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I came away with a much better understanding of how this business works in
terms of getting and keeping client.
It was an excellent session. Thanks for organizing them.


Your Tuesday (Talk With A Pro) night calls are the best ~! I love to listen to the archived ones ...
learned so much from them. I can't make these calls because I have another class on Tuesdays so I listen to the archives I'm gasping to hear the one from this Tuesday...

many thanks for your most wonderful and unbelievable service to our community~!

maggie brown in California ...


Thanks so much for all the great information and advice on the teleseminar Tuesday night. I am dealing with many of the situations the talents spoke of. Your advice is most helpful.

Have a great day.



My name is Mara Junot and I am an independent professional non-union (ISDN-ready) voice talent in the New Orleans area. Since discovering Wednesday night’s “Talk With a Pro” sessions over a year ago, I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude to David Goldberg & Edge Studio for the invaluable service and training materials you’ve provided! Your work has undoubtedly shaped me into a better performer more than any other programs I’ve found, and I am eternally grateful.

Mara D. Junot

Excellent as always -- BTW: love the new and generous source of information, fantastic demos to listen to. Still refer your studio and website resources to all my fellow VO students.


Wow...this is an awesome resource!

Thank you!

Tammy T.

Thank you for such an informative and relaxed session!
each TWAP (talk with a pro) helps me organize and get ready for the new and improved updated demo that I am sure I will do with Edge.. Just knowing all of the resources and talented people that are the heart and soul of Edge helps to ease the concerns I may have. I am confident that I will emerge with a demo so far better than the old one and the old one brought me work.

Pamela Jackson AFTRA/SAG/AEA Washington, DC area!

Thank you for offering the teleconference with David Mikautadze. I picked up some valuable information.

I look forward to future sessions.

Bernie Wagenblast Cranford, NJ

I don't have any direct experience with Edge but their free "Talk With a Pro" weekly phone conference is great. They happen on Tuesdays at 6pm Pacific. You can download mp3s of previous calls. Look for the yellow box on Edge's "Career Building" page.

Talk with a Pro was wonderful. Joan was so helpful and up front. I'm already signed up for the next two.
By the way, I emailed my current demo to Susan Berkley, at whose Boot Camp I met you two years ago and who told me my first demo was a bomb. She thought the new one was very good and wanted to know who produced it. Of course, I spoke highly of you and Edge. Anyway, she was impressed and I thought you'd like a little feedback.
Things are going very well. Thanks for all your help
What's the favorite project you've worked on lately?

James Early

The Talk with the Pro was very helpful. I know close to nothing, and so I basically did a LOT of listening to Jim and the other participants. Jim was knowledgeable and honest. And I also learned a lot from the other participants, and Jim was good about letting that interaction happen. I am interested in taking your assessment class. I have to look at my schedule to see what will work for me.
Thanks for offering these services


Please tell Joan she did a fabulous job on the Pro-workshop. It was very helpful and she answered the questions with a lot of breadth and candor.
Things are going well for me. The demo marketing is going well and I've had some very positive response. I making some good contacts and am very close to getting my home studio off paper and into reality.
Thanks for all the support from Edge. You guys are great.
All the best, James

James Early

It provided invaluable information, especially if you are new to voiceover. I now feel confident and prepared to record in front of a client.



Thank you once again for hosting the evening tele seminars. I was able to listen in on the one about Medical Narration presented by Randye Kaye. As always the call and question/answer period was easy to understand, organized and concise.

I always come away with wonderful nuggets of information, new ideas and motivation to continue with my voice acting career. In particular this time I took away the need to really understand the subject/product/service as well as the audience (who you are talking to) so that one is able to communicate clearly and effectively. It also occurred to me while listening yesterday evening to take into account one's own interests and prior/current careers as good stepping stones and ideas for niches one can get into for voice acting as well.

Thanks to all of you for your generosity, expertise and for the time you take to help those of us in the voice acting industry.

Thanks again,

Judy Fossum

" . . . v e r y c o o l . . i j u s t g o t o f f t h e p h o n e w i t h h e r - n o t a o n e - o n - o n e c o n v e r s a t i o n , i d i d n ' t a c t u a l l y s a y a n y t h i n g - i t w a s a [Talk With A Pro] t e l e - w o r k s h o p s h e w a s g i v i n g f o r p e o p l e i n t e r e s t e d i n d o i n g a n i m a t i o n v o i c e - o v e r . . i t w a s a n e x c e l l e n t w o r k s h o p a n d s h e ' s a n u l t r a g r o o v y g a l . . . "

Good afternoon.

I want to commend you all for your "Talk With A Pro" archives on the website, and offer particular thanks for the archived "Demo" call with David Goldberg.

Just finished listening to the MP3 of that call with David. It was rich with information, but the most profound thing I took away from it was David's comment on how it seems that so many aspiring voice talents don't invest enough love in their demos (paraphrasing here). I wonder how many people dialed into that call or replayed the recording and expected to hear about the importance of love for the art when preparing and marketing a demo? I didn't, but I fully understand and appreciate the advice.

Thanks again.

Lane N. Alston

Good evening,
I was on the conference call a couple of days ago with Lara and I must say it was absolutely amazing! Thank you for having her!


Thank you for nurturing our development by providing EVERYTHING you do, including the "Talk With A Pro" series. I am so grateful to have my wonderful stable of internal coaches (David Guzzone, Jay Snyder, Carolee Goodgold, Kristin Price, Linda Jones, YOU, and on) whispering in my ear whenever I approach copy and step into my closet to work or practice.

Having Dan Lenard on with us last night was genius! ... took a webinar with him a couple of months ago that was hugely valuable and, as you said, he's an all around great guy! I sent "a specimen" (my Scholastic audition) to him after the tele session and he got right back to me about making some adjustments in my set up!

The word in my head in light of all of this is .... PROFESSIONALISM. You and the entire staff at Edge continuously demonstrate it and encourage it to develop in us. As I see it, professionalism from some of last night's participants was missing. Conversely, and playing "devil's advocate," maybe being home in one's fuzzy slippers causes us to forget that we're actually in a class and should respect and listen to the "teacher" who has something important to provide for us all.


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