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Hi Kendra, I wanted to pass along what an amazing job Naz did with the class.
It was a pretty large group and her enthusiasm towards helping each of us thru our reads from the first person to the last never wavered. All while battling a cold and some technical glitches here and there. She is a definite asset to Edge Studio.


Although I was unable to stay for today's audition ringer, I just wanted to give some feedback about the Technique Spotlight about creating characters for animation with Deb Munro. She is FANTASTIC! She not only spoke with us about vocal health and observations about the business but also demonstrated how she jumps from character to character. It was extremely helpful and I do hope that you will offer this class again soon.

Thanks again, Edge, for rockin' my Voice Over World!


First: I LOVE the articular aerobics webinar. The basics are fun and always helpful.
Also: Marjorie has been so encouraging this week. After her critique of my audition (great unbiased information I can work on) she gave me the impression that I could (with effort and repetition and experience) audition and get work. Her pushing us to do better is wonderful as always, then she tells us at the end that she hears improvement and is encouraging us to continue working on our personal homework. It gets me excited for coaching!

Thank her for me!

Amy D.

I know this is a bit of a delayed feedback, but I wanted to mention that I LOVED the Tech Spotlight class last week ~ 'Pitch with Purpose' ~ with Scott Harlan! These are the types of things I know I need to really focus on for reading script, and his tips were helpful and made so much sense! And it was great to have him choose scripts for the audition ringer that really applied to what we had discussed during the tech spotlight.


The tele-class with Marjorie on Saturday was incredibly informative.

Hello Edge Studio Training Department,

I just attended my first Phase III "Technique Spotlight & Audition Ringer Class" with Marjorie Kouns on "Train Your VO Mindset the Moment Before You Speak" and I am incredibly grateful for the timely, concise and relatable information and tips she presented and added her own personality and sharing to.

Then, I couldn't believe how incredibly kind she was in the critique section. I expected pretty harsh feedback so it truly helped me relax and not fear future ones.

Thank you for the Weekly Script Contest and I look forward to more classes and more learning.


Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for Naz Chaudhry's " Tell it, don't sell it! " class this past Wednesday, April 1st - I was surprised at just how quickly 3 hours could pass. Her ability to listen and critique is admirable and the comments and direction were spot on .


Hi Deb!

Just wanted to thank you very much for the great Technique Spotlight and Audition Ringer sessions you gave on Saturday. The exercises were fun to do and very effective, as was your great advice on how to avoid damaging your throat.

It was a great stretch for me to be a bee, even a Queen bee (LOL)! Like another participant, my niche is as a narrator/storyteller, but you gave me some great coaching on how to improve my read, regardless of the type of project, and being able to listen to the tips for improvement you gave to the others in the session was invaluable.

Many thanks once again!


I have been "Edging" for a handful of months and, after this evenings "technique spotlight", I am compelled to say that Noelle Ramano is the best Webinar host that I have come across! She exhibits the most consistency, demonstrates the best organization and class format, and most importantly, the most thoughtful feedback.
I have had the pleasure of working with Noelle a number of times and am always left feeling like I have taken my practice to a new level. She is always very present when teaching and maintains an approachable professionalism that has been such a relief as a student of this industry. She is an Excellent asset and the model of what the technique spotlight should be.

I am happy to praise good teachers and she is one for sure!

Jeremy B

Good Afternoon,

I just want to thank you for the above mentioned class. Micheal Ingram & Majorie Kouns have been great. Thank you for your wisdom, insight & encouragement. Now, practice, practice, practice...again, THANK YOU!

Alita B.

Kristen Thorne did a great job with the Technique Spotlight and Audition Ringer last night. If you have an opportunity to share any feedback with her, she was consistently encouraging while providing helpful next steps. The copy she used for the ringer was also easy to read on screen. That is not always the case, but she cut and pasted the copy onto a slide and put it in presentation mode. The other things I found useful were the audio examples she provided. When I worked with David in Chicago what resonated most was the importance of ear training. Kristen echoed that lesson last night by providing us with exemplars. It's one thing to talk about it and another thing to hear it.

Doug D

I thought Naz did a great job with warm-up techniques and suggestions. She was also very engaging and helpful in her comments during the script readings by the participants.

A very useful webinar.


Hi Edge Studio Team,

Thank you for sending this worksheet…. and thank you for all the hard work you put into this great "VO University". Debbie's class was great (as always)!
I am learning so much from all the instructors and coaches…..each and every one is of such high calibre.
Thanks for your part in making it all happen!

Enjoying the Process,


I really enjoyed this class and Noelle was Awesome as usual! She
really took the time to treat everyone as an individual, and when I
was having technical difficulties, she read off the Tech phone number
and that was very helpful! I was bummed that I could not read on the
audition ringer because of my iphone, nobody could hear me. I learned
a lot in the techniques class, and also learned a tremendous amount in
the audition ringer just by listening to everyone else.

I am loving and enjoying all of these classes, feeling very blessed!!


Hello, Training Gurus!

I have to write and gush about the recent Saturday technique classes with Scott Burns and Deb Munro. Just wonderful! They both taught a ton of great material in a short period of time. Both, too, were very generous with their coaching time, taking care with every student even though the classes were very full. I was writing notes furiously the entire time.

Scott introduced many interesting techniques and tips--it seemed like a new one for every student. I've been feeling frustrated and stuck about how to gain a more natural sound, and now I'm excited to get to the mic. And Deb explained all her thoughts with great clarity as she coached, taking the listeners along on the journey. I know what she taught will greatly improve my ability to both self-coach and give better feedback on the feedback forum. Not to mention giving some great editing and marketing tips just in her asides.

I'm definitely feeling the Edge Studio love!



Thanks for another great webinar on Tuesday! I really do love your view on things, and it shows just how much thought you put into everything ~ from the webinars themselves to the reflecting and comments you give during the audition ringers. So, thank you so much for all of that!


Marjorie manages to impart in an easy but fun manner, lots of real, pertinent and "yummy" information in short order. Her critiques are extremely useful and right on the mark.
It must be very difficult to give presentation and critiques which won't derail ambitions but encourage people to change for the better. Marjorie does this very well.


Hello Kendra,
Kudo's to Marjorie Kouns. The last three classes she has taught have
really been "HOT". I've gathered so much information and techniqes
since I began studing at Edge, she is helping to put it all into a
frame work I can manage. The last class on Sept. 7 about Long Form
Narration, that was good. I've heard it over and over again about the
1st, 2nd and 3rd person point of view and now I understand how those
various points of view must be read with a different emphaiss becasue
the narrator is literally speaking from that point of view. Ms.
Kouns gave us some written homework which I just completed this
morning and I clearly see in my writing the various points of view I
used. So I will record this and hear how it sounds. Tell Ms. Kouns,
thank you so very much.


Dear Edge Studio,

I've always enjoyed all the unique webinars that you offer, but last week's Technique Spotlight by Noelle was incredible!!

Not only was the 3 hours very clear, organized and effective, I feel like I learned a lot from the 3 hours.

Although I didn't get a call back from her, I listened in for the rest of the session what she would say to other listeners and that really helped me shape something I've never been able to do before.

I live in LA and she was my first contact with Edge (being that she was the instructor to the assessment course), I feel very fortunate to have her locally and cannot wait to do a one-on-one session with her!

Thank you Noelle and I hope to book a coaching session with you soon!!


I was wondering if you could forward this thank you to Noelle for me. She ran a great class today. It really opened my eyes to the world of telephony! I really appreciate her advice and guidance . It was fun to learn that another "Jersey girl" is a pro at this whole voiceover career.

Barbara F

Tuesday night's class with Kristen Thorne (Pacing and Phrasing) was also a winner. I love her energy, and the way she encouraged us to stretch as we read the copy. With so many wonderful coaches, it's going to be hard to choose who I will work with 1 on 1. I'll call you about that next week. It's time to get on with it.


The course was great. Naz is a very detailed and patient instructor. I learned so much in her classes.

Thank you for a great experience.


I, once again, would like to say how much I am enjoying the Tech Spotlights and Audition Ringers with Marjorie Kouns. The 'Marjorie Marathon' has been incredibly helpful! She is just overflowing with such pertinent information, and listening to her feedback for myself and all the participants in the Audition Ringer classes really helps one focus on all the details of reading script. Great lessons!


Hi Randye,

I just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful webinar this past Wednesday!

Deciphering and marking copy have been two of my biggest concerns, and your explanations and examples were incredibly helpful. I will be borrowing from your system of marking copy, if you don't mind terribly!

The audition ringer was also a lot of fun, and it was helpful to hear how different each copy can be read and interpreted ~ even by the same person.

So, thank you again! I love your brilliant, helpful and encouraging coaching style!


Happy Weekend, Training Gurus!

I just had to write and gush about how fabulous Randye Kaye's Saturday classes were, today. Great material, and she took so much time giving each student detailed feedback--that was helpful to everyone--during the Audition Ringer. I didn't participate in that section because I hadn't officially signed up and didn't want to take away the time from others, but, boy, did I learn a ton. I could tell the whole class was energized by it, too.



Please tell Noelle I appreciated her help in this Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer. She did a great job of driving home the message that we need to deliver our read to a specific person. Isn't it ironic that we are trying to reach everyone listening to our read, but we won't reach anyone unless we are speaking to one person? Well done Noelle!

Noelle has this nice blend of praise/feedback when she coaches. I always feel she is pulling for me and at the same time she is willing to give honest and direct feedback. I truly appreciate that I am not being patronized.


Hi David,
Just writing to say thank you for the tele-class you did last night. I don't know if you remember me, but I met you last fall at an evaluation class. As always, I appreciate your candor and skillfulness in coaching new talent (like me.) Again, thanks for all your guidance, honesty, and kindness.

Kathy Broderick

Once again today's session in Act- Up "doubles" was great ....I think this was much harder than being on your own in the booth ....I know you have to think about all the techniques when you are on your own , but to have another person with you there is far more to think about and I felt like I had run a marathon ? I think if you can master the art of doubles it opens up areas of voice over that maybe some people would not think of venturing .I don't know if other people walk away from your classes with this thought in mind , but for me being able to learn all areas of voice over has really opened my mind up to further challenges that I may never had thought of doing ....and stops you from going in just one direction .....These classes are two hours of great inspiration ......
Many thanks


Good morning, David!
I wanted to thank you for an excellent Auditioning workshop last evening. It was extremely helpful and informative. After the tele-class I had to do an mp3 audition for one of my clients - the timing was perfect!
Thanks again and hope to speak with you soon! I'm going to call the office and express my interest in the Talk with Pro workshops - what a great idea!
Warm regards,


Well, the vo went very well with Fortunoff. They loved my work! I just can't thank you enough for your invaluable training and guidance. Whatever you are doing, it is working. I'm getting better all the time. It took about four hours and the price was right! I loved every minute of being in the studio. The Creative Director of the ad agency found me on and contacted me directly. He said he listened to 80 demos and loved mine. He said he loved how I was "so New York". Wow, how flattering. This was just such an amazing experience and I'll tell you more in person.


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