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Just wanted to let you know that Nazia is an amazing teacher! Her spotlight was FULL of tricks and tips, and her "real-life" experiences are so helpful. Not a minute of the hour was wasted. I was scribbling furiously the whole time; her words are really industry gold.

The ringer was equally good. Her directions are concise, she's clear about the adjustments she wants us to make, and she has good reasons why she asks us to make them. She is such a gem and I feel lucky to work with her! It's so obvious why she's at the top of her game.

Thanks for the opportunity to work with her!


Hi Rob,
Wonderful class today. Thanks for the helpful tips. I really learned a lot in today's class. I didn't stay on for the Ringer portion because "characters" is not one of the areas that I plan to work on for awhile. I didn't want to take up valuable class time that someone else already working on this genre could use.

Thanks again, for a fun and informative class.


Thanks to Danielle for a terrifically helpful class!
These notes are a wonderful bonus.


Hi Edge Studio Staff,

I just wanted to send in my feedback on last night's Tech Spotlight with Naz. She did an EXCELLENT job. You can tell ... I did not even wait for your electronic feedback reminder. Naz really explained to us what it means to be Committed to the copy and she spent invaluable time with each and every participant on the call. Amazing. She was totally invested in us, and it made it sooooo easy to get totally invested in what we were doing and give everything we had. I learned so much on this call and have a few more handy tools in my technique kit. Slowly. Slowly.

Please give her a BIG THANK YOU. She rocks!!!


I must share with you that I was in Randye Kaye's class today and must pass along that I thought she did a terrific job teaching on the subject of Reading or Communicating: First Clues are in the Copy.

She really knows her craft and knows how to convey the message clearly to the student. She did this by using many of the scripts in the library, giving her own vocal examples and giving the students to practice with four different scripts. Her coaching techniques were straightforward and helpful She really was very thorough with the information she gave to us today.

I truly enjoyed her class. Please pass this along to Ms. Kaye so she knows what a nice impact she had on me.


This morning I realized that I'm still reeling from the Creative Copy Analysis class with Kristen Thorne two nights ago. I have to tell you that class was just wonderful! Kristen has such a kind and uplifting spirit that she poured all over us Monday night. Best class so far. This was the first time I really felt like I got "out of my head" for script analysis. It seemed so much more intuitive and was just what I needed. Thank You!



Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Outstanding presentation!

What you gave us should be part of the regular curriculum. If this is all I learned from Edge, I got my money's worth.

I have tears in my eyes.

I'm so grateful to you for all you give on our technique spotlight classes.

I'm going to keep the notes from today's class close at hand in my home studio and re-read them often. I now have a clear VO manifesto. What you shared has given me clarity of purpose... ...on many dimensions.

Big huge hug from Miami.

Thank you, Marjorie!!! You reminded why I'm doing this and all I have to give.

With gratitude and love...

Shannon C.

Another fantastic Edge Studio Technique Spotlight training. Thank you, Carol Monda!


Just a quick email to say I enjoyed this webinar and the feedback because variety is something I really need to work on. I'm going to do my best to put what you recommended into my practice, Noelle. Thanks so much!



I just finished your Authentic Voice session and wanted to thank you for a very informative, and helpful, class. It was certainly one of the best I've taken so far. And I do appreciate your lack of "sugar-coating!" When I'm at the the Private Training stage you'll be hearing from me again.

Dave C

I attended the Vocal Warmup Spotlight/Ringer Session the other night with Naz.

I enjoyed working with someone who had more of an acting orientation than myself. She pushed us but was friendly at the same time. She showed me how to approach commercial work with an actor’s mindset, and pushed me too bring my own personality to the script. She suggested to another student to take an improv class which is something I think I could also benefit from and will look into. I look forward ro working with her more in the future.

Joel Scott

I really enjoyed the Tech and Audition class with Rob Schuller 2 weeks ago. He is obviously quite talented, it was fun listening to everyone work with different voices, and he brought in a whole new set of helpful tips to keep in mind.

Last Saturday's Tech and Audition class with Marjorie was brilliant! Her honesty and bravery in being so open was very inspiring, and her suggestions and tips can be used and helpful in all aspects of life. Thank you and Bravo, Marjorie!!! *:) happy


Fantastic VO class with Carol Monda! Amazing teacher! Anyone coming to #VO from a serious acting background NEEDS to take a class w/ Carol. She bridges both worlds expertly!


Hi Kristen,
I really enjoyed your class this evening on storytelling. I picked up some great concepts and new ways to practice as well. I never thought of just free-styling off of a picture before!

I 'm sorry I could not stay online for the Audition Ringer class. I'm sure it was amazing and (crossing my fingers) hoping there is maybe a recording. I get a lot out of listening to the other participants.


Hi Edge!

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed and learned so much this past weekend from the Tech. 101 class with Danielle, and the Saturday Tech and Audition Ringer class with Naomi. Both are brilliant teachers, and their comments and criticisms were helpful, spot on, and constructive. I am glad to be able to learn from and work with such honest, open coaches.

I am wondering if Naomi had a degree in psychology, considering her incredible insights! And Danielle teaches with such wonderful, memorable analogies!

So, I just wanted to pass along my thanks to both Naomi and Danielle. And to Edge, as well!


I just wanted to say that I've had a few Audition Ringers with Marjorie Kouns, and she is fantastic at keeping the mood up-beat, educating in a way that is entertaining, and Marjorie provides very valuable feedback and "homework" during the audition ringers. Marjorie is a great teacher/director!

Nick w

I really enjoyed the Tech and Audition class with Rob Schuller 2 weeks ago. He is obviously quite talented, it was fun listening to everyone work with different voices, and he brought in a whole new set of helpful tips to keep in mind.

Last Saturday's Tech and Audition class with Marjorie was brilliant! Her honesty and bravery in being so open was very inspiring, and her suggestions and tips can be used and helpful in all aspects of life. Thank you and Bravo, Marjorie!!!


Do I love the people at Edge Studio? Why yes I do! Seriously! Love working with you! Looking forward to a long and fabulous work relationship!


I just wanted to send a note to say thank you for facilitating the webinar tonight-your feedback for each person's read was very insightful and helpful as well you kept the webinar engaging.


I just wanted to say that my classes with Mr. Ingram and Ms. Quisenberry were pleasant and informative. They both have comprehensive approaches, and show sincere interest in each student. Although working under tight time constraints, they balanced the task of discovering subtle nuances in each voice with the mission to push each student to the proverbial "next level".


Thank Marjorie for her time and effort in giving us instruction based on our learning curve. She did such a wonderful job helping us understand what we personally can work on. Hearing what others did - then hearing the instruction is helping me fine tune my ear. Just wonderful wonderful stuff. Thank her for me.

Amy D.

Noelle is wonderful. She gave great direction and helped us to reveal different parts of ourselves to serve the scripts. I liked the format of today's class. Having call backs not only upped the stakes for us, but really got me listening. I also enjoyed the call back section and hearing all the call back reads for the same scripts in a row. I learned a great deal on today's call. I felt like Noelle built a nice community for all of us on this call; made me want to stay in touch with everyone who participated. Thank you Edge, Noelle, and my fellow students for a valuable learning experience.

Shannon C.

Hi Edge,
I'm writing to provide some feedback for this week's Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer (Tuesday, March 25).

Kristin Price is, as you probably realize, a terrific group teacher-- and I say this quite aside from the fact that she has been coaching me individually. I'll give a few examples as to what she does as a group teacher (and specifically, as a TS/AR instructor) that I think are exactly on target:
-Specificity. Everything from the topic of discussion, to the goals of the session, to the talking points and tips-- and, most importantly, the feedback on each person's audition reads, is extremely specific and relevant, and thus very helpful for everyone, whether reading or listening.
-Engagement. Partly because Kristin was very organized and kept a good momentum throughout, no time was wasted, and she was able to make sure that each participant had enough time to do enough takes to improve their read; most people got 3 takes, and even people that "nailed it" on the first take were challenged to do it differently the second time (rather than just praising them and moving on).
Additionally, Kristin had all of the participants play the part of "clients" during the AR, and submit written comments about the reads (many of which Kristin would share out loud) as well as select the winner in each category of read. This was a great way to engage us and get us to listen really specifically and critically to each person throughout the whole session (so it was less tempting to just practice the script while waiting for one's turn, and tuning out thereafter!)
-I'll note that in a couple occasions I've heard the TS/AR described as a setting resembling an actual audition, in which the instructor lets us know who would have booked the job in real life; Tuesday's session was the only one I've had so far in which this was implemented.

I've had TS/ARs with 6 instructors so far, and while I've certainly learned from all of them, I must admit that these above points (focused topics, specific talking points in the TS which we then try to specifically implement in the AR, specific and unapologetically critical feedback, enough takes to make improvement, a highly engaging 'real-audition' type setting) have not been the norm in the TS/AR sessions that I've been a part of.

I love the Edge group classes in general, and I hope my 2c are helpful: it would be great to see more specificity and focus in the TS/AR sessions-- and great to see Kristin on the TS/AR rotation more frequently!

If you have any questions about my feedback points, feel free to ask me for clarifications or further details. I don't usually give much written feedback, but wanted to pass along how much I'd gotten out of this particular class.


Dear Naomi,
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for a very informative, insightful session today! Your “Know, Do, Feel” questions are an invaluable tool when approaching each read, allowing one to shelve their “authentic self”, freeing the path to color the essential elements of the script with the appropriate personalization and share the message of the copy as effectively as possible.


Also can since I do not have an email for Marjorie Kouns and I just wanted to send her a note and thank her for all her help. I have been on the Audition Ringer class with her for the past few weeks and she has been so helpful and works so very hard at making the class informative and entertaining. Please let her know she is helping me so much to be more conversational and break old radio announcer reads. She is moving me from voice announcer to voice actor and I cannot thank her enough. Please let her know how much she is appreciated!


Just wanted to let you know that, once again, I truly enjoyed this past Saturday's Tech. Spotlight and Aud. Ringer classes. Marjorie's tips for saving and improving our voices were incredibly helpful, and she gave great pointers throughout the Audition Ringer.


Kristin did a fantastic job helping me understand the topic through examples and practical application. Her producer's experience goes a long way in giving me valuable tips. Thank her for teaching these classes on Pacing and Phrasing. Very important "back to the basics" topic!


I wanted to mention how much I've enjoyed the last couple of Tech Spotlights and Aud. Ringers with Noelle. The topics were great, her methods of coaching and teaching were very helpful with wonderful descriptives that really let everyone hear what she was hearing or was looking for, and her energy is just wonderful! I look forward to more webinars with her!


Dear Team,
Tonight's webinar,Train Your V/O Mindset... with Marjorie Kouns was Outstanding - instructional, uplifting and fun! I love the way she guides us with a kiss and a very painless kick. Actually I look forward to her non-threatening style of "kicking." I love participating in her sessions. I came to the class feeling totally exhausted and worried if I would even last a 3 hr sessions. I did, I'm glad. I even feel energized!!! Now, my problem will be settling down before daylight.


Hi Michael,

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent,
exciting, inspiring, challenging Who's and Why's of
Voice-Over Technique class on Saturday.

Voice-Over is proving to be so much fun, I feel guilty!
But with your great class today, I feel all the more
challenged and inspired to work hard. It was tough to
go back to ordinary life today.

A friend who is an actor once told me he loved the 'colors'
in a script he was reading and signing on for. I remembered
what he said when you were talking about emotional colors
in class.

Thank you!!


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