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I appreciate this live forum you have made available. I have gained helpful insight from having my questions answered, as well as, hearing others' questions answered. Being new to the voice acting community, I'm eager to absorb and discover all I possibly can to understand the business. I also appreciate the housekeeping at the beginning of each session. Thanks a bunch.


Overall, I learned a lot and enjoyed the topic of discussion. Thanks to Edge for such an great opportunity.


Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity for us to learn from others.

The facilitator is excellent and I appreciate how thoughtfully and respectfully he considers each question and every answer.

I have joined three times, twice by using the phone access number, and I took copious notes during each call. The information provided has been invaluable.

Wednesday I will join one of the meeting groups that was recommended last night.

I am impressed by the generosity of others to share ideas so that we all might enjoy success!


I think this is a great idea! The discussions are interesting and I learn from them.


That was my first and it won't be my last. Pretty good tips and pearls of wisdom. Of course about the time I had my finger on the trigger about DAWS the subject shifted to another subject which was OK because all the subjects were really good. Great bunch of folks, had a great time. Looking forward to the next webinar. Was wondering if you had discussed channel strips much. I picked up a used dbx286a because I wasn't satisfied with what I was hearing with my AT2035 through a Focusrite2i2 or is just a good mic pre like Golden Age or Warm a better route to go and post edit with eq, compression, etc. later. Sorry no Manley or Avalon in my budget. Thanks for a great webinar, and looking forward to the next one. Till then, keep talking.


I'm a big fan . I had a terrific session in Talk time last Sunday. I've just recorded my demo at Edge in NY so the session on auditioning was sooo timely, unfortunately i was in listen only mode, but thought the discussion and GREAT tips for starting out really useful. The topics are well chosen and I also like that talk time is a mix of experienced and newbies voice over people who just want to share their knowledge and love of a good read!



Thank you for putting on the call about audio books. It was very informative and helpful. Especially interesting was to hear the experts from the industry share their experiences so we can learn from them.


Thank you so much for another great Talk Time session! I always learn so much, both from James and Tom, and from the other participants, and I love the positive and supportive community created by Talk Time. I look forward to attending future Talk Time sessions!


Great show and some great information provided by some very generous people. Have been looking for something like a voice over practice group and got a couple of fantastic leads in that direction. Glad I tuned in that night. Thanks Edge Studios, grateful for what you do for the pro's and the not so pro.


I loved it! It was my first time, and I wanted to get in on the audiobook discussion. I thought Dave did a great job moderating, and there were really good people of all levels who all had something to share. I learned a lot, and got to share my knowledge as well. Thank you for Talk Time. It's a great service to the VO community.

Petrea B

Hello there.

I've been listening to the archived "Talk with a Pro" and "TalkTime" events. There is a definite progression in the improvement of the experience. The new webinar format is far superior even to the recently-used telephone conference system. It now sounds like Scott and some of the attendees are right there with me in my booth talking shop.

Speaking of whom... now, he may grimace with humility about this one; but that is just one reason why Scott Harlan is a great moderator of these events. The new format gives him much more efficient control over the forum. But it comes at a cost: he is now as busy as a pilot of a jumbo jet coming in for a landing at JFK. Aside from responding when someone calls on him - which happens in almost every event, he keeps the background noise as mitigated as is humanly possible and still handles everything professionally and courteously... even when that means getting us back on topic or anything else a moderator needs to do for a conversation comprised of dozens of very diverse attendees.

Finally, it is very generous of you to post these events in publicly accessible archives. It's one of the reasons that my 2014 business plan includes becoming an Edge Studio-trained professional voiceover talent. Nothing beats having an actual coach; still, I have learned much from these posts and look forward to learning and understanding even more in 2014.

Thank you once again and all the best in the new year.


This is the sort of information I needed prior to purchasing my equipment. I learned from the Webinar-after the fact-that the room is key to the quality of the sound of the mic. My initial custom demos were horrific, as I had no clue that the environment was all wrong to begin with.
The sound quality of the recording has given me issues from the get go as well, only the information passed on on July 12, I needed like last year.
I am grateful for these webinars and I still gain knowledge even though I have been recording for a short while. I am always learning something new and leave the webinars psyched and have tons more reading to do in order to keep abreast of the fast changing technological trends in this business.

Excellent webinar, as usual.


Thank you so much for this opportunity to express my first talk time experience. It was very helpful and actually helped me to focus on specific goals (as I build my vision board for this season in the new year). As an actor/vocalist newly entering the voiceover family, I took notes on all the helpful points shared. Thank you again and I have placed these talk time opportunities on my calendar forward.

Belated feedback...Very informative, lots of helpful advice, sharing. Appreciate the casual yet guided facilitation to keep us on track. Only complaint is about people who don't mute their mics! Amazed how much background and insensitivity was going on. Overall though...very enthusiastic and knowledgeable group that treated newcomers with little 'tech' skills with respect and patience.
Thanks so much!


I enjoyed the subject matter of all things studio recording. I got a lot of helpful hints and websites to reference from it. I like the fact that it is interactive and the free format style lends itself to networking well with others.

I really enjoyed talk time, currently narrating audiobooks so found the session very informative

Just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your weekend to do this. I am sure you have other things to be doing on a Sunday night!


I really enjoyed the talk Time concerning audiobooks; listening to the advice from the seasoned vets was excellent for a newbie like me. I now have plenty on information to get started on recording audiobooks.

Thank you for your webinar talk time. I found it extremely helpful. I will be tuning much more often in the future.


Thank you so much for tighter controls of the mute function
on last Sundays (071215) Talk Time.

Finally able to hear full questions and answers with out all the background
distractions of TV, dogs, sneezes and so much more from non-attentive attendees.


I enjoyed the discussion and heard a lot of very useful info during the hour.

The technical side of voiceover is the most daunting part of it for me. Having a place to ask questions is a helpful tool as I move ahead.

I look forward to participating in future discussions!


I really enjoy "Talk Time"!! I am new to VO so I like to hear the different levels of experience. I have learned a lot from your "Talk Time". I look forward to listening to more.


Thank you for opening up your mics. What a great platform to share best practices and from seasoned and new VO artists alike.

Talk Time is a fantastic Edge program. Even if you miss a few weeks when you jump back in Graeme welcomes you back. He's a wonderful host and does a really nice job of keeping the conversations going, connecting with his guests and making everyone feel comfortable. There is always valuable information to tuck away from both the guests and Graeme.


Hi David and Edge staff!

Just wanted to offer my feedback on last night's "Tech-Talk" session. I'm glad I attended! It was helpful learning about vo products that I wasn't aware of and hearing what others are using. I think it's great having a place where we can exchange information, get our questions answered and help others with their questions. Plus, it's a good opportunity to network and get to know each other.

It was really helpful too, David, having you on the phone to answer some of the questions and share your knowledge. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to be there.


Jan Kennedy

Good morning,
This was my first ‘Talk Time’. I did enjoy the information and lively banter among the participants. I will attend as many as I can. Thanks for doing this.


James and Tom were great on the 10/29 Talk Time! James is a great addition to the team.

The webinar was very informative and Scott did an amazing job managing the session.

Wow - where to I begin? When I first received the email invite to the Talk Time event I was somewhat hesitant. I just knew it would be a set up - you know, "come join us and learn all there is about the world of VO!" Of course the reality of it all is that you receive more of a tease and a solicitation on how to find out more information for a substantial fee. My experience with Talk Time was completely the opposite and was a delightful learning experience. I shared with my wife that this was one of the most rewarding things I had done by investing time in learning more about the business and even tips on building my own home studio. So much information in only one hour. Each person on the webinar was so genuine and willing to share their experience, expertise and perspective.

In short, I can not tell you how glad I am that I chose to join the event and I so look forward to future events. You guys ROCK and I look forward to receiving all that you have to offer in helping me build my VO business.

Thank you again!


Thanks for another informative and helpful Talk Time session! I look forward to attending more Talk Time sessions in the future!


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