Testimonials & Success Stories

David you are my good luck charm" Less than one month after completing my demo, I booked a gig with a company based in London and Brazil
I stayed true to myself and actually put a twist on the copy to make it come alive! Using all of the techniques you taught me
Can't wait to see what the future holds with Edge Studio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many Thanks!!!!!


Hey Edge Team,
Since you guys gave me a tune-up and put me back on the road, I’ve been in the express lane. Your training program taught me the artistic skills (preparation, technique, ability to improvise) along with the practical (the business ins & outs, time integrity, VO courtesy & consideration). Not only do I now feel completely confident in my microphone technique, I’ve also found true comfort in the booth. Clients clearly notice it. I recorded for a big name client a few months ago, and have just started doing a dubbing series for a new regular client - both of which I booked through you. Thanks for everything! I recommend your Training Program and Studio to anyone interested in getting a quality education and a project done right.

Corey Loftus

I wanted to take a minute and update you on how my career is going. I did my Narration demo through Edge a couple years ago, and have come a long way since then. As of this past September, I have been working FT as a voice over artist! The largest part of my business is audiobooks. I got my first audiobook through ACX in February 2012 (on sale in June). As of this morning, I now have completed 23 audiobooks, ranging from 40 minutes to over 14 hours. Out of the blue, last week, I was named an Audible Approved Producer! I was very pleasantly surprised, as I had not sought this out, and had just 21 titles for sale on Audible! I continue to work in other narration fields as well, especially in telephony; commercials, sales videos, corporate trainings, and more help to round out my business.

I am continually thankful that I am able to do what I love for a living! Thank you Edge, and all the coaches who have and continue to help me in my career (Carol Monda & Kristin Price, especially), for giving me the tools that I need to be successful!


Dear Edge,

I wanted to say thanks for the great program you offer. I completed the ABC program last fall/winter and completed a commercial demo. I received the demo, and started to market it to agents for representation. I am happy to say I was signed by 2 agents, less than 2 weeks later! That number has since grown to 6!

Can't say enough about coaching from Rachel and Jay, demo production by David and all the Edge staff, and most importantly coordination from Kendra.

Thanks Edge!

Paul S

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to express my gratitude for you. last week I recorded my first radio spot that is going to be played on three of the major local Long Island radio stations and I just completed my first project from my home studio to a client at one of the pay to play sites, he directed me through Skype I did the rough editing, sent the invoice, follow-up emails. your training is amazing I can't say enough! Wooooohooooo!!

Matthew Eagen

I case you are wondering, I did finally get my first job. YAY! Loving this VO world! I think I would do it even if I never made a dime. Determined to make a career of it though. I appreciate you all so much for all your help and encouragement.


I am a graduate of the Edge ABC program in Voiceover, and I'm happy to tell you that within less than 2 months, I've booked jobs that have made back my entire monies spent on classes and equipment.

I consider myself very lucky, but I would certainly have not gotten any of these jobs without the help of my coach, David Guzzone, and the amazing commercial demo your studio produced with me.

I'd be happy to have my face/story somewhere on the site, as a thank-you!

Jonathan T Coleman

For: Kendra, David Goldberg, Anne Hartung, Joe Loesch, Naomi Jacobson, Carol Monda,
I thought I’d like to tell you and thank you as I’ve just finally gotten my first gig, an audiobook through ACX. I would never have thought of trying that if youall hadn’t suggested it, & I got the first one I auditioned for, in just a few days. It’s a book about veganism, with context & recipes. My kids think it is hysterical as I am of course the world’s most enthusiastic carnivore, but it is a decent & rather interesting script, with different moods to express, and it would be fun to read a recipe (I cook). The author has published a bunch of books (self-published, I would guess) which apparently have readers, so I could conceivably make a buck or two, which is why I picked this one.
Also you each gave me some suggestions about improving performance, which I used, & presumably they helped.
Thanks, & happy holidays,


I had the pleasure of having a coaching session with Kristin Price yesterday, which was packed full of information, feedback on my demo and next steps for marketing. I have also spent some time with George Whittam in the last few weeks who tweeked my audio settings – just in time to be awarded a rather large narration job with Ontario University (one that I did not audition for, they chose me J). I just wanted to update you and say ‘you have a great team’, although, I’m sure you know this already. Thanks for being a valuable and trusted resource for those of us who are flying while blind!


Hi Guys!

Just a quick note to say that thanks to all the training I received at Edge, I was able to book a NATIONAL(!) radio spot for Prudential Insurance! Thanks again for all the help, inspiration and training!!

Dave S

You might like to know I am recording my first job tomorrow, at Golden Sound here in DC. It is a library tour for the university I used to work at in London, and I am very excited about it! Thank you, Edge, for helping me get to this point!

Kate Daubney

Since taking your course and making my demo I have recovered my costs
and am now in the profit from the work I have obtained!

Amy (Geragosian) Fox - New York, NY

Hi David
I got my first job! (aren't you just so proud!!?) It was surprisingly laid back. But now I can say I did a spot for Estee Lauder! How cool is that...


Some good news. If you remember you coached me over the phone for my first voice over audition a few weeks ago. It was for a show on the History Channel. I just found out that I booked the job. I kept your notes in front of me while doing the reading and wanted to say thank you for your insights and help. I appreciate your direct approach to the work.
I look forward to working on my demo tape with you.

Cris Dovich

I've been meaning to give you and update. Got a second gig! And a few more on the horizon! Go into the studio this weekend. Very exciting. Thanks for sharing the tools and training.
I give praises to you and Edge Studio everywhere I go. You might be hearing from a couple of my co-workers soon.
I'll be in touch.

Valarie Clark

Hi David,
I just got a great job narrating a multimedia presentation. I have also recently done a couple series of promos! I really appreciate your help and approach.

Diane Ligon

David, Less than a week after we did my demo, I've already booked my first commercials. I hand-delivered a copy of my demo to a company, and within 10 minutes of leaving there, my cell phone was ringing and they booked me for two commercials next week. I was so excited that I couldn't sleep a wink last night (and am I ever a wreck today.) Thanks big time for all the help you've been in preparing my demos, and for the coaching,

Patrick Hagerty

Just wanted to let you know that I got my first VO gig! As you may remember I am living in DC now and I have been passively trying to get some freelance VO work. I was selected to dub English over a Korean Shaman for a documentary about the paranormal. It is set to air on TLC! Anyway, I will keep you posted for the air date. Thanks for all your help. Hope all is well in NY.

Eric J. Seader

I studied voice-over technique with the pros at Edge Studio and they produced my narrative demo. It wasn't long after that I got results. I work for a large corporation with an in-house creative services group. I delivered my demo to the group's director and offered my services. You can imagine my surprise and delight when he told me, "Am I glad to see you! We have more voice-over work than we can handle." Bringing these new skills to the table earned me a raise that more than paid for my VO training. Thanks again for the great training, the advice, and the first-rate was worth every penny.

Mark Schafron Gardner, Massachusetts

Hi, this is a message for David Goldberg.
I just wanted to let you know that I did a Promo for TLC's new album "Damaged" and it should be playing on Z100 any day now. I felt very comfortable and confident in the studio and was actually just used as a back up but then chosen over the other person. It was very exciting and I wanted to let you know. I have a copy of it if you ever want to hear it.
Hope you are well and thank you again for all your help.

A Walker

Wow what a week! (by the way, Hi David). When I opened my email Thursday morning, I had my first VO job offer for a :60 TV commercial for a real estate group in South Carolina (via Voice123)! Finally! The seal is broken. Last night I was chosen from more that 165 respondents to voice the scratch narration for a two hour documentary on modern day piracy being produced for the History Channel!!! All this from the privacy of my own home studio. Wow, what an awesome feeling. Just wanted to say thank you, there's no way I would be doing what I am today without your guidance, patience, and support!


I got my first voice over job last week. Narrating a 45 minute documentary on the history of fisherman in Bermuda. Thanks for your coaching and support. I'll be in touch.

Valarie Clark

I heard my friend Jordan loved the 5-hour session and he told me I should write to tell you what I've been up to. It's been really great so far. I'm consistently auditioning through my agency (Steven Arcieri and Associates) and have booked two national PetsMart radio spot, a handful of Verizon Northeast regional spots, a one-liner in a Champs sports national ad, a demo for EPT (yes, the home pregnancy test), and a Washington Post radio spot. This is since July of last year when I first started auditioning. I recommend it all the time so I hope people have come your way. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all the hours you spent working on my demo.
Hope all is well!


Hey, David
Just wanted to let you know I've got my first job tomorrow afternoon. It's a commercial for a restaurant in Jersey that's supposed to air on a local cable outlet. $300 for a 30-second spot. I'm psyched (a little nervous, too!).


Hi David,
Guess what? I just got my first paid VO job!! It's only 3-4 lines for a documentary & I wont be paid much, but still, it's a start :) I am scheduled to record my lines on March 15 at 10am.


Since completing a voice over training course and submitting my first demo (thanks to you, Dave) to a radio station, my voice was selected as the female voice for the station. The station is redesigning its format with new voices, etc. This is technically my first major contract since venturing into this business


Thanks for your recent rate advice on a vo project for which I was hired. I appreciate knowing that even though we are located in different markets, you always advise relative to the market I'm serving. I'm sure you work with voice over contacts that are both bigger and smaller than me, yet you treat my occasional questions with incredible timeliness and the understanding of how important it is to acquire each new job at any level of one's career.


Hi David,
I just got a great job narrating a multimedia presentation. I have also recently done a couple series of promos! I really appreciate your help and approach.

Diane Ligon

Thanks for the congratulations! It was a terrific first job to have...the script was well-written, and I received it in advance. The operation was very small--a director and a technician. I read most of the 13 modules in one take, and the director seemed happy with the way I followed his direction. He commented several times on how well I had prepared. What I did to prepare was read the script several times and also review it and my reading using the Industry Guidebook (and of course, reflected a lot on what I've learned in my coaching and preparation sessions!) It was a very positive experience and it's a great feeling to finally have been employed as a VoiceOver talent!

Deb Fallon

I just got another job off of the audition mp3 you helped me guys are the BEST!


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