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David - Edge Studios is to be congratulated for having such a comprehensive program encompassing every aspect of the VO industry. I started on the left foot with another company and, fortunately, found Edge Studios for which I cannot give enough kudos! It has been a “stellar” program incorporating a superb teaching staff that has worked for me! I would highly recommend this location to anyone looking to either enter the VO industry or to hone their skills!


Count me as another happy customer. They are a tremendous resource--scripts for demos, contests for honing your skills, great instructors, and occasionally a gig or two. Check out I've dealt mostly with David Goldberg who is just amazing. He's been doing it since 1988 and has worked with John Mayer, Deep Purple, Mel Brooks, and me.


Thanks again for your service. If everyone at Edge is as service oriented as you are, I understand y’all’s success.


Hi Kendra,

If you had told me a year ago that I would be an audiobook narrator today, I would not have believed you. I have no performing experience, I'm pretty shy and I certainly didn't think I'd be able to talk for any length of time without getting exhausted. But here I am today - just got the first 15 minutes of the book I'm narrating approved! I'm so grateful that I found Edge studio to help me realize this impossible dream. I appreciated all the help from the coaches and students that I've received. Especially Sylvia, who seemed to always know exactly how to help me with my particular issues. Every coaching session I have with her seems to go very quickly to get me to fix whatever particular problem I am having at the moment. Thanks to all, and I'll be around to get help making this book the best I can do, to make that demo that I actually feel prepared to do now, and in the future to help me with projects I will be working on.

Linda Velwest

Edge team,

...Last week, I finalized my first job as a Professional Voice Over Artist! Thank you to everyone who has been so great to work with - Kristin, Vanessa, Noel, David, Carol, and Cathy, and all the office support staff! I am excited about this new career path, and I know that Edge will be there for me for whatever I need. Thanks again!

Claton Butcher

I got two voice over jobs recently.

One for a narration for a conference video for Academic Partnerships

One for a Arabic Entrepreneurship Competition out of a production company in Beirut Lebanon.

David Sloan

I wanted to give you an update about how my voice over career is doing. Since receiving my demo from Edge (recorded in LA) in July and booking my first paying job in August, I have steadily decreased the time between and increased the number of jobs I have been booking/lining up on a weekly basis.

I have now completed and been paid for 7 jobs, three of which are on the radio here in Phoenix, two of which are for Callaway golf, and four of them - including my second paying job - were unsolicited! [I would be very interested to know how often that happens, where a new person's second job seeks them out!] I have monthly YouTube videos lined up, a handful of telephony jobs, and a few e-learning courses that are being written and should be in production in the near future. I am also now the voice of my city's Chamber of Commerce (another unsolicited job).

I have been thrilled with how my career has begun, and I am sure that it would not have happened without the excellent training from all the coaches and classes at Edge! Without Kristin Price's Marketing class, I never would have thought of getting involved with my local Chamber of Commerce, and would have been spinning my wheels, trying to get traction in the industry, for much longer than it has taken. I would love to have this forwarded to all the coaches I trained with: Vanessa, Kristin, Carol, Noel,

So thank you all again for the great training and support and all you do!

Kamran R. Khan is a quadrilingual, On-Camera and Voice Actor trained by Edge Studio. He has appeared on television shows such as 24 and Flash Forward and recently co-starred in the web-series, Book Club which just signed with and will be premiering on Hulu!

He is fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi and his voiceover clients include Pepsi, McAfee, Universal Studios, India Today Magazine, Western Union, Accenture, Novartis, Family IQ, Greg Mortenson and the United States Census Bureau. As an actual MBA and former engineer, Kamran specializes in Business and Technical narrations, bringing valuable industry experience, a thorough understanding of the material and an ability to authentically convey the branding message of the client.

Kamran is currently a contender to be recognized by the White House's Asian American Pacific Islander Initiative for his contributions as a Voice Actor of East Indian descent.

Kamran R. Khan

I just wanted to thank you again for such a fantastic well rounded program you have at Edge Studio. You provide us (students) with so many opportunities to learn and practice and be involved and everyone is so knowledgeable, helpful and caring. It has truly been great fun and I'm looking forward to more classes and teleseminars in the future!

David -- thank you for taking the time to write back to me. I
appreciate your comments and will implement them all...

...You really have created the most supportive, professional team I have
worked with in a very long time, if ever. It is a pleasure to learn
from you all.


Hi David, Sara and Cathy,

Season’s Greetings from the DC area! I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful holiday.
As promised, I wanted to keep you up to date. I'm happy to report that through marketing efforts and voice123, this year I booked voice over jobs for New York Hospital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PNC Bank/Sesame Street, Occo, Mirena, Naral, NAMBHA, Dr. Smith’s Ointment, North Carolina Blueberry Council and a video that was used at the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I also had on camera principal roles in two national commercials (Dick’s Sporting Goods and the American Medical Association), a training video (Safeway grocery stores) and one of the films at the DC 48 Hour Film Festival.
I hope your holidays will be full of cheer and that the New Year will bring you great happiness, health and success!


Hi David, Sara and Cathy,
As promised, I wanted to keep you up to date. I'm happy to report that through marketing efforts and voice123, this year I booked voice over jobs for New York Hospital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PNC Bank/Sesame Street, Occo, Mirena, Naral, NAMBHA, Dr. Smith’s Ointment, North Carolina Blueberry Council and a video that was used at the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I also had on camera principal roles in two national commercials (Dick’s Sporting Goods and the American Medical Association), a training video (Safeway grocery stores) and one of the films at the DC 48 Hour Film Festival.

Valerie Menzel

Is there a way to write to David Guzzone to thank him for the suggestions?

I have already put together a new Demo according to his directions!

In his critique he mentioned a spot that he calls, "Water" (since he did not know the name of the spot or company). The short audio clip was the tag from an industrial internet video called, "The Kemira Story". It was one of my favorite voice-overs (though perhaps not perfect). It got me repeat work with Kemira!


Hi David,

Just an update - finally landed a big one! A nation-wide bank's eLearning modules, minimum 200 hours of audio over the next 2 years!! Thanks so much for your help and encouragement my friend!


I’ve been working with you guys for further coaching and prep for recording new demos and in the late fall put myself into Phase 2 and signing up for everything I can fit into my schedule – lots of Technique 101s! Since the beginning of the year I have been able to record and return auditions from home and I have booked 4 jobs! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.

Martha R. Mellinger

Edge Team,

In the last three weeks I have completed five more training jobs with LIBRIX/Callaway, gained a couple new clients, and the best news: I was selected last week for my first audiobook! The audiobook offer was after just a dozen ACX auditions! Thanks, Edge, for all the training and support!

Claton Butcher


I wanted to see about a possible consultation with David Goldberg. I did a voice over demo with him a few years back and have been doing quite a bit of freelance work. I am hoping to take my career to the next level and feel I will be able to benefit from a consultation.


Michelle R

Hello Vanessa,

Thank you again for helping me develop my voice over skills. I really had
a great time during our sessions.

I've already had one gig (with one call back for more work), and another
has been scheduled.

Brett Thorson

Just want to say thank you so much for your help and support with this website. I have been both a paying participant and a contest winning participant in various stages of instruction and training….and I have taken advantage of the many free services that are offered. This is an AMAZING learning experience. The staff is never anything short of courteous, encouraging and upbeat. The practice scripts and peer feedback have helped me to define myself as a VO professional. And the contests are fun and challenging. I have picked up a number of jobs in the past 3 years…..and it is largely because of what is offered through Edge. Can anyone spell testimonial???

Mary Ann Jacobs

To all of you who have assisted me at Edge- - - You are the greatest! Just 4 days after attending an audiobook workshop with Carol Monda and Johnny Heller, I was awarded my FIRST TWO audiobook contracts. Both books are now in production. Thank you Edge Studio!!! Your training program works!!! But of course, you knew that . . Thanks so much all of you. Please pass the word around. Another Phase 3 student has cracked the employment barrier!!!!!!!!

David Gilmore

...I was really busy with 2 paying jobs too so busy occupied in a good way! J These would be my 4th and 5th paying jobs AND the first ones I got on merit (auditioning). I can’t thank edge, the staff, basically everyone who makes this a learning community. When the videos hit the air, I’ll post a notice...

Hi Dave:

You might or might not remember me, but I just wanted to tell you how much the learning I employed at Edge Studios has been critical to the development of my VO work. I took a severe turn in my pathway last winter to specialize in audiobook narration [as I love reading] and just completed a 30-chapter [52-characters] audiobook titled The Red Room by August Strindberg...

Till later . . .

W. S. Peck

The Scholastic job went so well that the director, asked if I would be willing to record another job directly from my home closet ... I mean, my "home studio!" He's currently working on the script and ALSO wants to chat with me about the characters I'm developing for my animation demo! Life is good.


One of the reasons Edge Studio is so unique is because it offers students the ability to learn from and collaborate with multiple coaches. Working with Kristin on my Narration Demo and Jay on my Character Demo brought me 2 experts within two different voiceover genres. This has been paramount in my career development and my ability to book work in both worlds. There's nothing like getting paid to do something you love! I couldn't have done this without Edge. Not only do I consistently book voiceover jobs on my own and with Edge Studio, but I now also hire Edge when I have a client who needs Steve's expert engineering and keen set of ears. In addition, the entire staff is very professional, friendly and responsive. Thank you, David. It has been a wonderful 3-year experience!

Suzanne Obolsky

..I am glad [the producer] liked my read first time as I think I would have melted had I to re-read. It was fun though and all my training and experience came back within a couple of minutes as I wove with my fingers a tapestry of sound for the five faces peering at me, a white gold fish in a dark bowl. The read was a success. "You have done this before,' K said," oh yes I replied, "I trained at Edge Studios in New York." While 10,000 miles away and part of another world, nevertheless, the lessons I learned there came straight to the fore once I was back behind a mic...

James O

Hey everybody…I was hired today to narrate an audiobook….and…(fanfare please)…just got an email that I am a finalist for another one!!!! WooHoo. Thanks for all of your time and encouragement. And a special thanks to Carol Monda who conducted a one-on-one phone session with me a few months ago - and who just critiqued an audition a few days ago. I am pumped…can you tell? I love this job…and the promise of getting paid is sweet. Have a great holiday!

Mary Ann Jacobs

Hi there, ...Congratulations on your new location! Could you please direct this email to Karen or Cathy; they have both been wonderfully helpful in this demo process! They have also been very understanding with my crazy schedule & adding to that, the fact that I've actually been producing lots of VO jobs!! I just completed my 10th job ...& am eagerly awaiting the client's feedback in hopes that it will be my 10th five-star job! :-)))). I've been blessed to have been doing many repeat-business jobs as well & am thrilled about that! Yahoooo!

The demo's working well for me- just recorded my first book trailer for Penguin.

Hi David...

I just voiced this spot that ran nationally on Golf Channel. I'm certain that training at Edge was of great value to me (and United Leasing!).
I am enjoying the pictures of your new facility... looks great!



I just want to tell you again how much I appreciate all that Edge Studio has done for my voice over career! My coaches, Kristin, Jay, and Noelle were so helpful, enthusiastic, and honest. My demo has gotten me a great amount of voice over work for commercials, animation, eLearning, and more! So a big thanks to all of you!

Jennifer Forziati-DaCosta

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