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Hi David
Thank you for the "Keep it Real" Tel-a-workshop last night. You're a great teacher with very detailed feedback. It was interesting to hear others, and to be able to critique their work. Learning what to listen for is very useful when you then turn around and are on the other end! I'm excited. I can't wait to get my demo so I can start looking for work. I'll be attending an Edge Studio workshop in New York in the coming weeks.

Andree Duggan

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Act Up on documentaries, David. It was very helpful-- nice to know you thought my read was excellent (after I got over my usual LOUD first delivery), as I've been practicing a lot, using your book as a guide. And now I know I am definitely interested in documentary work, too. Your typical first-rate workshop!!
Thanks again,

Joan Barere

Just wanted to say that you taught a great class at Edge the other night. It was really helpful and the level of the students was really great too.

Brett Beyer

I had a great time and learned a lot in your class at Edge Studio last night. Today I called my friend Tony Chiroldes and thanked him for sending me to Edge. Also, thanks for giving me the funny copy about the "Sleep Number Bed" it made me chuckle as I fell asleep last night!

Mark McElligott

Thank you for a wonderful class tonight. Karen and I had fun. The copy you gave us was perfect, since we are good friends. I would love to see a class geared to promos. I'll see you again soon.

Christine Larkin

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the ActUp on documentaries, David. It was very helpful-- nice to know you thought my read was excellent (after I got over my usual LOUD first delivery), as I've been practicing a lot using your book as a guide. And now I know I am definitely interested in documentary work too. Your typical first-rate workshop!!
Thanks again,

Joan Barere

This was a great starting point for my career. I'm thankful that David was so helpful and honest with me. I know with hard work and determination I will break into this business, but another crucial thing I need is the industry know-how and connections that Edge has in voice-over. This is the best place to train. I love the monthly copy reading classes. It helps to prepare me for work with producers.


Thank you so much for your excellent tele-course on breaking down copy. I really benefited from the feedback and I thought Katrina and Eric were great resources. So far, I've learned more in the two classes that I've taken with you than I did in the Master Class I took with (competitor

re: Danielle's Progress Workshop:
...It was the most info-packed workshop they'd taken. We sure covered a lot of ground in 2 hours.

I just wanted to tell you how good it was to see you again and I thought the class was great!
Thank you for your keen ears, David, this is exactly what I need.

See you Monday,

Another Winner! I took the Act Up Workshop Pre-Sentencing in NYC on Saturday. It was another fantastic experience from Edge Studio. Our coach did a great job and I also got to meet Kristin Price who taught the Marketing Foundation class I took a few weeks ago. Looking forward to more enjoyable classes! Thanks.

Thanks for the great copy reading class this past Wednesday night! It is a valuable, essential, and fun way to keep on top of and hone my skills. Also, the booth time is invaluable. Practice at home is great, but getting in there really lets you know how much you progress. I feel I can really see my comfort levels improving and that the extra time I've put in to practicing at home has really started to pay off in the last few weeks. I wouldn't be able to tell without the feedback and experience of the class.
Lastly, congratulations on the new studio, it looks great!
Thanks for everything,

Jason Epstein

Hi David,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed meeting everyone at the audition workshop today. It was amazing- I learned a lot in just 2 short hours, and feel better about my next audition, whenever and wherever that may be! It was definitely worth the trip into NYC on a crazy, windy, rainy day.

Paula Cococca

Just wanted to add that if you haven't been to the Progress workshops – they are invaluable experience. I've been a professional actor for 20 years and I'm amazed that David offers a class like this. It says a lot about his love for this art form.
Like Scott said, "It's a jewel."
See you,


Hi Danielle,
I just finished listening to your seminar on "Live the Dream", and, as with all my experiences with Edge, it was terrific. The hour + was filled with information & tips for the vocal artist. Most [non-Edge Studio] seminars have been very good but only include a few ideas spaced over the hour, but this was jam packed. I always enjoy dealing with Edge because of the value you offer.

Thanks again,


Hi Sylvia,
I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the very informative and helpful Voice-Over class I took with you at Edge Studios on May 2nd. The audition techniques you taught enhanced my skills set. Also, I certainly appreciate the attention you give to each Voice-Over talent needs and your feedback. In fact, I woud like to thank you again for noticing the stress I place on my vocal cords when speaking, and for recommending I take voice therapy. This shows you truly care! I'm looking forward to taking additional Voice-Over classes with you! -

Wendy Urena

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful class on Saturday thru Edge Studio. It was a nice class - learning about the copy was great and very helpful. I will definitely take more classes thru Edge and hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to take another with you. I really liked your style of teaching and the way you deliver the feedback. Thank you again and I hope that your week is a good one.

Lynn Voutsinas

Hi Sara & Cathy,

Can you let David Guzzone know how much I appreciated his coaching in the last 2 weekends of the "technique spotlight and audition ringer" workshops? I feel he has done an excellent job helping his students learn how to break down copy and connect better with the scripts, by asking some fundamental questions. I now get it. He has a way to help you understand how to find the concept and play it. I've worked with another VO coach (non-edge studio) and did not quite understand what I understand with David. I've learned alot from him so far, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Thank you. You guys are "awesome"

Rhonda Duncan

Hi Cathy...I wanted to share with you that today's Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer workshops with Randy Kaye were "fantastic." Her topic "10 things to learn from the copy" we're so helpful in learning different ways to analyze the script and connect better with it. I really feel she gave us the tools to better our skills in delivering the copy. Please forward this onto her.

Thankyou. You guys are the best in "training facility."

Rhonda Duncan

Hi Cathy....just wanted to tell you how "wonderful" Michael was in Saturday Technique Spotlight/Audition Ringer class. It's amazing how each coach has a special way of helping give you the tools to sound more "conversational." Michael touches on really focusing on "who" and "why" and how to connect more to the script by being more of "you", adding your personality to the delivery piece and connecting on a personal level "within." Seems simple enough for me to do now. Really got alot out of this weeks session. Please pass this onto him. He was very helpful!


Rhonda Duncan

Hello Cathy,
Please complement Mr. Michael Ingram. I just completed his classes: Technique Spotlight and Audition Ringer and they were very good and informative.
Michael clarified how to be conversational, real person, during a read. He suggested that we read the copy first just to imprint the words on our memory rather than how to say the words. By doing so, we can become fluid in our speech. Next, eliminate the punctuation especially the comas. Then decide to whom and why we are speaking. With that clear intent we will speak naturally with natural pauses. We must always follow the direction given by the director and if they want punctuation then we must use it.
I understand why my reads were sometimes choppy, becasue of following the punctuation and too many dramatic pauses due to self-directing. This was a very good class. Having many coaches has been one of the best parts of this experience at Edge. Now I can decide which coach to choose to help me with my final demo.
Thank you


Dear Cathy,
The March 24 Technique Spotlight class "Creating A Character" with Jay Snyder, was great. I didn't realize how informative and entertaining he was. Listening to him effortlessly shift from character voice to character voice was a joy. He really illustrated what it is to sound gritty, scratchy, etc. The aspect of the workshop that was most enlightening was when he analyzed the vocal quality in combination with the psychology of the character. Wow!!! I had never given much thought to some of the characters, especially those in South Park. Now I have a way of understanding them. Also, Jay was very well organized, his outline was good. I take a lot of notes and really appreciate his organization. Also, he was just fun to listen to. I was speechless. However, I noticed that I learn more when I can hear what something should sound like. Being new to VO I am learning how to make my voice sound sexy, sad, upset, indifferent…and I have never analyzed those pattern before, just reacted to them. Thank you Jay.

Sabrina Hawkins


Thank you very much for your instruction during the Spotlight today. I'm excited to try out the exercise you mentioned.
I'm also going to practice saying copy to specific people. It really helped me.

Thanks again and I look forward to future Spotlights,

Alanna O

...the in-studio Saturday clinics you've had (are)...useful because of the interaction and flow of the class with fellow students.

Hello Cathy,

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed Carol Monda’s Technique Spotlight and Audition Ringer Class on Saturday, April 28. The topic was Text Analysis.

I loved this class!! I’ve both heard this and read it in books, that you have to work the copy. Actually put marks on the copy to indicate words to punch, pause, etc. However this class was the most in depth. To be able to match my results with those of the coach and my peers, gave me confidence. We all got very similar results. So I knew that I’m using the technique correctly.
The way I read the material after the text analysis really improved the quality of my read and my understanding of the copy. Hands-on learning really works for me.

I will use this technique on this current weekly contest. Thank you very much.

Sabrina from Cincinnati

Hello Cathy,
Leslie Bailey's Technique Spotlight and Audition Ringer class on May 19 was very good. Her class, Michael Ingram, and Carol Monda's class are really helping to improve my reads. For the first time in a long time, I spent time memorizing the words which I rarely do and the flow was much better. I did my script analysis on each script I read today. I feel good about this. More classes like script analysis are really good for me.
thank you

Sabrina Hawkins

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