TwistedWave for Mac 201 Webinar

with Edge Studio Director of Technology, George Whittam

Live instruction and smaller class size ensures you get the attention you deserve.

Do you already have a handle on TwistedWave's basic functionality? Great! Now it's time for TwistedWave 201

This exclusive 2-hour webinar is limited to 20 students for the ultimate interactive experience!

Tuesday May 2
8:00 - 10:00pm ET
via Webinar

You’re already using TwistedWave, but are you making the most of this efficient yet powerful DAW software for Mac? This presentation will show you how to finish your work faster and create a better, more competitive product.

George will increase your comfort level with the software’s more sophisticated capabilities. By 9 p.m., you’ll be ready to work with substantially increased efficiency.

Walk away knowing:
  • Advanced settings – Modifying your setup for more efficiency and special needs
  • Custom keyboard shortcuts, "favorites," and macros
  • How to create stacks, grouping your effects plugins for speed and consistency
  • Noise-reduction methods
  • Using de-essers
  • De-clicking and de-breathing techniques
  • Batch processing – How to create many small files automatically, for e- learning projects, etc.
  • Upon request (as time permits): working with audio streaming systems like Skype, Source Connect or IPDTL
  • Concludes with Q&A – Let’s see how many advanced questions we can answer in the final 15 minutes!


TwistedWave for Mac 201 Webinar

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Dates: Tuesday May 2, 8:00 - 10:00pm ET

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