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Basics of Caring for Your Instrument Webinar

As a professional, your voice is your product. You use your voice for longer periods and in more ways than other people. And because you literally are your instrument, your physical and emotional well-being can seriously affect the quality of the sound you produce.

We voice-over artists must be vocal athletes! Just like athletes in sports, we need to cultivate routines of vocal care and vocal use that will support long, healthy careers. In this hands-on, multimedia course, you will learn the basics of how the voice works. We’ll cover good voice production, identify everyday habits that can negatively impact vocal health, and help you develop a routine for daily voice care. This webinar will also discuss vocal care when you’re sick, and other sub-optimal performing situations.

Lara Hirner is a professional singer, voice-actor, voice consultant, vocal care coach , and certified speech language pathologist who specializes in helping voice-over professionals learn to cultivate healthy voices that will support long, lucrative careers. She treats clients with a range of voice disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital, maintains a roster of private voice actors and singers - consulting them on vocal care, and has been working privately and offering classes with Edge Studio for more than 10 years.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basics of how the voice works and how we produce speech
  • Describe vocally abusive behaviors and how to avoid them
  • Identify common medical conditions/medications that can negatively impact vocal health, and how to compensate
  • Develop a daily vocal care routine, including warm-ups and daily habits
  • Voice care when you’re sick

About this Class

  • Setting: Webinar
  • Timetable:
  • Instructor: Lara Hirner
  • Class Length: 2-hours
  • Cost: $60 or included if you are in the Phase-2 (Part-A) or Edge Kids program

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Lara Hirner

Vocal Care Consultant and Speech Pathologist


Coaching Formats: Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Vocal Health

To schedule with Lara call 888-321-3343
or email training@edgestudio.com

Lara Marie Hirner has unique skills that help voice-actors please more casting agents, impress more engineers, and book more jobs -- especially long-form narration -- by reducing abusive behaviors and techniques that contribute to vocal fatigue and throat discomfort, training proper coordination of breathing and speaking, decreasing mouth clicks and pops (which save editing time), and maintaining a healthier voice for a more lucrative and sustainable career.

There are definitely compromises voice actors are asked to make - long sessions that are demanding on the voice, certain affects (breathy, gritty, raspy...) that can, long term, damage your voice. Lara helps new and pro voice actors stay in business for longer and/or handle more work per day, by balancing good vocal health with the specific demands of voice over clients.

How? Combining her degrees as a Speech Language Pathologist, her experience as a professional voice actor (credits below), and her breathing techniques as a performance singer (credits below), she is happy to share her experience in the fields of performance, vocal pedagogy and therapeutic treatment with the Edge family to help foster a better understanding of the voice and how to best care for it when your career depends on it!

Lara is currently maintaining practice in Boston, MA. She graduated from Harvard University in June of 2005 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as a participant in the Music Department’s Five Year Performance Program for voice. Theater credits include Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, Rapunzel in Into the Woods, the title role in Rossini’s La Cenerentola, and Cunegonde in Candide.

In concert work, she performs as a frequent soloist with the Mark Morris Dance Group, the New York City Ballet, the Juilliard Choral Union at Lincoln Center, the New York Pops Orchestra at Carnegie Hall and was featured at the Bernstein Festival Gala Concert at Sanders Theater. She was a 4 year member of the Marble Collegiate Sanctuary choir and continues to perform with her vocal jazz quintet, West Side 5. In workshops, masterclasses, and concert performances, Lara has worked with Jason Robert Brown, Steven Schwartz, Mandy Patinkin, Joel Cohen and the Boston Camerata, Christopher Hogwood, Robert Levin, and Judith Clurman.

In addition to her singing career, Lara has also appeared in several independent films and an animated feature which are currently in production. She maintains an active career as a voice over artist and has recorded three children’s audiobook series for Disney and the Smithsonian institute, and two audiobooks for Random House. She is also the voice of the online dating site, howaboutwe.com and regularly records teleprompts, children educational media and industrials for companies including WebSense, Chase, and EduJoy. She will also greet you on the Edge Studio voicemail system if you are ever calling after hours! She manages her voice over career with the help of Linda Weaver at Access Talent.

Lara currently holds Masters Degree Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia Teachers College and now practices as a member of the Massachusetts General Hospital inpatient team in Boston. During her training, she treated clients with a range of voice disorders and now provides vocal care consultations for professional voice users such as teachers, voice over artists, and singers.

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