for all your help! Loving my new career in audiobook narration. Edge helped me get there!

Darla M.

I wanted to let you know of my first gig well technically second but this one is recurring! I will recording audio books for Simon & Schuster Audio division starting in two weeks.

Thanks so much for your coaching and guidance.


I was just wondering how to send a thank you note to one of your instructors, Jay Snyder? I had a private animation session with him a few years ago, and he really helped boost my confidence. I have since been working consistently in anime (which was my career goal), and truly credit him with helping me to achieve it. :) Thank you in advance!



Just wanted to let you know that I got the BMW gig. Wasn't quite sure when we had our session because it was still in the "Acitive Auditions" category and not the "Active Paid Jobs" category on the VR website.


Things are going well for me and you guys helped get my career off the ground.


David you are my good luck charm" Less than one month after completing my demo, I booked a gig with a company based in London and Brazil
I stayed true to myself and actually put a twist on the copy to make it come alive! Using all of the techniques you taught me
Can't wait to see what the future holds with Edge Studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Thanks!!!!!


Hey Edge Team,
Since you guys gave me a tune-up and put me back on the road, I’ve been in the express lane. Your training program taught me the artistic skills (preparation, technique, ability to improvise) along with the practical (the business ins & outs, time integrity, VO courtesy & consideration). Not only do I now feel completely confident in my microphone technique, I’ve also found true comfort in the booth. Clients clearly notice it. I recorded for a big name client a few months ago, and have just started doing a dubbing series for a new regular client - both of which I booked through you. Thanks for everything! I recommend your Training Program and Studio to anyone interested in getting a quality education and a project done right.

Corey Loftus

Dear Edge,

I wanted to say thanks for the great program you offer. I completed the ABC program last fall/winter and completed a commercial demo. I received the demo, and started to market it to agents for representation. I am happy to say I was signed by 2 agents, less than 2 weeks later! That number has since grown to 6!

Can't say enough about coaching from Rachel and Jay, demo production by David and all the Edge staff, and most importantly coordination from Kendra.

Thanks Edge!

Paul S

I wanted to take a minute and update you on how my career is going. I did my Narration demo through Edge a couple years ago, and have come a long way since then. As of this past September, I have been working FT as a voice over artist! The largest part of my business is audiobooks. I got my first audiobook through ACX in February 2012 (on sale in June). As of this morning, I now have completed 23 audiobooks, ranging from 40 minutes to over 14 hours. Out of the blue, last week, I was named an Audible Approved Producer! I was very pleasantly surprised, as I had not sought this out, and had just 21 titles for sale on Audible! I continue to work in other narration fields as well, especially in telephony; commercials, sales videos, corporate trainings, and more help to round out my business.

I am continually thankful that I am able to do what I love for a living! Thank you Edge, and all the coaches who have and continue to help me in my career (Carol Monda & Kristin Price, especially), for giving me the tools that I need to be successful!


Hi Guys,
I just wanted to express my gratitude for you. last week I recorded my first radio spot that is going to be played on three of the major local Long Island radio stations and I just completed my first project from my home studio to a client at one of the pay to play sites, he directed me through Skype I did the rough editing, sent the invoice, follow-up emails. your training is amazing I can't say enough! Wooooohooooo!!

Matthew Eagen

I case you are wondering, I did finally get my first job. YAY! Loving this VO world! I think I would do it even if I never made a dime. Determined to make a career of it though. I appreciate you all so much for all your help and encouragement.


For: Kendra, David Goldberg, Anne Hartung, Joe Loesch, Naomi Jacobson, Carol Monda,
I thought I’d like to tell you and thank you as I’ve just finally gotten my first gig, an audiobook through ACX. I would never have thought of trying that if youall hadn’t suggested it, & I got the first one I auditioned for, in just a few days. It’s a book about veganism, with context & recipes. My kids think it is hysterical as I am of course the world’s most enthusiastic carnivore, but it is a decent & rather interesting script, with different moods to express, and it would be fun to read a recipe (I cook). The author has published a bunch of books (self-published, I would guess) which apparently have readers, so I could conceivably make a buck or two, which is why I picked this one.
Also you each gave me some suggestions about improving performance, which I used, & presumably they helped.
Thanks, & happy holidays,


I am a graduate of the Edge ABC program in Voiceover, and I'm happy to tell you that within less than 2 months, I've booked jobs that have made back my entire monies spent on classes and equipment.

I consider myself very lucky, but I would certainly have not gotten any of these jobs without the help of my coach, David Guzzone, and the amazing commercial demo your studio produced with me.

I'd be happy to have my face/story somewhere on the site, as a thank-you!

Jonathan T Coleman

I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Kristin Price yesterday, which was packed full of information, feedback on my demo and next steps for marketing. I have also spent some time with George Whittam in the last few weeks who tweeked my audio settings – just in time to be awarded a rather large narration job with Ontario University (one that I did not audition for, they chose me J). I just wanted to update you and say ‘you have a great team’, although, I’m sure you know this already. Thanks for being a valuable and trusted resource for those of us who are flying while blind!


Hi Guys!

Just a quick note to say that thanks to all the training I received at Edge, I was able to book a NATIONAL(!) radio spot for Prudential Insurance! Thanks again for all the help, inspiration and training!!

Dave S

Just wanted to reach out and thank the Edge team, especially my coach, Kristen Thorne, for the training! I recently booked my first studio session dubbing an animation cartoon, and playing FOUR of the characters in the story!
The sessions at Edge, whether they were webinars, or the one-on-one coaching with Kristen, really prepared me to be comfortable behind the mic, and be professional during the session.
Here's to more work in the future!

Brian C

I just wanted to let you know that I got my first job about ten days ago through! Without the incredible training from Edge, it would not have been possible. I want to particularly thank Danielle. She is phenomenal and I can't wait to come in for another coaching session very soon.

Brian T

Hey guys just recorded a spot for three long radio stations and I heard myself yesterday on the radio for the first time I freaked out thank you edge your the best!


Just wanted to bring you up to date on my audiobook life. Since January I have completed 4 more books! One author offered me the job without an audition - she just liked my demo. ... Thanks again for starting me on this path, I'm enjoying every minute of it.


Edge Studio is awesome. As a newer VO instead of spending hundreds to thousands of dollars you can take a 4 hour class where you learn some VO basics and get to go into the studio and record. They will let you know if you have a shot at this business or not. When you are part of their learning programs you are getting amazing value, and a great list of coaches to work with that are working VO professionals, and know the business well. I am working with them now on my third demo and I was able to become a full time VO over the last year with the foundation they have given me. I book VO jobs regularly now, have agent representation, and made a new career for myself thanks to the wonderful people and training at Edge.

Kyle S.

After the excellent training I got from your coaches, especially Kristin
Price who worked with me patiently and astutely, I just booked my first
audiobook job. In fact, they liked my reading so much they have already
booked me for a second one a couple of months after the first one is
done! Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Your
coaches and classes are top notch and I will highly recommend Edge to
anyone seeking to venture into a career in voice over!


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