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Since completing a voice over training course and submitting my first demo (thanks to you, Dave) to a radio station, my voice was selected as the female voice for the station. The station is redesigning its format with new voices, etc. This is technically my first major contract since venturing into this business.

Yahoo, I got a job. One of the local recording studios is doing a VO job for Iomega. It is to be on the website. They actually sent me the script today for a session tomorrow. I am trying not to practice it too much in case the director has different ideas. They asked for the "straight-forward, businesslike, yet friendly delivery". I've tried it a couple of times to look for trouble spots. I just thought I'd tell you I got my first gig. It's all very exciting.
Hope all is well in CT.


Hi David
Among the many industrial and corporate projects I booked this year, I also landed a MasterCard industrial and a Jackie Collins audiobook - two things my agent and I are very happy about, but never would have happened without my previous experience at Edge.

So thank you.

Lara H., New York

David, I just want to thank you for making my demo a complete smash! It took one listen and I have an agent already and my first job! Thanks for being the best at what you do and opening up a whole new world for me.

Simone L. Rembert ABC Sports


You mentioned your interest in what happens with my VO career. I had my
first job. With your training and guidance I was able to get through a
very long read smoothly and quickly!

My everyday job at Booz Allen Hamilton, we have several sound and video
studios where they produce their own radio/TV ads, and internal website
material. The website is what I was hired to do. These are 3-5 min
description summaries about projects BAH create in-house. I did 2 of
these summaries and in about 20 min. I think I would say I successfully
nailed them both quick and easily. The director thought so anyway. And
I've been asked to return for more.

Thanks so much for the training and confidence building!! I wouldn't have
been able to do this first job without your training and instructions of
being calm, cool and "pro-like" going through my head.


It's Di, from awhile ago. I wanted to give you an update and say thanks for all the demo work you did with me. Long story short: I sent my demo to agents in June, got a response from one in July who sent me out on auditions and does in-house recording (Steven Arcieri of Arcieri and Assoc.) and in the past month I did two spots for Verizon Wireless (the October youth promo which is currently running) and the holiday promos for PetsMart. Did you know you can get 2 pix of your dog with Santa for only 9.95 starting in November at PetsMart :-) Took a lot to keep me from laughing while saying that.
So I wanted to say thank you very much.
Hope all is well. Try to stay warm!

Di Johnston

Thanks for your input and time in helping me record my audition for the animated program for Scholastic. They called me yesterday and I have been cast as the "sidekick" for the main character, which was that first (and largest) part we recorded!!! Yay!

Amy Palant

Couldn't be happier with my demo! Before I even began "officially" marketing, I quickly got a job doing a website voiceover for IBM! It all originated with the agency's creative director hearing my demo. Many thanks to David for his support, enthusiasm and expert direction. It's terrific to so immediately have validation that the work is good and that the demo accurately and professionally represents me.
Thank you! Thank you again!


Dear David and Paul
I just wanted to let you know that I got a call from a guy who found me on with my new demo reel. He loved it. Thank you for all of your work. It's starting to happen! All the best to you both for the Holidays!

Christine "Skylark" Larkin

Thanks to your coaching and the great job you did on my demo CD, I got my first job this week and got paid $300 for an hour's work. What a great start to what I hope will be a continuous flow of work.
Thank you for being available to answer questions too, David. I really appreciate the time and care you give me, especially as I am just one amongst many, many people you have helped along the way.
Best regards,



...I just received the final release copy of my first paid job.

DC Comics: Batman - Inferno

I did some child voices, screams, and reporter takes. And, I'm even listed in the credits.

It was a blast!


Hi My commercial this week is for will appear on 3D TV in Japan.....Wow


Hey, all.

Just wanted to express my thanks to Kristin Price for her time during my last evaluation on the 14th. Kristen, I've already fixed my demos on my web-page, ordered 150 professionally duplicated CDs of my demos, registered for a class at Actor's Connection with Lisa Fischoff, and have plans to go with a friend to Comicon on October 9th to hand out demos to video-game companies. Your advise is hard at work! Thanks again.

I also want to express my appreciation to Kristen Thorne for helping me to connect with the people at "Edu and Joy" audio books. Had a great time recording last week, and I hope the client was pleased with the outcome.

Best wishes,

George Orlando

I had my narration demo produced by Edge in May, and would love to have it included in your voice talent database for production work. So far it's helped me get hired, and I got my first job after only two weeks. Your clients looking for documentary, e-Learning, and video presentation audio could definitely be interested in my services.


Hi Sylvia,
I just booked and recorded a VO today for traffic safety. your classes have helped me a lot sweetie. Thank you.

Angel Garcia Clemente

Dear Danielle, Carol, Cathy, Karen, Joey, Greg, and David,

Just wanted to share a success and say thank you again! I booked and successfully recorded my first paying VO job, an audiobook of Robert Louis Stevenson children's poetry! All of your coaching and guidance was instrumental--the producer said, "wow, you actually take direction!" and asked where I trained. He said I was very "NPR" ;)

I plan to come in again soon for some continuing ed... until then, hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying the new year!

All best,



Just wanted to drop a line and say Happy New Year to you and everyone at
Edge Studio. As you've requested in the past, you like to hear from your
students about how their VO careers are going. Here's a quick snippet.

In late 2009, I think, I sent you an email about getting a job with The
Cutting Corp, they produce audio books ( I had just
completed my very first job. Since then they've called me back several
times and these works are now published and sold on their website. I am
now a cast member of several different products like Batman, Texas
Rangers, and a new Sci-fi series called Countdown!

My character roles have been small so far. But even the small roles have
been a blast. It's been a great experience and so much fun!

I just want to say thanks once again to you and your organization. I
don't think I would have gotten this far without your help and

Thank you!


Again, thank you for helping me better understand this business. Thanks, also, for your kindness and words of encouragement about my progress. I’d like to think I have made improvements; which are largely due to you and your staff. I DO actually have a half dozen or so jobs (already) under my belt, to date!


Thanks for all you do for the VO world. Here's my demo, I'm getting a lot of work from it.

Hi David,

Just a quick thank you for both the "15 things" article and the advice you gave me when you replied to my ask-a-question.

I got an audition with that agent we discussed - this Tuesday! =)


Hello David. It was good to see you on Thursday. Additional to our conversation, I wanted to note that it turned out to be quite a good week for me with voice work. In addition to the narration job at Edge, I booked three spots as a result of the audition I mentioned to you.

So, although I'm looking for a "day job" I would certainly prefer to focus entirely on voice work if I could have more weeks like last week. It's interesting, challenging and fun. And I certainly enjoy working with the people at Edge Studio. Thanks for that narration project!


Dear Sylvia,
Just wanted to let you know that my NASA recording session was awesome. The producers were very happy with my work. Our coaching session was just what I needed to bring my A game. Thanks so much. I look forward to coaching with you in the future.

Raymond Hearn

I began my career with David Goldberg and Edge Studio in 1995, and all these years later I am still tapping that resource! Edge is such an appropriate name for this fantastic group, because they truly are on the edge. They know the trends and how voiceover work is changing, so their advice and information is current and invaluable. It is one of the reasons I keep coming back! Another is that the instruction is such a great value of time and money. There is no fluff here! Just pure, clear, practical information on what to do and how to do it. There are subject matter experts on every aspect of the voice business. Every demo I have, and I have revised them many times, has been done with Edge.

And I have always said that David Goldberg has the best ears in the business...he is just amazing! Thanks to his IVR and Telephony instruction I am The Voice in English and Spanish for four wireless companies! After the elearning workshop I was hired for a huge job for the State of Colorado and to be The Voice for eTrainer, the online training application for Since then I have done elearning work for Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals and Abbott Laboratories. Working with David and Edge Studio has definitely contributed to my success as a voice talent!

Pamela Johnston Voice Talent

Edge Studio has been a great source for me in terms of providing me with the skills and techniques to deliver quality voice over's. Since my training at Edge, I have done over 40 voice over's for companies such as Fugi Film to Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Thanks Edge. You've been great

Richard "Cookie" Thomas

Edge Studio has always been a part of my voiceover career. From my initial training as a voiceover actor, to producing multiple voiceover demos, to continuing education as a voiceover actor, I have always found Edge to be one of the best studios for developing and promoting a voice actor’s career. With the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my relationship with Edge, voiceover acting has been a very successful part of my acting career, including nine years of voice acting for a repeat client. I always recommend the services of Edge Studio for my voiceover friends and potential clients.

Dennis McGeady

It is because of the individual and group training I received at Edge Studio headed by David Goldberg that I was able to get any big fish to come to swim in my little pond way back when. The honest coaching, quality, and affordability of what I've received to put together great demos over the years is an investment that keeps on multiplying! Thank you David...thanks to the entire Edge group!

Eryca Dawson

Edge Studio was crucial in paving the way for my future success. The Intensive Technique Workshop was an invaluable official introduction to the world of voice-over; and David’s initial evaluation, coaching and encouragement has resonated with me since.

Alan J. Schwartz

Edge Studio gets me work. Let me repeat that. Edge Studio gets me work. There is no greater recommendation than that. I could tell you how talented David Goldberg is. I could tell you how professional Kendra Baker is. I could go on about how much fun the recording sessions are. But the bottom line is still this: Edge Studio gets me work. Whether you are considering a career in voice overs or you already have one, that is all you need to know. Because it's all about the work.

Tom Bitler

I'm excited to say that I recently booked my 1st paying voiceover gig! I received a phone call from 8HatsHigh Studio, with whom I had done a United Way commercial last summer, and they asked me to audition the narration of a video they were producing. They had already recorded it once but the client was not pleased, so thankfully they remembered that I was taking voiceover lessons with Edge Studio in NYC. I was able to audition and after a couple days of sweating the client approved! It is entirely because of the fantastic training at Edge that this was made possible for me. Thank you to David and all of the coaches there for helping to make a dream become reality. Hopefully this is just the beginning. Please check out the finished product on Youtube, "Creating a Welcoming Website for the FJMC", and let me know how I did! Thank you again.

Mark Sheldon

Take the leap from EDGE and soar to SUCCESS! Thanks to effective coaching sessions, I have voiced a regional radio spot, video narration, performed in an on-camera video, telephony service (more script to come), and an audio book. Thanks to the Edge team for your professional and friendly support!

Paula T. Lin, The Definitive Voice & Word, LLC

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