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Kristin Thorne, is always prepared for her Technique Spotlight webinar's with informative topics and fun and interesting exercises for the group to participate in.
I very much enjoy her classes!


I would like to thank Kristen for a particularly entertaining, engaging recent webinar on May 27th. What an infectious laugh she has, which only enhances her teaching style. Her critiques are specific and creative but also tempered with patience and understanding. The three hours just flew by.


Thank you so much Karen! Danielle's class last night was a blast and I am very grateful to have the notes!


Hi Team,

Just want to let you know. That this course was excellent. Kristen gave a lot of tips that helped us to deliver better reads. She was so patient with all of us and great disposition. She rocks!


Once again, I had the privilege of having Kristen Thorne as instructor for the Vocal Freedom: Cultivating confidence and committing to copy webinar on Wednesday, June 24th.

Kristen is incredibly diplomatic, always giving each of us motivation, but at the same time, offering constructive criticism. Thank you.

There is no question as to whom I would like as my one on one coach. It would be Kristen.


The time spent w/ Danielle was wonderful! She is extremely helpful & supplied many useful ideas which I can incorporate into my work. My thanks again to her & yourself for forwarding the super notes, exercises & recommended reading. I thoroughly enjoyed last night's entertaining & informative webinar.


Dear Kristen,

I am still buzzing from last nights audition ringer class with you! Wow! You will never have any idea how much your class helped excite me and give me the confidence I needed to continue forward with my voiceover career. So far you and Randye Kaye will be credited for any success I achieve. Thanks for making the class very fun informative and exciting. You are so well organized and it shows how excited you are about helping everyone become their best! Please pass this on to David as well. You are the bomb! I am sure we will work together again soon.


Hi - just wanted to thank you for the technique spotlight / audition ringer class with Naz Chaudhry and let you know it was terrific! She covered vocal health, with some very valuable tips and information. The audition ringer portion of the class was great fun; each class participant had the opportunity to work on two pieces of "commercial / business" copy from the script library and Naz's coaching and directions were spot on! Naz is one of my favorite Edge teachers so far!


Last night’s webinar was excellent. Deb is incredibly knowledgeable, and happily shares all sorts of practical information. Her do’s and don’ts of auditioning were extremely helpful, and gave me a much clearer picture of expectations and general etiquette.

The audition section of the webinar was eye-opening, because Deb is perceptive and direct. Her comments are specific and instructive. Deb always gives the impression that she’s delivering the straight goods, but she does it in a diplomatic, even affectionate way.

Her energy is terrific, and her love of teaching comes through. Oh, and of course she gets extra points because she’s Canadian, like me.


Dear Edge Studios,

I took the technique spotlight that focused on slates and sounds (just in time for halloween!) and I wanted to say that the class was very good. Despite going over the scheduled time, the instructor made sure everyone got to try what she taught, and she was very informative and answered all questions. I believe I will be a better voice actor for this class.


I took the Technique Spotlight & Audition Ringer Classes with Marjorie earlier this week. She said I should try to audition on a regular basis even though I don't have a demo yet. She suggested setting up an account with, and record a few audiobook auditions. Well, Wednesday night, I recorded an audiobook audition and submitted it. When I got home from work Thursday night, I had an offer waiting. This will be my first actual VO job. I'm excited and nervous, but if Marjorie had not suggested it, I wouldn't have this opportunity.


Hi Edge!

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the last two Tech Spotlights and Audition Ringers with Marjorie and Randye.

I have been on several TS and AR with Marjorie and I have loved them all! She is so authentic and truly informative and helpful. Even after as many of these as I've attended presented by Marjorie, they never are redundant ~ she always presents something new, speaks with an open heart, and listens/coaches with a fresh ear and perspective.

Randye was incredible, and I look forward to taking a private coaching session with her! I love how sharp she is, her wonderful analogies and coaching tips, and how incredibly generous she was with her time. Even with running over on time, she never made one feel rushed, and she gave her full attention to each participant. To find that she was away for a funeral (If she hadn't mentioned that toward the end of the class, one certainly never would have guessed!), and was running into personal time, just enforced how generous and dedicated she is. I thank her profusely!

And, as always, thank you to the entire Edge crew! You make this such a wonderful experience, and I truly always look forward to each class, webinar, coaching session, etc.. Thank You!


I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed Kristen's webinars. She is very encouraging and gives great tips. Thanks, Kristen!!

Looking forward to more,


I got a whole new perspective on the “intimate read”….so helpful…..I always enjoy Deb’s fresh approach and connectedness to us! I learned a lot.



I just wanted to say that I have found Marjorie's webinars very educational. She has great pointers for us and always gives me something specific to improve upon. Thanks, Marjorie!

Looking forward to more,


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this past Wednesday's webinar with Kristen Thorne. Very informative, a great topic to learn about, and a wonderful teacher! Kristen has such a calm, patient way about her, and her tips and coaching were insightful and thought provoking. Looking forward to more webinars with her!

I also wanted to say just how amazing Deb Munro has been, especially doing all that she has in the very midst of moving across the country! That is true dedication, and a testament to how much she must enjoy her work ~ an energy which also carries over to her teaching and coaching. Her 'Dialogs' webinar was very helpful and eye-opening, and the audition part of the webinar was a blast! SO much fun!!!

As always, I look forward to future webinars! Thanks again, Edge!


I would just like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed several spotlight and audition ringer classes with Marjorie Kouns. I have attended them through listening to class recording later, though, given my crazy schedule.
This woman is a genius!!!!
I have learned so much from her and really enjoy her style.
Thank you.



Just finished the Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer with Kristen, and it was so helpful!
Each encounter with someone from Edge Studio has been consistently friendly and encouraging,
you all are awesome.


I attended the technique spotlight/audition ringer last night that Marjorie Kouns taught, and I was very happy with all of the directions and advice that she gave out. She certainly gave me a lot to work on, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to better understand how to analyze copy.

Kurt B

Thanks Karen...I usually get a lot from Danielle from her classes, but last night she imparted so much valuable wisdom that I had to study my notes for an extra hour after the class ended! She's the quintessential professional...even when she experienced her own technical glitch, she found a way to keep on keepin' on (as she likes to say)! Great time last night!


I really enjoyed Kristen’s workshop on archetypes!


Great class great energy awesome feedback! I know the two coaches I want for my individual training. Really enjoyed it.


Thanks, Karen!

The class was exceptional - as are all of Danielle's classes! :)


Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Just a quick email to say that I enjoyed taking Committing to Copy with Kristen Thorne. It was my first course and it was very well done. Now that I am focusing on practicing tone I know it will be one of the videos I will be referring to frequently. Thank you Kristen for a great course and giving me a wonderful foundation in this area. I look forward to working with you further.

Robyn R.

Hello Marjorie,

I enjoyed the recent Vocal Health class. You provided us with invaluable tips for general health but also for voice over specific work. Thank you very much. Looking forward to more classes with you.


Thank you Karen. Danielle's class was fun. She is such a great teacher. Enjoy your day.


Hi Edge,
Just dropping a line to give some big kudos to Nazia for a great webinar last week. I thought her teaching style was very effective, her enthusiasm was contagious, and she clearly knew her subject well. One specific thing that I liked (though, far from the only thing) was how she didn't hesitate to give her own (brief) performances in order for us to hear/compare subtle elements that may not have been apparent to us in our own performances and those of our peers.

(Side note: I've always thought it would be pretty cool if the TS/AR instructors would do the audition read themselves, after everybody else has gone, so that those on the call can get a sense of what a pro interpretation would sound like, i.e. not just with verbal descriptions... but I don't dare to be the one to suggest it during the class!)

Anyway, good info, good feedback, good energy, hope to hear Nazia back on the TS/ARs sometime!


I just finished another webinar with Marjorie Kouns. She is impeccable! She maintains her positive and encouraging energy during the ENTIRE THREE HOURS! She lets her entertaining and fun personality flow into her lessons.

I have had teachers in the past (none from Edge Studio) in voiceover and in school/college that will move on even though you and that teacher both know you aren't fulling grasping something.

I really appreciate the fact that she pushes you (more a gentle nudge) when she identifies an area where you need improvement. She challenges you by not letting you off the hook until she feels comfortable that you have grasped the concept of that needed improvement!

She is a valuable asset and I'm excited for more upcoming classes with her that I've signed up for!

Thank you!

Andrew K

Hi Karen,

Wow, what a great resource1 Danielle was great. Wow, she had a huge group and still managed at giving so many time and attention. Even stayed on beyond her time to finish answering questions. She has a great balance of knowledge with warmth and shows her dedication by the prompt material.


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