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Hey everybody…I just finished my first audiobook and am working on the second. Thanks to Carol and staff for the support and encouragement!!

Mary Ann Jacobs

...recently, a lot of my work has come from the production team at Edge. It has been so wonderful to see my career going through a fabulous journey with Edge and then being able to express it to others interested in the same path.


It was about a year ago when I took my first coaching session with an Edge Coach. Last year was my best VO year to date. The engineer at the studio where I do most of my work said he noticed my improvement (thanks to Edge).

Please pass my thanks to Kristin and David Guzzone in particular. This year has started off well as I just landed a series of voiceovers with a National airline!

Scott Martin

Hi David / Hi Sara,

Just a quick note to share a fun story about the unexpected benefits of voice over...

Last weekend, I took my best client out to lunch at a local restaurant. While we were dining, the restaurant owner came over to our table, and after inquiring about our meal, asked us about our work. My client is a museum curator, and I do their audio tours.

A diner at an adjoining table overheard us, and chimed in with a big Thank You for the tours. (It turns out that he loved a kid's audio tour I did a year ago, and now brings his kids to the museum regularly.) My client was delighted by this unexpected feedback, but imagine my delight when I went to pay our bill and discovered our "fan" had paid for it!

Wow. I've never had anything like that happen before. You never know whose life you're going to touch with voice over.


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