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Dear David,
The Tele-Training Intensive-Technique Workshop on the 3rd of August was fantastic. To learn so much and enjoy at the same time is rare. Those were the best four hours I have spent in a long time. The other members of the group were very nice and we all learned from each other. I like your teaching mode.
Thank you very much.

Sheela S. Iyer

Hi Sara,

This is just a quick note to pass along a word of praise about Kerry Miller Harris's "Practice Tips & Techniques" tele-class on Saturday, April 10th.

Over the last year, I have taken several classes from Kerry. She is always very well-prepared, candid in her assessments, and helpful in her instruction. Having set the bar so high, I knew I'd benefit from her instruction, whatever the topic. In this class, however, Kerry set a new standard!

As a student, I found her introductory outline, and subsequent return to main topics, especially helpful. Tele-classes are all auditory, so without visuals, repetition is essential. Kerry has a nice feel for this, and strikes a comfortable balance between "Here's where we are / Here's where we're going." The practice advice she offered was practical and relevant, and came at an especially good time for me. (As you know, I'm gearing up for private training with Linda, Jay and Carol.) It's just SO helpful to have someone lay it out what to do, and when to do it, in such clear terms!

Edge Studio continually impresses me. I'm so glad to be training with you!


Elizabeth Holmes

I feel energized! The Tele-class allowed me to hear other voice artists working hard. I'm happy to follow my dreams! Thanks for your Intensive-Technique Workshop, David!

Rhonda Mendoza,

Thanks (you can use this as a testimonial if you'd like): I really enjoyed the over-the-phone workshop and I feel as though you were very proficient at creating an individual learning environment within the context of a group conference call. I'm glad I took the opportunity to participate; it let me know how to make my voice marketable and what to watch for in improving my chances.

I just hung up from your Teleclass. Thanks, learned so much. Very excited to keep on going with step 2. You made this beginning very easy and kept the nerves at bay. Thanks again.


Hi David,
Thanks for another great workshop. I love the tele-class format - it's so convenient and I always derive a lot from them. Thanks again.

Charlene Sherman

Thank you very much for the telephony seminar last night. I appreciate your constructive feedback and will work on the things you pointed out. I liked the whole atmosphere and structure of the class. Loads of good information from you, in a nice relaxed environment and plenty of opportunity for reading and recording. I hope to attend future classes at Edge Studio. Thanks again!

Lisa Leonard

Hi David.
Thank you very much for the telephony seminar last night. I appreciate your constructive feedback and will work on the things you pointed out.
I liked the whole atmosphere and structure of the class. Loads of good information from you, in a nice relaxed environment and plenty of opportunity for reading and recording. It "rocked!" (one of my favorite expressions, btw...I'm showing my age!)
I hope to attend future classes at Edge Studio. Thanks again!
Regards from the Jersey Shore,

Lisa Leonard

Hi David:

Thanks for your interesting article in VoiceOverToday
on Uncomfortable Situations. Boy, have we "been
there and done that.". There always seems to be
one we haven't heard before. That's life!



Hi David:

Really enjoyed your article on "Uncomfortable Situations". Just had a client come back to me three months after a very large IVR project telling me they were having "technical" issues with the sound quality. This was after it was fully reviewed, signed off on, billed, and paid. I find that articles from your studio are the ones I am most drawn to as they are "real world" and extremely helpful.


Janet Ault

Hello David,
Thank you, I really enjoyed my workshop! I was a little hesitant on participating in a 3 1/2 hour phone
call. However, the time flew by. Your techniques, candid feedback, and passion provide a great
combination for understanding and learning the business. It's been a long time since learning was so
much fun and valuable! I am excited to have my coaching session!

Renee Geiger

By the way David,
You offer some of the best information for voice-overs I have seen yet! Thanks.


Hello David:
I truly enjoyed the Intensive Technique Workshop. David, your teaching style made the workshop not
only informative but fun. I found it very beneficial and participating in a class-like setting via phone was as well, as my fellow participants provided their feedback to our training. I feel that I now have a better understanding of what is available to a person pursuing a career in Voice Over. I look forward to my next step in the process, which is
my private evaluation.
Thanks again!!

Laura Aguilar

Hi Danielle,

Thank you, SO MUCH, for such an excellent tele-class today!

I spoke with all of the participants afterwards, and to a man (boy / woman) they all raved about it! Everyone had a great time, learned a lot, and is eager for more. You are SUCH an inspiring teacher, Danielle. Your warm-ups are fun, your technique tips are extremely helpful, your direction is encouraging, and your creative, generous spirit shines through everything you do. All of the participants, were terrified to perform in front of others, but you put them all at ease, and they quickly lost their stage fright.

In closing, I'd just like to say how much I appreciate Edge Studio's generosity in hosting this class, and giving me the opportunity to listen in. It was a rare privilege.


I found David's candid critiquing style very helpful. His method of exaggerating what he heard us say really helped me to pay more attention to the speed and pitch of both myself and the other callers. Plus, his willingness to stay on the line and answer any questions after the call had officially ended was definitely appreciated. I found his instruction valuable and I'm looking forward to part-2 of the evaluation!


I had a great time in the workshops. I am so excited about 2010 and starting the New Year off with tons of training.

Also, please let David know that the 2010 Forecast call he had was one of the best teleseminars ever. I learned alot and hope he has more of those teleseminars.


I was amazed at how much I didn't know about how to correctly use my voice as a voiceover, until participating in this teleconference. The workshop renewed my excitement about the field, since it was explained to me that
there are many voiceover opportunities available. I'm looking forward to part-2 of the Evaluation Placement program!

Robin Swenholt

I enjoyed the Tele-Class very much. Kerry was great in keeping the group moving forward and had positive reinforcement for all.


Hi Joey,

Thank you for selecting Danielle as my voice coach. I feel I learned a great deal form her today and have a clear view of what I need to improve my skills. She is exceptional!

Best regards,


Good Morning Folks!

First I have to say...kudos!!! I am a "newbie" again of sorts in VO...and I have to say you guys are kicking some major butt with these tele classes. I am glad I made the investment. So..please pass this comment on. I am very very happy with the "product" so far. I truly enjoy not having to travel to a studio for class. Leaving the East Village is such a hassle...LOLOLOLOLOL... I know..sucha New Yorker!

I would like to register for the Technique 101 on November 16, 2010 & Saturday Voice & Audition Series for November 13, 2010 Part 1 only.

Thank you,

Lenny D

...I am glad [the producer] liked my read first time as I think I would have melted had I to re-read. It was fun though and all my training and experience came back within a couple of minutes as I wove with my fingers a tapestry of sound for the five faces peering at me, a white gold fish in a dark bowl. The read was a success. "You have done this before,' K said," oh yes I replied, "I trained at Edge Studios in New York." While 10,000 miles away and part of another world, nevertheless, the lessons I learned there came straight to the fore once I was back behind a mic...

James O

I enjoyed tonight's lesson with David Goldberg. I wasn't sure what a phone-line lesson would be like, but although not speaking into the mic and hearing myself through headphones put me out of my comfort zone, it turned out to be an intensely educational experience. In fact, I feel privileged to have participated. David Goldberg is a certainly a pro with a quick ear, and it was very interesting listening to him instruct and give feedback.

I've got no particular request for future classes. I feel like I have so much to learn that whatever the lesson is it'll give me a lot to think about.

David Thompson

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