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Another enjoyable session. I jumped in before it even started to ask about microphones.

The presenters and other participants gave some great feedback on this as well as software.

The best advice was to speak to Mr Bill Dexter at B&H for advice on microphones which I did, and I suspect saved myself $1500.00 by doing so. He was very knowledgeable and helpful.


I am new to this business and green as grass.

I learned more on Sunday then I could have by serfing the net for w week.

I very much enjoyed the archived "Talk Time" entitled Promos and Trailers.
The discussion regarding the technical aspects of our industry was very much appreciated. Lots of good material and food for thought. Thank you all again for this forum.


Thanks for TalkTime. I always appreciate the information!

Susan H.

I participated in the pro phone chat last Sunday, and I will be eavesdropping on the training calls as well. Love this idea, and I plan to call in whenever I can, what a fantastic resource!


I wanted to say how informative the Talk Time on Audio Books was this past Sunday night. It was my first time joining the live webinar. I wasn't sure what to expect, but the host put me at ease by explaining how the discussions would be handled. My growing interest has been to explore and work in the audio book market, so I was very excited that they chose that topic to discuss. The guests (new and recurring) gave very helpful insight, and I walked away with a good page of notes. There was a nice camaraderie and positive energy as well. Will definitely be taken advantage of more Talk Time in the future.


I listened in on the webinar session facilitated by James Romick, Sunday, January 7, 2018, at 4 PM. Thank you for addressing this subject. I am new to doing voice-overs professionally. However, I have been doing them for years not even considering. My professional demo is already done. I recently completed an audiobook which turned out ok. I just didn't realize the work that was involved. I've also done some documentaries and spots for a few clients. Your topic "Training and Demos" was both encouraging and insightful.

Hello There!

I really enjoyed the Web class last Sunday. I just got laid off from my on air radio job, after nearly 34 years, and voice over work seemed like something I could do. Many of the questions were moot for me, as I will most likely use actual commercials and voice work that I produced over the years, but I loved the idea of all these folks coming together to ask questions, and the moderator/teacher being there to answer and steer the conversation.

It was a revelation for me, and I look forward to more of the same. What a great resource!

Thank you for letting me participate.


I LOVE Talk Time! I am a newbie, and I love that you guys are so welcoming, and make sure the vets don't shame us on the call. You guys are all about education on all levels, and I am so grateful for your unselfishness in sharing the wealth. I look forward to the next one! Oh, by the way, could you do one on how to get on Pandora and other sites like it, and how folks are or aren't successful on them?? Thanks again!


Last night was the second time I attended a session – and the first time I participated. Just wanted to give some feedback. First, the chemistry between James and Tom is very inviting. Not only that, but they really know their stuff…so to speak. On their way to becoming the “Click & Clack” of the VO industry…LOL

I was also impressed with the wide range of callers…from the beginners needing some basic questions answered – to the more experienced willing to share their wisdom. That, along with a laugh now and then, made the hour go by much too quickly.

Keep it up.

Carl M.

Thank you for providing this resource for training. I look forward to it weekly, and as a wanna-be VO actor I like to get as much inside-info as possible.
Thanks again!


Once again, thank you. The topic was a bit advanced for me because I am a beginner with no bookings yet. (It's a bit early in my game to be wondering about joining the union with no work under my belt!) Nevertheless, the talk was informative and I believe I will be able to employ the information presented when I get to that point. Just knowing there is a lot to consider is good knowledge.


I listened to Talk Time this past Sunday regarding Audio books. I found it to be informative. Since I just started with my coaching sessions, I am at the beginning stages of instruction and coaching. The Talk Time was with experienced voice over actors, so it was helpful to have them give the "do's and don'ts" and the "whys and hows" of working with audio books.. In the future this will help me very much.


Hi Edge,

As usual, excellent offering to us out here looking for technical help and ideas.

Thank you for your Sunday series. I'm looking forward to the next seminars with anticipation.

John Sipple

I just want to extend my gratitude for the free talk sessions that you offer on Sunday nights. Graeme does an amazing job as a moderator. It is a wonderful resource for the VO community that you offer these workshops.
I plan on taking more classes through Edge and attending more Talk Time sessions.

JoAnn T

Thanks for another great Talk Time session! I found the presentation very informative, and I appreciated Tom and James' kind words. I look forward to attending more Talk Time sessions in the future!
Thanks again!


This was my first "Talk TIme" which happened to be on Audiobooks and I learned so much. The Moderator who I did not catch the name, did a wonderful job with the 85 attendees AND added some very valuable information.

I wanted to extend a very grateful "thank you" to the Moderator of Sunday 4/27/14!


Thank you so much! Very helpful. I can't wait to get back into class and get started. This information, especially about the business part of it, is a God send. I now can specifically work on exactly what I know works for voice type and what I am passionate about.

Emily V

Just wanted to let you know what a terrific job James and Tom are doing on Talk Time. I listen as often as I can and they are as engaging as they are informative. Great stuff!

Tom Jordan

I just think it is GREAT that you offer these free webinars... I live outside the country, so sometimes I get the timezones wrong and I miss out - but whenever I join, I always learn something - and I usually also find that me 30+ years in the business is able to help someone else, as well - so it's a very very cool thing!

Gray G

I'm brand new to the vo world and have enjoyed listening to current and archived call ins. I am learning a lot and getting comfortable with the jargon thanks to your site.

David S

Good information this past Sunday! I joined and i have already auditioned for a number of jobs. My expectations are reasonable and I am in no hurry to start doing big business. But I do enjoy the auditioning process. Every time is educational.

Thanks and keep it up!


It was very informative specially for a complete newcomer. I will definitely return for future Sunday webinars and when prepared will enroll in classes to catapult me into voice over career.

Looking forward to working with you.


My class was on 1/18/18 and Noel was a treasure.
Her production background could maybe explain
why she was so great at giving direction. This was
fun and informative.


For anyone new, (me) or a veteran, your service is excellent.
It's a service you don't have to offer, it's so very unheard of for a company
to provide this for no charge. Your moderator does
a professional job.


Hi, I really appreciate your contacting me, because I think you guys do a great job in the V/O business.

I was interested in your Documentaries Talk Time and learned a lot. Thank you for the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills. I'm also interested in Audio Books, but haven't been able to find the time when those sessions have been scheduled.

I look forward to more Talk Times in those categories, particularly.

Thank you for your involvement in furthering talent in the voice acting profession.

John S

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the time shared each Sunday Night. Each week I walk away with nuggets that can be easily applied.

Thank you for offering this great opportunity to learn from each other.

Nyoka B

Thank you so much for a wonderful webinar. It was my first time joining and I called in for this one :).

I didn't say anything, as you know ..haha..just thought I would observe and get a feel this time, but I will chime in next time. Lots of good information, and I appreciate your time and efforts!



This was the first time I attended a webcast and it was very informative. I have some experience in voice overs overseas but am in the US now and interested in getting some work in VO.

I got a lot of tips and hope to save up for some training in the future. In the meantime I intend to make use of this great resource.



Good topic. Excellent job by Moderator.


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