Accent Elimination

Were you born in Brooklyn? Or the Deep South? Or perhaps even Mexico or Germany? If you have an obvious accent or American regionalism it may be holding you back from booking some of the jobs you would like. Most casting professionals want to ensure that their audience will connect and identify with the voice talent they are hearing, and prefer someone who might sound just like your neighbor, regardless of where the spot will air. A Boston accent might be just fine for a local Massachusetts piece but inappropriate for a high paying national gig. Our resident accent specialist Pen-Pen Chen is here to help you deliver in the coveted Standard American, neutral accent.

Accent Acquisition

Are you looking to nail that authentic and natural sounding southern twang, romantic French or Swahili character? Pen-Pen can help with that too. If you need a quick brush-up on an accent for an upcoming job or audition or you would like to be fully immersed in the exciting world of American and foreign dialects, her expertise will prove to be invaluable. Why try to get by with just a “passable” Swedish when she can quickly have you sounding like a Stockholm native? Improve your character and animation reads, expand your commercial repertoire, or start expanding into foreign markets.

Develop your skills and receive the type of voice over work you want.

About this Session

  • Location: In-studio, Skype, or Tele-session
  • Instructor: Pen-Pen Chen
  • Price: $175

Private Coaching

Pen-Pen Chen

Location: Skype, Telephone

Coaching Formats: Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Accent and Dialect Elimination

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Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: You. That’s been Pen-Pen’s goal as she has worked over the years with voice actors, business personnel, and others at all levels of age and expertise. As a dialect and accent coach at Edge Studio, she trains voice-over professionals on ways to improve their diction and clarity, and gain neutral American English by eliminating various dialects and accents. She also continues to work with language in many other contexts, and is a bilingual voice-over artist herself.

Pen-Pen is President/CEO of Penguistics Solutions, LLC, her educational consultancy based in New York. Her clients include many notable people. For example, she has interpreted for Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She trained translators, interpreters, and reporters for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing; advised on intercultural issues for Frontline News Service (“On the Frontlines: Doing Business in China”); and facilitated contract negotiations for executive movie producers. She even co-hosted a bilingual talk-radio show “Talkbox” on Beijing’s Radio 774.

Pen-Pen is also a lecturer in the Curriculum and Teaching and Bilingual/Bicultural Department at Hunter College, and an English language and curriculum consultant to the United Nations. She was recently named a TED-Ed Innovative Educator and has created TED-Ed lessons as well as the voice-over narration.

She also works a lot with children. Being a certified, licensed Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist and Evaluator in the NYC Department of Education, she conducts efficacy-based bilingual Mandarin Chinese-English evaluations for school-aged kids. Pen-Pen also serves on the Educational Education Advisory Board for Change for Kids and Yuming Charter School.

Pen-Pen received her M.S. in Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia University, Teachers College, her M.A. in Chinese Language Pedagogy from Middlebury College, and her B.A in Linguistics and East Asian Studies from Bryn Mawr College. She is also a graduate of Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies.

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