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Thumbs up from Berlin. I´ve said it before but please allow me to repeat myself: you people provide such great knowledge and practical advice for voice over artists (beginners and pros alike)
I´m even kinda happy there is nothing comparable over here in Germany - fostering my competitors ;-)


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for holding this contest every week. The 'Satire Script Simulation' was my very first submission and I was pleasantly surprised to take third place!! I realize it takes a bit of time and effort to listen to and critique all those entries but it is one of the reasons I chose Edge Studio for my training, since it provides an example of the support you provide to aspiring voice actors. You provide this service with no strings attached, without teasers and come-ons, and most importantly, without a persistent push to constantly "sell" us your services, as some of your competitors do.


Dear Edge Studio,
This weekly contest is without doubt one of the most, if not the most useful training aid I have ever participated in! It is the only forum where I get to listen to the entries submitted by my voiceover colleagues. I try to listen to all the entries, and I listen to the winning entries and read your review of them multiple times. The most frustrating part about auditioning for me is not having any idea how the other entries sound. It’s impossible to judge one’s own performance if you don’t have any other interpretations to compare yourself to. Now with this competition I have points of comparison. Of course I don’t want to try to school myself to sound just like the winning entries, but reading your reviews and listening to the winning entries is a wonderful learning opportunity. Congratulate whoever came up with this idea, and congratulations to all the folks at Edge Studio who make it happen.

Liz Bergstone

Hello David: I just wanted to tell you how much I like the weekly contest that you've all started at Edge. I get to compare my vocal performance to the winners, and I start to hear things that I'd never heard before.


Phil Hwang

Thank you so much for running your Weekly Contest it is fun and educating.

Joel Richards

Hi David,

Among all of the great resources your offer in the free career center, my favorite is the weekly recording contest. It's a lot of fun, keeps me practicing, and exposes me to new scripts and genres. I enjoy listening to other voice talents' interpretation of the weekly script and giving them my thumbs up. Recently I discovered the feature allowing me to see who has voted for my recording too, which is cool. And the Friday results and critiques are so valuable -- like free, mini coaching sessions! I study these closely and try to learn from them. They often reinforce the very techniques I've been studying in your book and learning about in the Technique 101 workshop, and they usually include other tips and tricks-of-the-trade as well. So, thanks again for the free career center and, especially the weekly script contest! I'm feeling so confident that Edge Studio was the best choice for my voice over training.

Bill Anciaux

It's great to hear so many other vo artists all working from the same material. Especially for someone getting started like me, it’s a great way to see how my efforts compare alongside more seasoned professionals. It’s easier to see objectively what I need to work on - and sometimes even what I do well!

Thanks, by the way, for holding this contest. The specific feedback you give to winners, and especially the general feedback to all, is really valuable to read through

Gary Ericson

Love the contest and learn a lot from it.

Thanks and cheers,


I have been entering the contest the last few rounds because I love the feedback you offer regarding why people did and didn't win. You guys do such an outstanding job of marketing and providing useful tools for voiceover artists.

I have found your contest invaluable - forcing me to learn more about what works and doesn't in the US market. The feedback is like a little class in itself.

I want to thank you for offering the weekly script contest. It has been priceless to me…I appreciate the good practice opportunity, and your feedback about why some didn't win is very helpful. But most of all, the recording, editing, listening and learning I’ve been doing with this contest have boosted my confidence and my fire to pursue VO, so thank you for that.

Amy W

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