You record your voice. We make it a demo.

VO Demo Mix - An excellent opportunity to add demos to your portfolio!

Only $500!

The most efficient way to add demos.

Maybe you’ve been putting this off because you don’t have the time, expertise or budget to produce new demos.

No more excuses. Now there’s an easy way to get high quality, professional produced demos, at low cost:

You record your voice. We make it a demo.

Consider what you’ll save:

  1. Save money. If you’re a working pro, you probably don’t need our full demo-production program. You just need someone to sound design and mix your demo.
  2. Save time. If you don’t regularly do full-blown production, it probably takes you too much time to get around to self-producing all the demos you ought to have.
  3. Save yourself from the learning curve. Without years of production experience, it’s near impossible to self-produce demos that compete with your colleagues.
  4. Save embarrassment. A second set of ears – especially our ears – will hear what you don’t, so casting professionals will only hear what they should.

It’s a two-step process.

Step 1: You Record. We Sound Check. $30

Consider this your safety net: We confirm that your performance and sound quality can produce marketable, industry-standard demos.

If not, we candidly (and politely) tell you why. You’ll have received invaluable advice for a mere $30.

What we need from you

  • Between 5 and 8 recordings, each under 1 minute. Except for audiobook demos, between 3 and 5 recordings, each under 2 minutes. Sorry, no promo or trailer recordings with this program.
  • Recordings can be of sample scripts, auditions, paid work, and so on.
  • Recordings should be dry, unless it’s a paid job, in which case send us whatever you have.
  • Recordings should be in MP3, WAV, or AIF.
  • Any music or sound effect ideas you have (optional). Otherwise we add what we believe makes each segment most marketable.
  • Any instructions you may want us to follow (optional). Otherwise we do what we believe is most marketable.

Step 2: We produce, mix and master. $470

If we confirm that your recordings are “mixable,” give us the go ahead and we do our thing.

What we do

  • Carefully review your material, pinpoint the most marketable passages, and edit.
  • Process these passages to professional standards, using tools such as equalization, compression, de-essing, time expansion/compression, and gating.
  • Remove technical imperfections/distractions such as breaths, mouth clicks, and pops.
  • Remove noise, such as hiss, buzz, and hum.
  • Add licensed music and sound effects.
  • Mix.
  • Sequence with an ear to marketability, pacing, and interest.
  • Master.

What you get

  • An industry standard, marketable demo.

Beef up your demo portfolio.

Need more than one demo? More than one genre or specialty? The more you need, the more you save.

Get 1 demo: $500

Get 2 demos: $450/each = $900

Get 3 demos: $416.66/each = $1,250

What types of demos?

Any type -- commercial, automotive, corporate, animation, documentary, hard sell, audiobook, telephony, eLearning, explainer, narration,… virtually any demo except promo and trailer which typically involve especially elaborate productions.

Are you limited to 1 demo?

No. Assuming you can record quality voice-over, then send over material for as many demos as you want your clients to have access to. It’s a great opportunity to get our ears, engineers (we have the best “enginears” in the industry), expertise, and energy on your demos … without paying for full-price demos.

How to move forward:

To build up your demo portfolio:

  1. Please log-in or register for an Edge Studio account to begin.
  2. After logging in, a Step 1 ($30) "add to cart" button will appear below. After purchasing you will be able to upload your recordings on this page. Do this for as many demos as you want to have.
  3. We will review your recordings.
  4. You’ll hear from us.
  5. If approved, complete “add to cart” for Step 2, and we do our thing. Do this for as many demos as you want to have.
  6. You’ll receive your demos.
  7. Since we also have a huge casting department, we’ll tell you how to add your demos to our Casting Library so our production clients can hear you.

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